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The Ultimate Guide to Zootopia At Shanghai Disney

This December 20th, Walt Disney’s beloved Zootopia comes to life at Shanghai Disneyland with the opening of an immersive new land. Based on the 2016 animated film, Zootopia brings the bustling mammalian metropolis into the real world through innovative attractions, dining, shopping, and character experiences. Join the Zootopia Police Department to chase down crime on a thrilling new ride or stop by Jumbeaux’s Cafe for delicious treats.

From Tundratown to the Rainforest District, every corner of this city has been recreated in stunning detail. Whether you want to meet your favorite characters or explore a brand new world, Zootopia has something for everyone. Get ready to “be anything” when this long-awaited land opens its doors this holiday season!

Rides and Attractions in the New Zootopia Land

The star attraction of the new Zootopia land will be Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, an innovative dark ride where guests join the Zootopia Police Department. As rookie cops, riders board special police cruisers and set off on a thrilling chase after Gazelle’s tiger dancers, who have gone missing right before their big Zootopia Day concert.

The ride takes guests on a wild tour of Zootopia’s different neighborhoods. After speeding through the streets of Sahara Square, the cruiser plunges down an icy tunnel in Tundra Town. Riders narrowly avoid a stampede in the Rainforest District before crashing through the jungle canopy. The grand finale occurs at the secret Mystic Springs Oasis naturalist club, where the tiger dancers are found partying with other animals.

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Zootopia: Hot Pursuit uses trackless ride technology to provide a new experience on every ride. The police cruisers can move independently and even spin 360 degrees, reacting to different events happening throughout the ride. Over 100 advanced animated figures bring the city of Zootopia to life, from a giraffe on a treadmill to polar bears relaxing at the Arctic Spa.

In addition to the marquee attraction, guests can also stop by Zootopia Central Station. A large train station backdrop provides the perfect photo opportunity with the land’s icon, a towering statue of Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Every few minutes, a metro train pulls up with cars designed for animals of all shapes and sizes, from mice to elephants.

Dining Options in Zootopia Land

No trip to Zootopia would be complete without a stop at Jumbeaux’s Café. The elephant-run ice cream parlor seen in the movie has been recreated in delicious detail, down to the giant pachyderm figure manning the counter. Guests can order their own paw print-shaped popsicle, just like the one Nick Wilde enjoyed in the film.

Other menu items include blueberry pie, chocolate-covered marshmallows, and Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts. In addition to sweet treats, Jumbeaux’s Café also offers entrees like zucchini shrimp linguine and a roasted vegetable sandwich on ciabatta bread. Diners can wash it all down with unique Zootopia-themed beverages. Specialty soda flavors include Zebra Stripe Cream Soda, Rhino Beet Red Soda, and Sheep Mint Soda.

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Character Meet and Greets

While roaming the streets of Zootopia, guests just might bump into their favorite characters! Special entertainment experiences will bring beloved animal stars to life through puppetry and animated figures in the windows. Keep an eye out for crime boss Mr. Big and his daughter Fru Fru, as well as Duke Weaselton and Flash the Sloth.

Koslov the polar bear can be spotted lumbering down the sidewalk, with the Hopps family chatting nearby. Guests can even interact with the characters, waving hello or answering questions. Meet and greets with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde happen daily at the Zootopia Recruitment Center. Aspiring ZPD officers can take a photo with the heroic duo before setting out to explore the city. Character dining is also available at Jumbeaux’s Café, where Bonnie and Stu Hopps make appearances.


Shopping Locations in Zootopia

No visit to Zootopia would be complete without taking home a unique souvenir. The land’s main shopping location, Fashions by Fru Fru, offers over 200 Zootopia-themed products. Guests can browse merchandise collections like Zootopia Cute, featuring plush toys, apparel, and accessories.

Exclusive items include building block sets based on the Lemming Brothers Bank and Tundratown buildings from the film. Aspiring ZPD officers can pick up police gear like aviator sunglasses and utility belt packs. For a sweet treat later, take home Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts or a DIY popsicle-making kit.

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With the debut of Zootopia, Shanghai Disneyland expands its offerings into bold new territory. The land provides an interactive experience that fully immerses guests in the world of the film. From character encounters to pawpsicle treats, every detail brings Zootopia to life. Thrilling attractions like Zootopia: Hot Pursuit add an extra layer of adventure while dining at Jumbeaux’s Cafe satisfies cravings for elephant-sized snacks.

After years of development, Zootopia finally opens to the public this December. Don’t miss your chance to join Officers Hopps and Wilde on patrol when this incredible new land welcomes its first visitors. Zootopia is waiting—will you answer the call?