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Six Flags Over Georgia Theme Park Guide – Tips & Discounts

Experience high-speed roller coasters rolling past you as you make your way through one of the premier parks in the Six Flags brand: Six Flags Over Georgia. Located in Atlanta, this park is a hotspot for roller coaster enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and family fun!

Every opening day since the first in 1967, Six Flags Over Georgia has provided a season worth of thrills and excitements for all ages. From the record-breaking roller coasters, immersive themed areas, lots of leisure activities en route to the next ride, visitors can look forward to a day of fun inside the park.

See what to expect at Six Flags Over Georgia and get ready to have a blast!

Themed Sections in the Park

Insider tip: wear comfortable shoes! Six Flags Over Georgia has rides and attractions sprawled across its 297 acres, and you don’t want to miss an inch of it. While mapping out the order of rides you want to experience, consider the park’s different themed areas that immerse you into the unique universes.

The Promenade welcomes visitors to Six Flags Over Georgia. While there are no rides, you’ll find your favorite Looney toon characters walking around, dining options for sit-down or snacking, and shops, including the Looney Tunes Exposition and Coaster Candy.

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Six Flags Over Georgia creates special themed sections inspired by the state. Beginning with “Georgia” as one of the original themed areas, the park has expanded to include Piedmont, inspired by Piedmont Park, and Peachtree Square, inspired by Atlanta.

Park attendees on a hunt for the thrill rides will find a high concentration in the superhero-themed areas of the park. Batman reigns over Gotham City, where you’ll find most of the dark-knight-themed rides. Alternatively, suit up with the Justice League in Metropolis Park to compete in the Metropolis Games. And you’ll have to see for yourself whether the screams from the DC Super Friends section are from superhero activity or people enjoying the thrill rides.

Those who have been to other Six Flags theme parks will recognize the signature USA-themed section used in multiple parks. 

Things to Do in Six Flags

Ready for a day of fun? Six Flags Over Georgia offers something for everyone. Experience the famous rides towering over the park grounds. Find souvenirs and other gifts inside the park’s shopping districts. Taste delicious flavors of BBQ, American, and amusement park snacks at venues great for sitting down or a quick bite. And stick around for live entertainment that keeps a smile on your face all day.

Thrill Rides

With hair-raising drops, jaw-dropping loops, and heart-racing speeds, thrill rides give Six Flags Over Georgia its reputation for extreme fun. This theme park has nearly a dozen rides for all kinds of adrenaline-junkies looking to put their bravery to the test. 

Whenever you feel the need for speed, the iconic Goliath and Twisted Cyclone roller coasters are always the go-to rides. First, feel the 4G sensations as you topple over a 20-story drop at 70 miles per hour, with plenty of moments where you seem to float out of your seat. Then, step into the sports car-designed cars of the Twisted Cyclone and start your engines to take off at 50 miles per hour over the wood and steel tracks.

Blue Roller Coaster track with loops

Save your lunch till later because several thrill rides will put your mind and stomach in a twist. Acrophobia takes you up 200-ft in the air to give you a panoramic view of the Atlanta skyline before free-falling straight down. Let your feet dangle for the highest ride, SkyScreamer, as you spin around at 24-stories above the theme park ground. Recently renovated rides like The RIDDLER Mindbender keep you guessing how fast it takes to complete a 7-story loop while zipping 50 miles per hour. 

Kids Rides

Why should adults have all the fun at Six Flags Over Georgia? The kids have spent enough time on the sidelines waiting for the adults to ride the major roller coasters, so it’s the grown-ups turn to watch the kids have some fun. Kids will have no trouble passing the height requirements at these bite-sized rides and roller coasters that will bring them just as much thrill as their adult counterparts.

Mine Train coaster coming down hill

Hover over Gotham City with a vigilant eye in the BATCOPTERS or enlist yourself in the ACME Trucking Company to motor down the highway where a driver’s license isn’t even required. Learn how to fly at the Wonder Woman Flight School, the feel like Superman touching down on Earth at high speeds at the Tower of Power’s 30-ft drop.

Hurricane Harbor Water Park

Six Flags Over Georgia gives you a two-for-one experience by opening the doors to Hurricane Harbor water park for all its park guests. Cool off from the hot Atlanta sun by splashing around for hours of fun.

Slide into the tubes at the top of Tsunami Surge and get ready for a wild adventure as you slip around the whirlpool bowl and drop five stories into the pool below. Survive your way through Paradise Island as this massive playground adds exciting water surprises around every corner. Navigate the slippery obstacle course and keep a heads up for the Skull-faced dump tower unleashing its watery wrath. Enjoy ocean-grade waves at Calypso Bay Wave Pool while attempting to stay above the surface as the perfect waves up to 4-ft tall barrel down on you.


It’s rare to leave Six Flags Over Georgia empty-handed. With a world-class shopping experience lining the walkways in each themed section of the park, you’ll find the perfect gifts to commemorate your time in the park or souvenirs for those who couldn’t make it.

Patrol the Promenade to find the Looney Tunes Exposition to get t-shirts, mugs, toys, and more designed with Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, and the rest of the crew. Hang out with your favorite characters in the DC Super Friends Heroes Store, find cool bat-gear at Gotham city Gifts, or show-off that you conquered the iconic roller coaster with a pin and t-shirt from Goliath Gifts.

