Space Mountain Reopens With New Effects At Disneyland Park

The iconic Space Mountain rollercoaster roared back to life at Disneyland Park on October 27, 2023, after a five-week refurbishment. Guests were thrilled to once again board the high-speed rockets and blast off into the inky blackness of space. The re-opening energized Disneyland, with enthusiastic crowds flocking to Tomorrowland to experience the exhilarating ride. Disney added some new surprises during the refurbishment to enhance the Space Mountain experience. Projection effects now dazzle riders at the start of the journey, showcasing colorful galaxies and gaseous nebulas.

Attraction building on rooftop

While the ride’s layout remains unchanged, Disney smoothed out some rough patches on the coaster’s track to provide a faster, more comfortable ride. The refreshed Space Mountain now zooms along at nearly 35 mph, hurdling guests through the inky void. The attraction’s iconic white spire and retro-futuristic aesthetic make it a centerpiece of Tomorrowland and a must-ride for Disneyland guests. Debuting in 1977, two years after the Florida original, Space Mountain was an instant hit. Its popularity has never waned over the decades. On re-opening day, queues stretched down the ramps as fans eagerly awaited their turn. Chants of “Blast off!” and cheers erupted frequently as rockets returned to unload excited passengers.

New projection

Park officials expect Space Mountain to continue attracting large crowds. “We’re thrilled that a classic Disney thrill ride is back open for guests to enjoy,” said Rebecca Harden, a Disneyland spokesperson. “Space Mountain is a cornerstone attraction at Disneyland, and we’re delighted that this refurbishment will allow new generations of guests to experience the joy and excitement of blasting off into the cosmos.” The re-opening of Space Mountain adds another world-class attraction to the Disneyland lineup. Park officials promise more enhancements are coming soon as Disneyland continues to improve the guest experience. For now, the thrills of Space Mountain will satisfy thrill-seekers craving an out-of-this-world adventure.

New galaxy projection

Reopening Date

  • Space Mountain had been closed since September 18, 2023 for refurbishment.
  • It was originally scheduled to reopen on October 26, but the reopening was pushed back by one day to October 27.

New Projection Effects

  • Several new projections have been added to the attraction, appearing after the previously present black hole-like projection at the end of the ride’s tunnel portion.
  • The new effects include:
    • Galaxies
    • Multi-colored space dust that expands before fading into space
    • Other galactic projections
  • The new effects add excitement and immersion to the ride experience.
  • Projection mapping has also been added to the exterior of the Space Mountain building to enhance the theming.

History of Space Mountain

Space Mountain first opened at Disneyland in 1977, two years after the original version debuted at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

  • The concept was conceived by Walt Disney himself in the 1960s, but technology limitations caused delays.
  • Once built, Space Mountain became extremely popular and was replicated at Disney parks worldwide.
  • The ride takes place indoors in the dark, making the speed feel faster than it is.
  • The outdoor façade is an iconic cone-shaped white building.
  • Each version has slight differences, but all provide a thrilling space-themed rollercoaster ride.

At night

Space Mountain Across The Parks

  • Space Mountain rides can be found at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and formerly at Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • The original Space Mountain opened at Magic Kingdom in 1975, making it the first version of the ride.
  • Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain opened in 1983 and is nearly identical to Disneyland’s version. It adds holiday lights to the exterior roof.
  • Disneyland Paris opened Space Mountain in 1995 under the name Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune. It has gone through several name and theme changes since.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland opened Space Mountain in 2005 but it has since been replaced by Hyperspace Mountain, a Star Wars overlay.
  • The ride takes place indoors with limited lighting to make it feel faster than it is. The outdoor façade is an iconic cone-shaped white building.
  • Each version has slight differences but they all provide a thrilling, dark rollercoaster experience through space.
  • Disneyland’s Space Mountain, which opened in 1977, is often regarded as the best version. It has smoother track and vehicles compared to Magic Kingdom’s rougher ride.
Space Mountain Ride - Magic Kingdom Full POV

The refreshed Space Mountain provides an enhanced experience with new visual effects that impress riders. Disneyland guests are sure to enjoy the reopening of this classic attraction. The ride’s long history and beloved status make it a can’t-miss for theme park fans.