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17 Best Places to Sip on Cocktails & Specialty Disney Drinks at Disney World

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May 13th is World Cocktail Day, and if you’re going to be visiting Walt Disney World over that time (or even if you’re not – these suggestions have no expiration date) what better way to toast the holiday than with one or two (or three) specialty Disney drinks. While Walt Disney World may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of expertly mixed cocktails and bars oozing with charm, we’re hoping our list of the best places for cocktails at Disney World helps change that.

No Teetotaler, Walt Disney Was a Spirits Man

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Walt Disney once said, “I do things that Walt Disney wouldn’t do: … Walt Disney doesn’t drink. I drink.” Coming from a man who didn’t want a drop of alcohol inside of his family-focused parks, this might come as a bit of a shock. However, his penchant for prohibition didn’t extend to the workplace. In fact, according to the book Eat Like Walt: The Wonderful World of Disney Food by Marcy Carriker Smothers, if you were still at the office after 5pm back in Walt’s day, you’d even be treated to a little boozy inspiration. 

Walt’s drink of choice? A boozy little cocktail known as a Scotch Mist. Well, calling it a cocktail might be a bit of a euphemism: This potent concoction was a simple but strong blend of black and white scotch whiskey on the rocks with a ribbon of lemon peel. 

Of course, things have changed quite a bit since Walt was alive, with alcohol now being widely available throughout Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and other Disney parks. So, this World Cocktail Day (or any other time when you’re needing a little pick-me-up after fighting the teeming masses or corralling your little ones during your trip to Disney World), unwind with a spirited drink just like Walt used to do. 

Best Disney World Spots for Cocktails, Mocktails, & Other Disney Drinks

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Whether you’re looking to drink around the world at Epcot, enjoy a cocktail after dinner at Disney Springs, or relax at a lounge at one of the Disney resort hotels, there are plenty of places to enjoy shaken, stirred, or blended alcoholic beverages at Disney World. From highly themed lounges to boozy libations in a more frills-free setting, here’s our spirited list of can’t-miss Disney World bars for World Cocktail Day and beyond.

Sip on a Classic Cocktail or Magic-Inspired Specialty Drink at AbracadaBar

Nestled along Disney’s BoardWalk, AbracadaBar is an old-fashioned speakeasy with a little magic up its sleeve. As the legend goes, this cozy cocktail lounge was once the local haunt for the boardwalk’s resident illusionists and their lovely assistants. After drawing out the last bit of applause from their adoring audience, magicians of all stripes would gather here to out-enchant their competition and blow off some steam with a few rounds of spirited concoctions. That is, until it mysteriously vanished. 

Glass with champagne

Luckily for you, AbracadaBar has since made a reappearing act along the storied boardwalk, opening its doors to Disney guests, cocktail connoisseurs, and sleight-of-hand fans alike. Today, a visit to this magical bar feels a bit like stepping back in time, with its collection of vintage magician’s props, charmed magic act posters, and mystifying tricks. 

As you’d expect, the drink menu here is every bit as magical. For an illusion-inspired sip, try the Pepper’s Ghost (Pineapple Vodka, Habanero Lime) or Parlor Trick (Four Roses Bourbon Small Batch, Simple Syrup, Soda Water). Or, try one of the lounge’s classic cocktails including the Side Car, Sazarac, and Negroni

Get a Cocktail To-Go from Southern Shine Bar at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ 

Whiskey bottles and glass

With popular dishes like fried chicken and donuts and fried green tomatoes with local greens, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ may be known for its southern comfort food with a Sunshine State twist, but we like coming here for the attached Southern Shine Bar. Wipe off the hushpuppy crumbs, then order yourself one of the to-go souvenir bottles filled with one or two – yes, you can blend them – of the bar’s moonshine-filled cocktails like Rumshine Punch

And yes, we said bottles, not cups. Cloaked in a cute koozie with a straw included, these libations are as portable as it gets, making them perfect for enjoying while wandering through Disney Springs. Don’t let the fruity taste and adorably convenient container fool you, though – these cocktails may go down easy, but the moonshine can sneak up on you quickly. 

Try Fizzy Cocktails & Mocktails from the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar

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Whether you call it soda, pop, or Coke (yup, it’s a Southern thing), soft drinks have long been a popular cocktail mixer. So, this World Cocktail Day, plan a visit to Disney’s mecca of soda pop: the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar. 

