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Last-Minute Disneyland Trip: Planning and Saving Tips

Last-Minute Disneyland Trip: Planning and Saving Tips

Looking to book a last-minute Disneyland trip? Here’s everything you need to know about tickets, hotels, dining, and saving.

Last-minute Disneyland trips are a lot of fun! You’re super excited about going because just a few minutes ago you weren’t even planning on it. As it sinks in you’re thinking about how much you have to do to get ready. Our last-minute Disneyland trip guide can help you process everything while offering tips for booking and saving (even last-minute planners get savings).


You can still purchase discounted tickets for Disneyland in last-minute scenarios. Visit Park Savers for Disneyland ticket discounts. They have the best deals and allow you to book your tickets just a few days before arrival.

Be sure to see what specials they are running on their tickets like a free day or Adults at Kids pricing. No matter what you find you’ll pay less than gate or online pricing with them.


A Disneyland Property hotel may be impossible to book at this point because they tend to fill-up months before. Not to fret. Be sure to look everywhere before giving up. Park Savers has great inventory and great pricing. Besides them check-out Disney themselves, Expedia, Priceline, or Hotels.com. They all have different inventory so you may get lucky. 

If you don’t care about staying on property we’ll recommend some of our favorite hotels with great amenities like free parking, breakfast, and close to the parks.

  • Residence Inn Marriott Convention Center – Free breakfast (the best around) and a 5 minute walk to the parks.
  • Desert Palms Hotel and Suites – Free parking and breakfast and a 5 minute walk to the parks.
  • Desert Inn and Suites – Free breakfast and a 1 minute walk to the parks.
  • Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel – Free parking and breakfast, 10 minute walk to the parks.


If you need to fly in last-minute check Southwest airlines. They are the cheapest followed by JetBlue. Airports near Disneyland include SNA – Orange County, LGB – Long Beach, and finally LAX – Los Angeles. SNA is closest followed by Long Beach then LAX. 

Getting to and from the airport can be pricey. We always recommend using Uber or LYFT. If you’ve never used them before use our coupon codes:

Uber Code: deang2368ue – $20 off your first ride!

LYFT code: parksavers50 – Up to $50 in free ride credit!

These are great for getting to and from places as well including picking up and dropping off at the parks from a non-property hotel.


Unlike its sister park, Disneyland doesn’t take 100+ day reservations for its restaurants. If you’re looking for reservations at the Blue Bayou or Carthay Circle Restaurant we would suggest downloading the Disneyland Mobile App right now and start searching! And don’t stop searching! Search many times per day! People cancel reservations all the time so the more you search the better chance you have at getting a reservation.

Outside of those two restaurants most of the Disneyland dining is quick service. You can bring in your own food like packed lunches. When you arrive in Anaheim head to Wal-Mart or Vons and buy what you need. Vons does delivery to your hotel for free but you may pay slightly higher prices for the food items. Sometimes not.

We’ll leave you with one of our favorite food tips: The Red Wagon Corndog stand in Disneyland Park is the best. It’s even better when you tell them you just want a corndog, no chips. You’ll save over $2.00….huzzah!


Take the trip! You’ll have no regrets visiting the Happiest Place on Earth! The sun is always shining, it’s nice and warm, Mickey and the gang are waiting to greet you, and Indiana Jones is ready for another adventure! That’s what makes last-minute Disneyland trips so fun!