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Virgin Voyages Laundry Services

If you’re headed on a Virgin Voyages Cruise and are wondering what to pack and how much to pack, these are great questions. Packing lite is always best when it’s possible. If you’re able to cut your wardrobe in half because you can do laundry on-board the cruise ship, it makes things much simpler and you can even eliminate checked bags if you’re flighting in. Having cruise Virgin Voyages several times I can tell you all about their laundry service and how it works.

Doing Laundry on a Virgin Voyages Cruise

Virgin Voyages does offer laundry service to cruise guests. In each cabin onboard guests will find a black bag hanging in their closest space. There is a pocket in this bag that holds a fillable form for guests to fill out when they are ready to start the laundry process. And you have a few options:

  1. You can have Virgin wash just a couple of items and you can pay for them individually. See pricing below.
  2. You can stuff the large bag full of as many clothes as you can and have them wash the entire bag for you. Pricing for this is below.
  3. You can do either one of the first 2 and have them pressed, wash and fold or washed and pressed.
  4. You can have some items dry cleaned.

The best option depends on your needs. If you’re like me and brought half as many clothes for a 5 day voyage knowing you were going to do laundry half way through, then your best option is to stuff the entire bag full of your clothes.

However, many guests pack enough clothes to cover the entire trip and many only have a few they need washed. For them it’s best to pick just a couple.

How much does laundry service cost on Virgin Voyages?

How much you spend on laundry will depend on how much washing you need. If you just need a couple of items, maybe around $10-$15. However, it also depends on if you want them washed and/or pressed. This can add a few extra dollars. Here is a current list of 2022 laundry pricing for Virgin Cruises:

By The Piece

Press OnlyWash & FoldWash & Press
Price Per Piece$4$5$6

By The Bag

Black laundry bag on bed
Large Laundry Bag Provided by Virgin

This is the best option in my opinion. By the bag means you can take the large laundry bag they gave you and stuff as many items into it as you can. The for the price of $30 they will wash the entirety of it and return it to you the next day. The second option is express delivery which costs $50 and they will wash and delivered it to you same-day.

By The Piece Eco Clean

This is the dry cleaning service I mentioned and it’s $7 per piece no matter what type of item it is. It includes:

  • Suit – $7
  • Jackets – $7
  • Pants – $7
  • Tops – $7
  • Sweaters – $7
  • Shorts – $7
  • Dresses – $7
  • Skirts – $7
  • Other – $7
Laundry Form on bed
Laundry Form

Delivery Method

You can have your laundry by the piece delivered either regular or express:

  • Express Delivery Same-Day – $20 extra
  • Regular Delivery Next-Day – No Extra Charge

Getting your laundry picked-up and delivered

Virgin makes this part of the process very easy. Once you’ve stuffed your black laundry bag full of the items you need washed and filled out the attached form, head over to your rooms iPad and select “Services”. From the choose Laundry Pick-up. Once pushed, it will notify the room host staff that you have laundry ready to be picked up. Within 5 minutes or so someone will come by your cabin and grab the bag.

They will look over the form and make sure everything is filled out correctly and then tear off your copy.

Virgin Cruise ship at port

When your laundry is done being washed and ready for delivery back to your room you will receive a ring at your door. If you’re not there the bag will be left inside your cabin. Any laundry charges will be billed to your cabin room automatically.

I personally love Virgin’s way of doing laundry, especially the by the bag cost. $30 on a cruise ship for a large bad of laundry washed and folded is a steal in my opinion. Especially since they do all the work you don’t have to spend your day in a laundry room.