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Peppa Pig Theme Park Guide – Legoland Orlando

While Disney and Universal are certainly family-friendly, some of the thrill rides can leave little ones feeling kind of left out. If you’ve got a car, a few days in Central Florida and some young children in tow, consider making your way to nearby Winter Haven to visit the world’s first Peppa Pig Theme Park. 

So, grab your British slang dictionary and hop in the iconic red car as we break down everything you need to know about visiting the Peppa Pig Theme Park, Orlando’s newest kid-friendly destination. 

Visiting the World’s First Peppa Pig Theme Park 

Inspired by the sassy porker’s hometown, the Peppa Pig Theme Park is an undeniably adorable place for a family vacation. From the moment you and your aspiring piggies set foot inside the park, you’ll feel like you’re stepping right into the cartoon to meet Peppa, George and the gang without ever needing to cross the pond – right down to the animated, technicolor design.  

While Peppa has gained street cred around the globe for her feisty, no-nonsense personality, her theme park is all about wholesome fun geared towards preschoolers and early elementary students. Though located right next door to Legoland Florida, the Peppa Pig Theme Park is a separately ticketed destination, making for a convenient family-oriented couple of days. 

As we’ll get to in a bit, this park is small, both in acreage and target audience. So, you don’t need much time to see and do it all. That being said, there isn’t much shade to be had and things can get hot while waiting in line. Take advantage of air-conditioning when available to avoid tiring out too soon.  

Getting to Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

The Peppa Pig Theme Park, Legoland Florida’s next-door neighbor and sibling park, sits at 1 Legoland Way in Winter Haven, Florida. Though part of the Central Florida tourist hub, you’ll need to do some driving if you want to tack a trip to the Peppa Pig Theme Park onto a Disney World or Universal Orlando vacation. 

Plan on between a 45-minute to an hour-and-15-minute drive from Walt Disney World and around an hour to an hour and a half from Universal Orlando, depending on unpredictable I-4 traffic. 

Parking at the Peppa Pig Theme Park

While tickets for Peppa Pig Theme Park are affordably priced, parking is decidedly not. In fact, at around $23 per car for standard parking, you’ll almost pay the same to stash your car as you will to enter the park. Preferred parking is also available for around $40 a vehicle.  

Is Peppa Pig Theme Park Part of Legoland?

Yes, the new Peppa Pig theme park is part of the Legoland company though it is its own separate theme park. You can purchase access to the Peppa Pig Park via the Legoland website as a separate ticket or a combo ticket with access the Legoland and Peppa Pig Park.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Hours

Visiting the Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida is by no means an all-day endeavor. So, expect operating hours to match, with the park opening at a reasonable 10 AM and closing by 5 PM. Early morning wake-up calls and marathon visits? We don’t know them.  

Peppa Pig Theme Park Tickets & Annual Passes 

Whether you’re planning to visit for the day or you hope to go back again and again, there’s a Peppa Pig Theme Park ticket for you. Best of all, thanks to this porcine-inspired theme park’s relatively petite size, admission is pretty reasonably priced, even without Peppa Pig Theme Park Deals. Let’s check out your options!  

Basic Peppa Pig Theme Park Tickets

When purchasing admission, you’ll need to decide what parks you’d like to visit and how many days you want to stay. Since the Peppa Pig Theme Park is small enough to see and do everything in about a half a day, unless you plan on going next door to Legoland Florida as well, a basic 1-Day Ticket, the cheapest option available, is really all you need.   

Of course, if you’d rather have a full day of family-friendly fun, you can also upgrade your pass with entry into the Legoland Florida theme park and water park and extend it into a multi-day pass. However, even if you only choose two-park access for your one-day ticket, keep in mind this will raise your cost substantially. 

So, if you know your kiddos will be too tired to enjoy the pint-sized thrills at Legoland after already spending a few hours in the hot Florida sun, you may want to consider getting a 2-Day or 3-Day ticket instead to avoid any potentially crankiness altogether. Sure, they’re a tad bit more expensive (don’t worry, we have discounts), but if you’ve got the time, it will be well worth the cost for the sanity you’ll save. 

