Snowfall on Disneyland Castle

Snowfall Transforms Disneyland Paris into a Magical Winter Wonderland

Disneyland Paris is no stranger to snow, but this year’s snowfall has truly turned the resort into a magical winter wonderland. On January 18th, 2024, Paris saw its first snowfall of the season as part of a cold weather system moving through France. After a couple inches of snow fell overnight, Disneyland Paris cast members captured stunning photos of the snow-covered park.

Snowfall on Garden

Overview of Disneyland Paris and Snowfall Frequency

Disneyland Paris is located just outside of Paris, France and consists of two theme parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. It also features shopping and dining areas like Disney Village. Snowfall at Disneyland Paris is rare, with Paris averaging only 3 days of snow per year. Some years see no snowfall at all. This makes snow an extra special occurrence when it does happen.

Snowfall on Haunted Mansion

Snowfall Impacts on Park Operations

The snowfall impacted some park operations, with Disney noting that “the experience could change day by day or even hour by hour.” Some outdoor rides and attractions closed temporarily during the heaviest snow. As snow was cleared and conditions improved, rides began opening back up. Restaurants and shops saw longer lines as many guests headed inside for warmth. Restaurant seating was also reduced to allow space for snow removal.

Snowfall on Pirates

Transformation of Iconic Park Landmarks

The snowfall beautifully transformed many of the park’s most iconic landmarks into winter wonderlands. Sleeping Beauty Castle was dusted in fresh powder, giving the icon an even more magical look. Snow blanketed the floral Mickey Mouse display at the park entrance, turning it into a wintry floral. Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor, and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain took on new personalities with snow covering their facades. Adventureland was particularly striking as a tropical oasis turned snowy.

Snowfall on Big Thunder

Tips for Guests Visiting in Winter

For guests visiting Disneyland Paris in the winter, be prepared for variable weather:

  • Check the forecast before your visit and pack accordingly with warm layers, gloves, hats, waterproof shoes, etc.
  • Ride closures may occur during active snowfall. Have backup indoor plans and dining reservations.
  • Arrive early in case snow slows operations and causes delays entering parks.
  • Stay at a Disney hotel within walking distance to minimize weather exposure.
  • Consider visiting during the holidays to see beautiful decorations in the snow.

Snowfall on Hyperspace Mountain

Guest Reactions

Many Disneyland Paris guests were delighted by the rare snowfall during their visits. Photos and videos flooded social media with guests marveling at the snow-covered castle and attractions. The snow enhanced the magic of Disneyland Paris for those lucky enough to experience it. One guest noted it was “another one ticked off my Disney bucket list.”

Snowfall on ship


Snowfall at Disneyland Paris is an extraordinary event that adds even more magic and wonder to this fairy tale theme park. The snow-dusted castles, attractions, and landscapes create picture-perfect winter scenes that guests will fondly remember for years to come. Though rare, snow offers a uniquely beautiful way to experience Disneyland Paris.