From this open-air bar that’s like Epcot’s Club Cool on steroids (albeit with a much better view), guests can enjoy all the soda they could ever want, along with panoramic views of Disney Springs. And best of all, unlike at the perpetually sticky-floored Club Cool, drinks here come in full-sized glasses, with or without alcohol, and in expertly mixed cocktails or mocktails. 

For a kid-friendly mocktail, try the refreshing Inca Kola and Lime or the Gingerbread Coke. Or, for more adult tastes, go for the Cherry Coke Ripper (Coconut Rum, Cherry Whiskey) or Beverly’s Revenge (Gin, Blackberry Liqueur, Cherry Syrup, Orange Slices, and Mint). 

Step into a Childhood Favorite with a Grown-Up Twist at the Enchanted Rose

Enchanted Rose Restauran gold and brown entrance

It’s with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we include the Enchanted Rose lounge on our list of the best places to get a drink at Disney World. Yes, there is definitely something there that wasn’t there before, with this alcohol-added take on the classic Disney princess film being located in what used to be Mizner’s Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. (Ok, that’s the last of the Beauty and the Beast puns, we swear.) 

This elegant lounge features four different rooms, each inspired by a different part of Belle’s world, as seen in the live-action retelling of the story, including her beloved library and the Beast’s garden. 

The menu here is every bit as grand and romantic as the setting, with elevated bar bites like Truffle Fries, classic cocktails, and floral-laden sips reminiscent of the bar’s namesake charmed flower. Try the Lavender Fog (Dry Gin, Crème de Violette, English Breakfast Tea, Vanilla, and Cream), Island Rose (Grapefruit and Rose Vodka, Lime, Orgeat, Pineapple, Bitters, and Rose Water), or Amour (Vodka, Liqueur de France, Pear, Lemon, Chamomile Tea, Agave, and Rose Petal). 

Drown Your Ice Cream in Booze at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

Ice Cream shakes topped with cookies in a jar

We’ll be the first to admit that Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort may, at first glance, seem like a strange choice for a list of the best cocktail bars at Disney World. However, we have four words for you: adult shakes and floats. 

That’s right, not only does this retro ice cream parlor serve up the mountainous Kitchen Sink sundae and diner classics like burgers and grilled cheese, but you can also come here for ice cream swirled with a generous helping of sanity-saving alcohol. Truly, does anything sound more relaxing after (or during!) a long day at Epcot than boozy ice cream? Methinks not.  

Go for the mint-chocolatey goodness of the Grasshopper Float crowned with Guinness, the indulgent S’mores Shake blended with Amarula Cream Liqueur and Crème de Cacao, or the Tropical Sunrise Float, a fruity concoction of Rainbow Sherbet and Pineapple Hard Cider. 

Go (Pacific North)West, Cocktail Lover, to Geyser Point Bar & Grill

Open air bar

Geyser Point Bar & Grill, nestled along the shoreline at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, is a waterfront lounge inspired by the spirit of exploration and flavors of the Pacific Northwest, with a setting and menu to match. You can even watch the hotel’s pint-sized version of Yosemite’s Old Faithful geyser erupt in a show of water of steam during one of its regular performances. Tucked in between the resort’s two pools, this open-air bar also touts sprawling views of Bay Lake. 

Aside from adventurous food offerings like a Bison Cheeseburger or Apple Cider Sorbet, the drink menu at Geyser Point Bar & Grill features, along with more standard mixed drinks like Mai Tais and Mojitos,   boasts a range of rustic cocktails featuring ingredients from America’s Pacific Northwest including 44° North and Zodiac Vodkas made from Idaho potatoes, Washington State wine, and the ubiquitous huckleberry. We recommend the Black Cherry Mule, Northwest Iced Tea, Cascadia Sangria, and, of course, Huckleberry Punch

Come in for Landing – and a Worldly, Classic Cocktail – at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

Adventure themed bar

Toast to Indiana Jones and adventure at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs. According to the Disney Imagineers, this dive bar was once owned by Jock Lindsey, Indy’s friend and personal pilot. Back in 1938, while they were hunting for some priceless artifact in the swamps of Central Florida, they happened upon the lush outpost of Disney Springs. Jock ended up liking it so much that he decided to set up shop, running seaplane tours out of his airplane hangar. 

Today, that same hangar plays host to rusty airplane parts, mementos from Indy and Jock’s many adventures, and hordes of Disney guests. With its 1940s inspiration, cocktails here are a delightful mix of classic sips, like the Singapore Sling and Air Pirate’s Mule, as well as more wanderlust-themed libations. We like the Asian-inspired Anything Goes, which gets its alcoholic kick from baijiu, one of Disney World’s more unique spirits), along with the Fountain of Youth, a fruity blend incorporating vodka made in St. Augustine, once thought to be the location of the eponymous spring of eternal life. 