Here are the current Peppa Pig Theme Park ticket prices when purchased in advance online, including taxes and fees:

  • 1-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park Only: $40.43 
  • 1-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park: $120.68 to $142.08 
  • 2-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park: $131.38 to $152.78 
  • 2-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park & Water Park: $158.13 to $179.53 
  • 3-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park: $158.13 to $179.53 
  • 3-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park & Water Park: $174.18 to $195.98 

Peppa Pig Theme Park Annual Passes

Does your little one love Peppa Pig so much that you’ll probably be returning to visit throughout the year? Then you may want to get a Peppa Pig Theme Park annual pass – or, as they call it, the Oinktastic Pass. 

With great perks like free parking, a year of admission (blockout dates apply) and exclusive swag for only $74.99 plus tax, it’s a pretty sweet deal if you plan on visiting at least twice annually. Unfortunately, annual passes for just the Peppa Pig Theme Park are already sold out online, as is the Awesomer Pass, a annual pass with unlimited access to both of the Legoland Florida parks and Peppa Pig. 

So, if you’re hoping to play with Peppa all year long – and gain unrestricted access to over 30 other attractions nationwide, like the Legoland Theme Parks and Discovery Centers, Sea Life Aquariums and Madame Tussaud’s – you’ll need to get the Awesomest Pass. This comprehensive annual pass is priced at a surprisingly reasonable $299.99 plus tax, with plenty of benefits to boot. 

Peppa Pig Theme Park Discount Tickets

You might be wondering, what good are Peppa Pig Theme Park deals when a one-day, one-park ticket is already so cheap? And you’d be right. That’s why we’re here to help with discounted rates on those pricey multi-park, multi-day tickets. 

Our preferred ticket partner, Undercover Tourist, consistently offers some of the biggest savings around on admission to Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens Tampa and more. So, you know you can count on them to stretch your travel budget and get you a squealing good deal on tickets to the Peppa Pig Theme Park. 

Best of all, unlike tickets purchased through the park online, the price you see is the price you get. All taxes and fees are included, and you never need to worry about price increases during busy periods – just enjoy your savings of up to $20 or more per ticket. 

Current deals for our Peppa Pig Theme Park discount tickets (including tax and fees) include:

  • 1-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park: $117.69 
  • 2-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park: $128.39 
  • 2-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park & Water Park: $155.14 
  • 3-Day Ticket – Peppa Pig Theme Park and Legoland Florida Theme Park & Water Park: $171.19

Peppa Pig Theme Park Rides & Other Attractions

Now, we’ll admit that calling the Peppa Pig Theme Park a “theme park” is being a little generous. Spanning a mere 4.5 acres, it’s more like a glorified playland with a handful of rides. However, with the tallest ride requirement clocking in at a mere 34 inches – around two years old – and a slew of attractions without height restrictions, it’s perfect for families with young children, especially kids ages 2 to 6. 

Along with littler piggies, this Peppa Pig-inspired wonderland is also designed with kids with special needs in mind, particularly those on the autism spectrum or with wheelchairs. In fact, the Peppa Pig Theme Park is actually a Certified Autism Center. 

If your kiddo is prone to overstimulation, just take a peek at the Peppa Pig Theme Park autism-friendly Sensory Guide to see how it might affect your little one. This handy-dandy scoring system grades each experience on a scale of zero to ten on how it stimulates each of the five senses, zero being the least stimulating and ten being the most. For example, while attractions like Muddy Puddles Splash Pad and Pirate Island Sand Play earn fives in the touch department, they score much lower when it comes to taste and smell. 

