Priceline Disney Tickets – How To Buy and Save

Priceline is an awesome website to browse when you’re looking for a great deal on a vacation or hotel for you upcoming trip. They are known for their Best Price Guarantee for hotel rooms and just down-right good pricing. They even offer a Name Your Own Price Tool where you can potentially save even more on an already discounted hotel.

priceline disney tickets

But what if you’re looking for other vacation components like Priceline Disney Tickets? Do they offer a Best Price Guarantee on those? Do they even offer them? Do they work the same as other Disney tickets? I spent several days researching how all of this works with Priceline and have outlined my findings below.

Does Priceline Sell Priceline Disney Tickets?

Yes they do. They offer tickets to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. I was unable to find tickets for sale to Disneyland in Anaheim California.

Upon finding Walt Disney World Vacations on their website, I found a link that offered Walt Disney World Tickets. Upon clicking on in I was taken directly to an affiliate page on Disney’s website.

Essentially what I found was that Priceline themselves don’t sell Disney tickets on their own. They have an affiliate page with Disney that looking exactly the same as Disney’s website. The biggest downside to this was that they also had the same pricing as Disney, which offers no savings.

I’m guessing that they’ve contracted with Disney to have this affiliate page and for every sell they get paid a commission.

So for right now, while you may have expected to save money on your tickets to the theme parks, Priceline certainly isn’t your best option.

So who can you choose to save money on your tickets? Park Savers actually sells discounted tickets with savings up to $80 per ticket. Be sure to check-out our special discounts on tickets and be sure to join our exclusive pricing newsletter for even more savings!

How Do Priceline Disney World Tickets Work?

Because you’re buying directly from Disney with Priceline’s affiliate page, your tickets with them will work the same as Disney’s.

You’ll be able to link your tickets directly to your My Disney Experience account, assign them to your guests and make FastPass+ reservations in advance.

You’ll also be able to change your tickets if needs be, to later dates, add days or even add options like Park Hopper if you didn’t already have it.

The only thing you can’t do is save on your tickets like you can with Park Savers. All the things listed above that you can do with Disney and Priceline tickets, you can do with Park Savers tickets as well. You’ll get exactly the same thing, just for less money on all tickets 3 days and up.

Best Price Guarantee on Disney Tickets?

Because Priceline doesn’t directly sell their Disney World tickets they currently do not offer a best price guarantee on them.

If you’re wanting to find a best price guarantee on your tickets, Park Savers is happy to match any lower price you may find on your tickets. We are typically the lowest available online however, so you don’t have to spend too much time searching around. Our clients are very happy with their purchase and we take care of them from start to finish.

Be sure to compare all prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal, especially when it comes to taxes being added. Some companies add this at the very end making your tickets not so great of a deal.

Since Priceline goes through Disney, they show you your tax price at the beginning like we do so you know exactly what you’re going to pay, no hidden fees.