10 Amazing Things to Get Excited For in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of exciting new content coming soon! Here are 10 of the biggest additions that players can look forward to:

1. Welcome Jack Skellington!

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas is coming to the Valley! Players will be able to welcome Jack, help him set up his house, and complete new quests related to bringing his spooky holiday spirit to the village.

2. Visit Your Friends With Multiplayer

A multiplayer mode allowing up to 3 friends to visit your valley is arriving. Players will be able to show off their decorating skills, check their friends’ Scrooge’s Shop stock, and more. The developers have hinted at expanding multiplayer features over time.

3. A Brand-New Storyline

The paid expansion “Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time” will introduce a new storyline set in the lost realm of Eternity Isle. Across 3 acts, players will unravel mysteries, thwart Jafar’s plans, and restore the island.

4. New Biomes to Explore

The expansion adds 3 new biomes to explore – Ancient’s Landing, Wild Tangle, and Glittering Dunes. Each has unique ingredients to find and areas to rebuild, like a marketplace at Ancient’s Landing.

5. A New Royal Tool

The Royal Hourglass is a new relic obtained in the expansion that can clear obstacles like Mist, Time Rifts, and Swirling Sands to help players progress through Eternity Isle.

6. Help From A Little White Robot

EVE from Wall-E joins the valley! After gaining her trust, she’ll help you fix time rifts and find long-lost relics across the new island.

7. Have The Best Day Ever With A Long-lost Princess

Players can meet Rapunzel in the Wild Tangle jungle biome. Her unique friendship quests and rewards will let fans of Tangled enjoy her cheerful personality.

8. Gaston

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is stranded in the desert biome, Glittering Dunes. After rescuing him, players can take lessons in heroics and decorate with antler decor.

9. New Critters

The 3 new biomes introduce new critters like capybaras, monkeys, and snakes that players can befriend.

10. Ancient Machines

Use the Timebending Table and relics found on the island to construct Ancient Machines that automate gardening, cooking, and other tasks! There’s so much exciting new content coming for both the base game and the expansion! With new characters, biomes, quests, and features like multiplayer, Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to grow into an even more magical experience.