As for children with physical disabilities, many Peppa Pig Theme Park attractions are equipped with an assisted transfer or even wheelchair accessible. On Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride, piglets-in-training can roll right into the basket with their wheelchair and still have room for someone to accompany them. At Muddy Puddles Splash Pad, meanwhile, kiddos with wheelchairs can cruise through a tunnel of hoops spraying water and other wet surprises.  

Just like her hometown, the Peppa Pig Theme Park is divided into quaint neighborhoods. Each adorable section is filled with kid-friendly activities and, best of all, very few lines. Unless otherwise noted, there is no minimum height requirement.

Fun Fair

Go on classic kiddie rides and play midway-style games (for free!) at the Fun Fair, also known as a carnival in American English. 

  • Mr. Bull’s High Striker: A pint-sized drop tower – smooth and slow-moving, so sneak a peek of the park while you’re flying up and down (34” height requirement, riders under 43” must have a 14-and-up guardian)
  • Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride: Take in the panoramic views while “flying high, in the sky” in this merry-go-round in the sky (no height minimum, riders under 51” must have a 14-and-up guardian)

Grandad Dog’s Pirate Island

Hunt for hidden treasure, dream up sandcastles and let loose your inner swashbuckler at Grandad Dog’s Pirate Island. 

  • Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride: Set sail for adventure on this easygoing cruise in the round on a cute little tugboat (no height minimum, riders under 43” or 4 years old must have a 14-and-up guardian) 
  • Pirate Island Sand Play: Sink your hands in the sand as you build sandcastles and search for buried treasure

Granny Pig’s Garden

Discover Granny Pig’s Garden, a massive playground with several interactive areas made for hands-on exploring. 

  • George’s Fort: Wander through a maze of hedges as you try to track down a croaking frog 
  • Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse: Let kids grow into their own at this playset stocked with slides and Grandpa Pig’s latest harvest of vegetables 
  • Peppa Pig’s Treehouse: Climb to the top of this playset and get your pinky fingers ready for teatime with Peppa, then slide to the bottom to do it all again 
  • Rebecca Rabbit’s Playground: Make like a bunny and hop over and through burrows and past a cache of carrots 

Outdoor Adventure

Enjoy some time in the great outdoors and let your piglets burn off even more energy at Outdoor Adventure, a mix of active, imaginative activities. 

  • Campervan: Use your imagination as you get behind the wheel of the Pig Family Campervan 
  • George’s Tricycle Trail: Scoot around on tiny tricycles or wooden wagons in this gated play area 
  • Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour: Kiddie bike path meets go-kart track through the wilderness 

Other Peppa Pig Theme Park Attractions

And of course, don’t forget these other oinktastic Peppa Pig Theme Park rides. When you’re done or could use a break, refuel on palate-pleasing favorites – like grilled cheese, PB&J, pizzas, salads, sandwiches and ice cream – and revel in the A/C at Miss Rabbit’s Dinner. 

  • Cinema: Soak up some air-conditioning and rest your feet for a while as you watch Peppa Pig episodes from a comfy beanbag – a great escape when it gets hot or after eating
  • Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster: Check out Peppa’s family home, then play backseat driver to Daddy Pig on this surprisingly speedy kiddie coaster themed after the family’s red car (36” height requirement, riders under 42” must have a 14-and-up guardian)
  • Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure: Slow, scenic and bumpy – like Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Speedway, only more exciting because…dinosaurs (34” height requirement, riders under 43” must have a 14-and-up guardian)
  • Madame Gazelle’s Nature Trail: Stroll down a winding path peppered with animal prints – use the binoculars to see who left them behind
  • Muddy Puddles Splash Pad: When life gives you muddy puddles, don’t just wallow in them – make a splash in this collection of fountains, slides and more (mud not included)
  • Mr. Potato’s Showtime Arena: Sink into a beanbag chair and party along to live shows starring Peppa and George, each around 12 minutes long, every hour on the half-hour 

Are you planning on going to the Peppa Pig Theme Park? Have you already been? Let us know in the comments! Then, find out how you can save on Peppa Pig Theme Park tickets and other family-friendly destinations.