Kick Off Your Drink-Around-the-World Epcot Journey at La Cava del Tequila

Shots of Mexican tequila

For a theme park with an entire unofficial activity built around drinking and eating, it will come as a surprise to no one that the first of the Epcot bars on our list is one of the most famous and popular of the bunch. In the heart of the Mexico Pavilion, inside the towering Mesoamerican pyramid, La Cava del Tequila is a must for any margarita fan. Because if actor Neil Patrick Harris calls it one of his favorite bars, it has to be good. 

We’ll give you one guess what’s served here: tequila, and lots of it. Luckily, a ton of tequila means many margaritas, and there are plenty on offer here – namely the La Cava Avocado margarita, Epcot’s most famous cocktail. 

Take Your Tastebuds on an Adventure at Animal Kingdom’s Nomad Lounge

Watermelon drink in a cup with watermelon

Go on a whirlwind tour of the continents that inspired Disney’s Animal Kingdom, no passport necessary, at Nomad Lounge. While they were busy planning the park, Disney Imagineers spent a considerable amount of time exploring the far-flung lands of Africa and Asia. Nomad Lounge, attached to Tiffins Restaurant, is dedicated to those adventures, as well as the siren song of wanderlust.

With its secluded balcony overlooking the forest that leads to Pandora, the whole place feels more like a cozy resort bar in a luxurious African ecolodge than a theme park lounge. Similarly, Nomad Lounge’s entire menu is themed after the Imagineers’ travels, from bar food offerings with global flavors to the equally-as-worldly cocktails featuring everything from tamarind (Tempting Tigress) cilantro (Night Monkey) to cachaça (Leaping Lizard) and mezcal (Boto-Rita). 

Down Out-of-This-World Cocktails at Oga’s Cantina in Hollywood Studios

Colorful drinks at a space bar

The neighborhood pub of Black Spire Outpost on the remote planet Batuu (also known as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios), Oga’s Cantina is the watering hole of choice for all manner of galaxy denizens. This highly themed, immersive bar plunges you in the thick of the action, no jump to hyperspace necessary. 

Sit back and relax to a lively soundtrack of tunes spun by droid DJ R-3X as you down one of the bar’s tempting drinks. Both cocktails and mocktails are available here, each featuring flavors, ingredients, and occasionally entertaining effects inspired by the Star Wars universe like “Buzz Button Tingling” foam, a cloud swirl, and various flavors of popping pearls. Oh wait, or are they actually the eggs of the creature that lives in the tank over the bar? 

For alcoholic options, we like the Fuzzy Tauntaun, Bespin Fizz, and Jedi Mind Trick. Or, if you’re looking for something on the booze-free side, try the spicy Blurrgfire, the complex Black Spire Brew, or the kid-friendly Blue Bantha

Stop in for a Pint at Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub in the UK Pavilion

Inside english pub and bar

A pint? But this list is all about the best places to get cocktails at Walt Disney World! Well, what if we told you these were pints of what we’re going to call beer cocktails, or what Disney more eloquently calls “Pub Blends”? That’s right, at the United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, the Rose & Crown Pub serves up expertly mixed concoctions of British and Irish Beer including Harp, Bass Ale, Boddingtons, Guinness, and Smithwick’s. 

Or, to really celebrate World Cocktail Day (cocktails were supposedly invented in Great Britain, after all), opt for a British invasion of a different kind and try one of the pub’s UK-inspired cocktails. Our favorite? The classic Pimm’s Cup

Watch the Sunset with a Cocktail in Hand at Three Bridges Bar and Grill 

Lounge with couches and bar at night

The only thing better than a drink at the end of a long day is a drink with a view, and it’s hard to argue with the view from Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Sitting in the center of Lago Dorado lake at the crossroads of (you guessed it) three bridges, this convergence is echoed in the playful intersection of familiar Spanish and Mexican-inspired favorites mixed with unexpected flavors. Technically a lounge, this Disney cocktail spot follows in the Spanish tradition of tapas, with many of the options being meant to be shared, including some of the cocktails! 

Grab the Curry Hummus or Roasted Corn Dip, then order a round of cocktails. For a little bit of everything, don’t miss out on the Sangria Flight, a delightful array of sparkling, rosé, white, and red sangrias. 

