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SeaWorld All-Day Dining: What Is It & Is It Worth It?

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Nothing works up an appetite quite like screaming on one of SeaWorld Orlando’s roller coasters, doing some wildlife-watching under the hot Central Florida sun or hanging out with a bunch of little monsters. (And by “monsters,” we mean the Muppets of Sesame Street Land, not a group of cranky kiddos. Although, wrangling hangry children does make us pretty hungry, too.) If you think that you and your family will be starving during a day at the Orlando SeaWorld, All-Day Dining is for you.

Best of all, not only will this unlimited dining deal keep everyone feeling full and happy, but it can do the same for your wallet, too! Hungry to learn more? Bring your appetite for both tasty food and good deals, and read on as we dig into everything you need to know about the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining plan.

What to Know About SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining Deal

SeaWorld Orlando isn’t just home to an oceanful of fun but also some delicious dining options. Unfortunately, with food costs as high as the park’s Sky Tower (theme-park pricing, amirite?), keeping everyone well-fed during a day of SeaWorld adventures can really be a gut punch to the travel budget, especially for families with children. That’s where SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining plan comes into play.

But exactly how does the All-Day Dining deal work? Which restaurants are included? How much does it cost? And, most importantly, is it worth it? Let’s dive into all of the delicious details and find out!

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What Is the All-Day Dining Plan at SeaWorld Orlando?

Just like the name suggests, the SeaWorld All-Day Dining plan allows you to eat and drink as much as you want throughout the day, all for one low price. (We’ll get to how much it costs in just a bit.) Of course, there is some fine print for this unlimited meal deal. You can’t just hang out at Seafire Grill all day or gorge yourself on Captain Pete’s hot dogs for hours on end. Rather, SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining plan lets you dine at participating restaurants up to every 90 minutes, with unlimited visits from opening to closing time.

For example, you can start your day with a continental breakfast of fresh fruit and muffins at 10 AM at Panini Shore Café. Then, enjoy an early lunch of a slice of cheese pizza with a Caesar side salad at 11:30 AM at Dockside Pizza Co., followed by a fountain drink and a dessert at 1 PM at Waterway Grill. And so on and so forth until the park closes or you can’t eat anymore, whichever comes first. Seems like a pretty sweet deal, right? Here’s everything that is included and excluded.


Participants can cater each restaurant visit to how hungry they are, whether a complete meal or simply a snack and a beverage. (Of course, if you really want to get your money’s worth, the more food, the better.) Adult meals come with an entree, either a side or a dessert, and a regular-sized, non-alcoholic beverage.

So, you might get St. Louis-style baby-back ribs with baked beans and a soda from Voyager’s Smokehouse and, later, some teriyaki chicken with an egg roll and iced tea from Expedition Café. Or, if you’re craving something sweet, you can swap out your side for a dessert like a cupcake or a slice of cheesecake. It’s up to you! Children, meanwhile, can get kids’ meals with items like a hot dog and fries, orange chicken and rice, or a slice of pizza and a fresh fruit cup.


As we already mentioned, there are also a few items that aren’t included in SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining deal. In addition to alcoholic beverages, things like bottled water and souvenir items are also excluded. The only exception to this is any souvenir products that might come with kids’ meals. Aside from bottled water, which was previously part of All-Day Dining prior to 2023, we find these exclusions incredibly fair given the relatively low price. (We’ll get to that soon.)

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Where Can (and Can’t) You Use the All-Day Dining Deal?

SeaWorld All-Day Dining is offered at most restaurants throughout the theme park, with a few exceptions. They include:

Participating Restaurants

  • Altitude Burgers
  • Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs
  • Dockside Pizza Co.
  • Expedition Café
  • Lakeside Grill
  • Panini Shore Café
  • Seafire Grill
  • Voyager’s Smokehouse
  • Waterway Grill

Non-Participating Dining Outlets

  • Character dining experiences and other specialty dining outlets, including Sesame Street character dining, Dine with Orcas and Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar
  • Select snack and drink spots, including Coaster Coffee Company, Edy’s Ice Cream Parlor, Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen and Sweet Sailin’ Candy Shop
  • Event food booths at the Seven Seas Food Festival and Christmas Celebration
  • Full-service bars, including Flamecraft Bar, Glacier Bar, The Sand Bar and Waterway Bar
Orca Show at SeaWorld Orlando
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How Much Is It?

We know what you’re thinking. With a bottomless buffet of food and drink options included throughout your visit, the All-Day Dining deal at SeaWorld Orlando has got to be expensive. After all, the Dining Plans offered just down the road at Walt Disney World start at $57 per adult for the quick-service option and climb up to just over $94 a day for the Standard Disney Dining Plan, which includes one counter-service meal, one table-service meal and one snack daily.

Well, you are in for a surprise. Not only does the SeaWorld All-Day Dining deal come with as many meals as you can enjoy in a day—every 90 minutes, of course—but this unlimited meal plan is also a whole lot cheaper. All-Day Dining at SeaWorld Orlando is priced at $49.99 each for adults and $24.99 each for kids ages 3 to 9, plus taxes and fees. Alternatively, you can also save money by purchasing the All-Day Dining plan through Park Savers. Thanks to our authorized ticket partner, Undercover Tourist, the SeaWorld meal plan is available at a discount for only $42.59 per adult and $21.29 per child (tax included).

In short, when compared to a similar dining deal at another area theme park, you get more bang for your buck at Sea World Orlando. Sure, there aren’t as many participating restaurants to choose from as there are at Disney World. However, based on the overall cost of All-Day Dining alone, it has the potential to be a great value.

How Do You Get It?