Colorful tubed waterslides

You’ll be amazed at the deals you can find in Bugs Bunny Boomtown when you go down the shopping rabbit hole at the $10 and Under, where the only challenge is seeing how many stuffed toys you can carry at one time.

In Peachtree Square, you’ll find someone of the unique shopping experiences in this Atlanta-themed park section. Coca-Cola Corner is a nod to the company’s local headquarters that brings its famous tasting experience to park visitors to sample 100 different flavors of Coke around the world before shopping the beverages and merchandise. And forget about your typical theme park selfies because Antique Photos drapes you in old-fashion clothing to take the vintage photos you’ve always dreamed about.


Did you know that the average visitor at Six Flags Over Georgia can walk more than 10-miles during their time in the park? Covering nearly 300 acres in a day is no easy task, so if you’re going to see all your favorite attractions, you’re going to need to fuel up throughout the day.

Lucky for you, Six Flags Over Georgia makes dining just as much a part of the theme park experience as the rides. Just be sure to wait a while before hopping on the next roller coaster—for your stomach’s sake!

Large roller coaster drop

Cross off all the biggest rides in the morning so that you can chow down at lunchtime guilt-free. You’ve definitely earned a hearty meal to get you through the next round of thrill rides, so there are plenty of sit-down options. Order a pulled pork and other BBQ favorites at Daddy O’s to enjoy on the outdoor patio. Indulge in the classic diner atmosphere at Dee Jay’s Diner, serving all-American staple dishes. Discover hidden gems on the menu of Miner’s Cookhouse by digging through the options of specialty burgers.

If you’re on a race for the clock to complete all the rides on your list, tons of snack shops are found throughout the park to grab-and-go. When life hands you lemons, go to Country Cousins Lemonade to taste the sweet, refreshing taste of their homemade beverage. Stuff your face with snacks from the Munchopopolis, where signature carnival treats like salty popcorn and warm pretzels are great to eat before waiting in a long line.


There’s never a dull moment inside the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park. Between riding the rides and checking out other attractions, keep your eye on the clock to catch one of the daily shows and events happening in the park. 

Park attendees aren’t the only ones you’ll encounter while speed-walking to your next ride. As you’re passing by the Front Gate Promenade or enter inside Bugs Bunny Boomtown, your favorite toon characters come to life and will be glad to meet you! Attend a meet and greet with Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Taz, Tweety Bird, who delight you with their cartoon antics while you try to snap a photo.

Crowds gather around the Lickskillet Stage in anticipation of one of the park’s most hilarious shows. Enjoy roaring belly laughter at the ShenaniGuns! Comedy Wild West Show as the playful cowboy banter between the live actors always puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

Six Flags Over Georgia offers family-friendly entertainment for all ages. Both adults and kids can sit down and enjoy a show together. Be sure to check the show schedules before setting off to other park areas to have time to return in time for them to start.


Sideways roller coaster

Six Flags Over Georgia wants everyone to be able to enjoy a fun day at the park. To support this mission, discounts can be found everywhere. Find out how you can qualify for discounted admission tickets or save on add-ons to maximize your fun!

Specialty tickets include the following categories to qualify for the discounts:

  • Groups – can accommodate groups large and small. Discounts include admission tickets or inquire about specials for groups with 100+ people.
  • VIP Tours – exclusive tours for up to eight people. Bundle package for immediate ride access, option for going on a consecutive ride, reserved seating at park restaurants, photo passes, and more.
  • Birthdays – plan the perfect kid’s birthday party with a per-person package that includes discounted tickets and perks for dining and drinks.
  • Military or Veteran – active or retired military qualify for discounts on general admission made at the time of purchase.

Ways to Save

After factoring in admission passes, eating, shopping, and any other extra perks you tack on, it’s definitely great to have a budget when you go to Six Flags Over Georgia. However, there are several ways to get more bang for your buck when taking advantage of some of the park’s special offerings.

One-day tickets granting general admission to Six Flags Over Georgia are great options if you’re grabbing them last-minute to hang out at the park. But, if you have time to plan ahead for your theme park visit, you could be looking at some major savings using these passes:

  • Thrill Seeker Pass
  • Extreme Pass
  • Ultimate Pass

Six Flags passes give frequent theme park visitors the flexibility to enjoy any of the theme parks under the brand across the US. The tiered pass system offers holders unlimited access to parks, discounts up to 20% on food, up to 35% off for merchandise, free skip-the-line passes, and even preferred parking to really feel like a VIP guest the moment you arrive.

Other ways to save at the park is pre-purchasing add-ons. For example, six Flags Over Georgia offers specials like dining deals that let you eat unlimited food for a flat fee or photo passes that make you feel like you have paparazzi the entire day documenting the fun times.


1. When is Six Flags Over Georgia open?

Six Flags Over Georgia starts its season in March and ends in January. It is open in December for the Holiday in the Park.

2. How many rides does Six Flags Over Georgia have?

Six Flags Over Georgia has 40+ rides. It includes thrill roller coasters, water rides in the water park, kid rides, and other attractions.

3. What is the tallest roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia has nearly a dozen roller coasters. Goliath is the biggest roller coaster with a height of 200-ft. the tallest ride is the SkyScreamer, a swing ride with a height of 242-ft.