Cool off with Frozen Wine Cocktails at Wine Bar George

Bar with stools and tables

Wine Bar George in Disney Springs may be the obvious choice if you’re looking for a glass of red or white at Disney World. After all, they do have more than 140. However, this estate-style wine bar is also a great choice if you’re in the mood for a wine-forward (or otherwise) cocktail. 

Frozen wine cocktails are especially popular here, with temptingly icy concoctions like Frozcato, Frosé, Friezling, and Freaujolais. Or, step outside the barrel and get a wine-free cocktail instead. Go for The Hoot, a cocktail mixed by the restaurant Master Sommelier George Miliotes, the Wine Bar George Old Fashioned, or any number of the restaurant’s unique craft cocktails. 

Jazz It Up with Big Easy-Inspired Sips and & Boozy Beignets at Scat Cat’s Club

Cocktail in large spirit glass with berries

Spend your evening sipping on a southern-inspired alcoholic beverage, noshing on alcohol-infused beignets, and listening to the sultry sounds of jazz at Scat Cat’s Club. This New Orleans-style lounge in Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter is a soulful, laidback spot if you’re on the hunt for some entertainment, yummy food, and a glass of something strong and fruity. 

From the live jazz band and Crawfish Etouffee to the boozy beignets and strong drinks, Scat Cat’s Club is an ode to The Big Easy. In fact, there’s even a cocktail of the same name. We also like the sweet and sassy Southern Hurricane, or, for a cocktail with New Awlins credibility, try the potent Sazerac

Enjoy Cocktails & a Show at Morocco’s Spice Road Table in World Showcase

Moroccan bar with alcohol bottles

And by “show”, we mean the technicolor fireworks, fiery pyrotechnics, and colorful fountains set to the stirring music Harmonious – when it opens, anyways. The restaurant with a front-row seat to it all is Spice Road Table at the Morocco Pavilion. We recommend the beautiful open-air seating, although indoor is available too, as well as order a few of their shareable plates like Pomegranate-Chili Crispy Cauliflower and House-made Hummus Fries. 

Of course, wash it all down with a refreshing mixed drink. Once overly saccharine, the drink menu here has since evolved to a vibrant blend of cocktails with Mediterranean-inspired flavors. We like the Mahiarita with Fig Brandy and Pomegranate Seeds, Medina Mixer with African Rum and Tangerine Liqueur, and the Gin-spiked Iced Mint Tea

Toast the Tiki Gods at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

Grog bar mug with fruit

Set sail for the South Seas at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Inspired by the classic Disney ride, the Jungle Cruise, the intricately themed, highly immersive Trader Sam’s is like no tiki bar you’ve ever seen before. Kitschy details abound, making the island setting come alive in a way that is just a ton of fun. Even your skipper (server) will get in on it, so don’t be surprised if you hear a cheesy joke or two. Seriously, we dare you to keep from smiling. 

Although there is a decent selection of island-inspired food items on offer, the star, of both the menu and this list, is definitely the cocktails. Aside from the plentiful tropical flavors and lots and lots of rum, some drinks are even served in what Disney modestly calls “souvenir mugs.” In actuality, these delightfully quirky drink vessels are just like what you’d find in a traditional tiki bar. And bonus, you can even take them home – for a price, of course. 

Make your sacrifice to the tiki gods with cinnamon-fueled fire and fruity flavors of the Uh-Oa, drink away your cares with the powerful Shrunken Zombie Head, dive to the booze-soaked depths of the Nautilus, and so much more. 

Soak up the Sunshine and Drink Up Some Moonshine at Crockett’s Tavern 

Bar with wood chairs and tv

Sidle on up to the bar at Crockett’s Tavern, the walk-up drink window next to Pioneer Hall at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. Yes, unlike the other options on our list, our next suggestion is all about simplicity: just moonshine and the great outdoors. With rocking chairs on a wraparound porch replacing the rowdy bar crowds or soft tinkling of glasses and hushed whispers, this isn’t like any of the other lounges you’ll find on Disney property. 

Aside from a few bar bites with a Southern comfort food twist, Crockett’s Tavern has a delightfully extensive bar menu dripping with moonshine. While classics like the Rum Swizzle and Spicy Poblano Margarita, as well as wines and brews, are available, we suggest going for one of the specialty cocktails mixed with moonshine like the Blackberry Lightnin’ or the Gullywhumper. Top it all off with some Fried Green Tomatoes or the pulled pork-topped Smokehouse Nachos.

Well, that concludes our roundup of the 17 top spots for cocktails at Disney World for World Cocktail Day. Do you have a favorite cocktail or bar at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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