So, how do you secure the Sea World All-Day Dining plan? Well, you have a few different options. Before your visit, you can purchase All-Day Dining directly through either the SeaWorld app or website. Or, as we previously mentioned, you can also buy it at a discounted price through Park Savers. Then, once you arrive, all you need to do is show your e-ticket to someone at Guest Services just inside the entrance or at one of the participating food locations or scan it at one of the convenient self-service kiosks situated near the front of the park.

At that time, you will receive the wristband needed to redeem your meal choices when ordering. Note that lost wristbands can’t be replaced, and damaged wristbands are not accepted. You must also be wearing it when you order food and drinks. So, we highly recommend that you put it on as soon as you receive it and keep it on throughout the duration of your visit.

Leaping Dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando
Leaping Dolphin by R9 Studios FL is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Is the All-Day Dining Bundle at Other SeaWorld Parks?

Yup! SeaWorld Orlando isn’t the only theme park with All-Day Dining. This unlimited meal deal is also available at other SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment locations, from Aquatica, the SeaWorld water park next door, and Busch Gardens in nearby Tampa to SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio.

Included restaurants with All-Day Dining at Aquatica are:

  • Banana Beach Cookout (open seasonally)
  • Mango Market
  • Waterstone Grill

Included restaurants with All-Day Dining at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Dragon Fire Grill & Pub
  • Oasis Pizza
  • Zagora Café
  • Zambia Smokehouse

Included restaurants with All-Day Dining at Adventure Island Tampa Bay are:

  • Colossal Snacks
  • Mango Joe’s Café
  • Surfside Café

Along with theme parks in Central Florida, an All-Day Dining package is also available at other SeaWorld locations across the country, like Harbor Market and Smokehouse Grill at SeaWorld San Antonio, Shipwreck Reef Café and Explorer’s Café at SeaWorld San Diego and Grover’s Grill and Telly’s Trattoria at Sesame Place San Diego.

Theming at Aquatica Orlando
Theming at Aquatica Orlando by kellyv is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

SeaWorld All-Day Dining: Worth It or Not?

Now, let’s tackle the question you’ve all been waiting for. Is the SeaWorld All-Day Dining deal worth it? As long as you and your family are planning to eat more than one meal—including an entree, non-alcoholic beverage and either a side or dessert—then it is absolutely worth it. In fact, as long as you’re smart about it (stay tuned for our tips and tricks next!), you can actually save quite a bit of money.

For reference, adult entrees range from $11.99 to $24.99, not including additional sides ($5.29 to $9.99), desserts ($5.99 to $13.99) or beverages (around $5.49 for a fountain drink). Children’s meals, in contrast, run right around $10 each without a drink. So, if you think you’ll eat several times during the day, choose the most expensive menu items or both, then the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining deal will pay for itself, plus some.

However, if you are a light eater or you’ll be traveling with young kids who won’t eat too much, then you will likely be better off paying as you go. You might also want to give All-Day Dining a pass if you are visiting during one of the special seasonal events at the park, as festival food booths are not included.

Tips & Tricks for Making the Most of SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining

Want to really get your money’s worth? Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of the Sea World All-Day Dining plan.

Parrots at SeaWorld Orlando
Parrots by R9 Studios FL is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Arrive Early & Stay Late to Really Get Your Money’s Worth

As the name suggests, once you’ve purchased it, SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining deal is valid all day long, from the time the park opens until a participating restaurant closes. So, make your investment count by planning to eat all of your meals for the day in the park, starting with a continental breakfast at Panini Shore Café and continuing with lunch, dinner and other snacks.

Plan Out Your Restaurants By Proximity

While you could crisscross the park all day and work up an appetite that way, we prefer to streamline things a bit by dining at SeaWorld restaurants near whatever rides, shows or other animal attractions we’re experiencing at the time. For example, plan to eat at Lakeside Grill after a showing of the Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight or stop for a bite at Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs before feeding the rays at Stingray Lagoon next door.

Maximize By Choosing More Expensive Items

Enjoying multiple meals is the only way to take advantage of the All-Day Dining deal at Sea World. We recommend splurging on the best (i.e., most expensive) food options each participating restaurant has to offer. In other words, rather than getting the Brisket Caesar Salad at Voyager’s Smokehouse, which is priced at only $15.99, order the $24.99 Half Chicken & Ribs Platter instead. Gameplan your visit by checking out the full menu for all included SeaWorld restaurants with either the app or website prior to your arrival.

Remember to Mention Any Food Allergies

The Sea World All-Day Dining plan can be a great deal for folks with food allergies, too. When visiting the participating restaurant of your choice, simply inform the location’s supervisor about your specific allergens. Not only will they give you all of your healthy options, but they will also ensure that your food doesn’t have any cross-contamination.

Save Even More By Purchasing All-Day Dining Through Park Savers

Want to make the All-Day Dining plan an even better deal? Buy it through Park Savers instead of SeaWorld. By purchasing the unlimited meal plan with us, you’ll save over $14 per adult and almost $7.50 per child ages 3 to 9. That’s basically one less meal that you need to buy to break even! (Purchase your Sea World All-Day Dining plan here.)

Sea Lions at SeaWorld Orlando
Sea Lions by R9 Studios FL is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Well, thrifty foodies, that brings our guide to the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining plan to its delicious conclusion. Is your favorite restaurant included in this unlimited meal deal? Do you think All-Day Dining at SeaWorld is worth it? Let us know in the comments! Then, learn how you can save money on both tickets and the All-Day Dining plan with our SeaWorld discounts. Heading to Southern California or Texas? We sell discounted tickets for SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio, too!