Safeway Disneyland Tickets 2020 – The Savers Guide

Purchasing Safeway Disneyland Tickets 2020

For years Safeway has been a great place to shop for your home. Groceries at great prices, rewards and amazing customer service. And for many years customers have been able to buy Safeway Disneyland Tickets. Most of the time these tickets are discounted and are a convenient way to buy for your next trip to Disneyland. In recent years however we’ve seen their pricing go up, offering smaller and smaller discounts on their tickets. So what’s the best way to buy tickets when you want to save?


Park Savers has been operating for over 10 years now, specializing in finding the best ticket prices online for Disneyland. We want to offer nothing but the best pricing to you which is why we recommend purchasing your tickets from our partner, Get Away Today. They are an authorized ticket seller with a direct relationship with Disney. They’ve been selling for over 20 years and have always been the cheapest price on tickets.

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Keep in mind that Safeway Disneyland tickets are still available for customers to purchase at some locations, others have stopped selling them altogether. You’ll mostly find the tickets available in California stores, mostly because that’s why most travelers are coming from. You’d want to stop by the customer service desk and ask them what options they have, if any.

The savings amount can range on these tickets depending on how many days you’re going for. 1 Day tickets are not sold by Safeway, they can only be purchased directly from Disney themselves. 2 Day tickets may have a very small discount, maybe $1-$2 at most on them.

Tickets that are 3 days or more will always have the most savings on them and cost the least per day. Specifically Safeway Disneyland tickets will have a savings between – per ticket. Considering how much tickets cost these days, that’s not much. However, if you’re thinking you’re going to find half-priced tickets, think again. Those days are over.

If you’re looking to save more than a few dollars on your tickets to Disneyland then check-out Get Away Today. Like we mentioned before, they have the best prices online. How do we know this? Because they offer a Best Price Guarantee on every ticket they sale. If you found a better price they would match it and refund you the difference. That’s how confident they are.

We’ve been working with Get Away Today for many years and can honestly tell you they are the best company to work with. Not only will you get the best price, you’ll also get A+ customer service, fast ticket delivery and their optional Peace of Mind Plan just in case you need to cancel.

For guests who just want to stick with purchasing Safeway Disneyland Tickets, we would suggest calling your local store before visiting and checking that they do in fact sell the tickets and at what price.

Many times store like Safeway won’t sell actual Disneyland hard stock tickets but they will carry what looks like a gift card ticket, in limited days found in their gift card section. These tickets can act like your actual ticket in the sense that once purchased you can take them straight to the gate at Disneyland and enter the parks.

Keep in mind a few things about these though. First, you’ll need to keep the card and activation receipt when redeeming them at the parks. Without them, you may be denied access.

Second, there are no savings on these tickets unless you happen to buy them after a price increase happens and they are still available at the store. This takes some planning and constant watching but if your timing is right, you could have up to $20 or so on each ticket.

Instead of doing all that planning though, we suggest buying right from Get Away Today. They’ll save you up to $20+ per ticket anyway! Plus during the year they offer special discounts such as your 5th day free, Adults at Kids prices, and sometimes even your 4th day free! It’s great to know you can save so much anytime of the year.

So if Safeway Disneyland tickets are what you’re looking for, we’ve laid out all your options and hope you found this article helpful. Park Savers also offers many travel tips and guides for planning a great Disneyland vacation. Be sure to see your planning tools above in the menu and choose the ones that are most interesting to you.