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Storyliving by Disney – A Complete Guide

Storyliving by Disney is an exciting new business venture from The Walt Disney Company to develop master-planned residential communities across the United States. These neighborhoods will be infused with Disney magic, featuring uniquely designed spaces, special amenities, and legendary Disney service.

What is Storyliving by Disney?

Storyliving by Disney is Disney’s expansion into the world of real estate and community development. The master-planned communities will be designed around storytelling, focusing on the culture, history, and attributes of each location. Some key things to know about Storyliving by Disney:

  • Neighborhoods with a mix of homes, including estates, condos, and 55+ communities
  • Unique amenities like clubhouses, entertainment venues, beach parks, and more
  • Activities and programming overseen by Disney cast members
  • Legendary Disney service throughout the communities
  • Additional locations across the U.S. currently under exploration

The first Storyliving by Disney community will be called Cotino, located in Rancho Mirage, California.


Cotino by Disney Details

Cotino will feature around 1,900 homes across its 618-acre site. Here are some of the details that have been announced about Cotino so far:

Home Types

  • Single family homes
  • Condominiums
  • 55+ Neighborhood


  • 24-acre lagoon with crystal blue water
  • White sand beaches
  • Beachfront hotel
  • Beach park with water activities
  • Restaurants and entertainment
  • Wellness programming
  • Live entertainment and events


  • $400+ million clubhouse
  • Club membership fee of $20,000
  • Annual dues of $11,000+


  • Home pricing starts at $1 million+
  • Beachfront homes will be $2 million+


  • Early 2023: Models open for home sales
  • 2024: First residents move in
  • Late 2025: Initial homes completed
  • 2026: Clubhouse and amenities operational

Cotino will aim to capture the magic of Disney parks while providing residents with a beautiful place to live, work, and play.



Asteria is a new residential community being developed by Storyliving by Disney in North Carolina. It will be part of the larger Chatham Park master-planned development near Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

Key Details

  • Over 1,500 acres with 4,000+ residential units planned
  • Range of home types including single-family, multi-family, 55+
  • Community amenities like a restaurant, pools, recreation center
  • Miles of walking/biking trails showcasing natural surroundings
  • Disney-themed programming and activities
  • Early planning stages, construction to start in 2027


Asteria aims to capture the spirit of discovery and natural beauty of North Carolina. Its vision draws inspiration from the state’s renowned research triangle and Walt Disney’s curiosity. The goal is to translate Disney magic into residents’ everyday lives through exceptional design, enrichment programming, and legendary guest service delivered by Disney cast members.

Comparison to Other Disney Communities

Asteria will be the second Storyliving by Disney community after the inaugural Cotino development in California. It brings the concept to the East Coast for the first time. While specific details are still emerging, Asteria seems to be planned on a larger scale than Cotino. It will offer a wide variety of housing at varying price points to appeal to more potential residents.

Why Storyliving by Disney?

Storyliving by Disney is Disney’s way of expanding its brand of magic beyond the theme parks, while also giving fans new ways to engage with the Disney lifestyle.There are a few key reasons Disney is entering the residential community market:Growing Demand

  • Fans want more Disney in their lives
  • Huge interest in living in a Disney-style neighborhood
  • Overwhelmingly positive response so far

New Revenue

  • Lucrative new market for Disney
  • Communities enhance Disney’s brand reach
  • Additional vacation options for fans

Market Opportunity

  • Master-planned communities are popular in the U.S.
  • Disney has strong experience in town planning
  • Leverages their expertise in experience creation

By directly developing communities themselves, Disney can deliver exceptional quality control and integrate Disney magic into every aspect of the neighborhoods.


Storyliving Locations

Cotino and Asteria will be the first of the Storyliving by Disney communities, but Disney is exploring additional locations across America. While no other specific sites have been confirmed yet, Disney has said Storyliving aims to inspire residents in each community by focusing on the culture and history of the surrounding region. For example, communities could highlight:

  • Local food and agriculture – Farm-to-table dining, cooking classes
  • Art and design – Public art, artist events
  • Adventure – Hiking, water sports, guided excursions
  • Wellness – Spas, fitness centers, health services
  • Entertainment – Performances, storytelling events
  • Nature – Conservation, gardens, green community

The possibilities are endless for bringing local flavor into these master-planned neighborhoods! No matter what the location, you can expect Disney-quality design and service with Storyliving by Disney.

Is Storyliving by Disney a Fairy tale Come True?

Storyliving by Disney is Disney’s grand plan to translate its theme park magic into idyllic residential communities for fans. It‘s an ambitious undertaking, but Disney believes its expertise in immersive storytelling and community building will set its neighborhoods apart. However, some key things to consider:


  • Multi-million dollar homes puts it out of reach for many fans
  • High membership and annual fees

Success Not Guaranteed

  • Previous Disney community, Celebration in Florida, struggled
  • Long-term viability of concept unproven

Early Days

  • Several years until completion
  • Unknown impact to Rancho Mirage
  • Future locations not announced

While nothing is certain, Disney’s strong brand power and the lure of the Disney lifestyle will undoubtedly attract residents to Cotino. But only time will tell if Storyliving by Disney will be a fairy tale success.

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Experience the Magic of Storyliving

Storyliving by Disney offers fans a chance to live immersed in the magical world of Disney. These master-planned communities aim to capture the joy and whimsy of Disney parks within beautiful residential neighborhoods across America. It‘s an exciting new chapter for Disney in bringing its brand of magic into people’s everyday lives.