A Foodie’s Guide to Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

Get ready to explore the vibrant and delicious cuisine of Zootopia, the newest themed land opening at Shanghai Disney Resort on December 20th, 2023! Inspired by the hit Walt Disney Animation Studios film, this immersive area will transport you into a bustling metropolis filled with your favorite animal characters from the movie. As a foodie and theme park enthusiast, I’m especially excited for all the unique dining options that will be available across Zootopia’s dining locations like Jumbeaux’s Café, Zootopia Market food carts, and more. From sweet treats to savory snacks and refreshing drinks, there’s going to be something for every palate to enjoy.

Jumbeaux’s Cafe

The whimsical Jumbeaux’s Café, owned by Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. in the film, will serve up a delightful menu of baked goods, ice cream, and beverages. This is sure to be a go-to spot to grab a snack while exploring the land. Some of the menu highlights include:

  • Chocolate Marshmallow – A fluffy marshmallow flavored with fresh raspberry purée
  • The Big Donut – An oversized chocolate donut that’s Officer Clawhauser’s favorite
  • Blueberry Milkshake – Creamy ice cream blended with sweet and tangy blueberry sauce, topped with a Clawhauser chocolate piece
  • Ginger Ice Cream Sundae – Ginger ice cream served over chocolate cake and topped with crunchy cereal pieces

In addition to the sweet treats, Jumbeaux’s will also have specialty hot chocolates served in souvenir mugs featuring Judy Hopps or Nick Wilde. These will help warm you up on chilly days in Tundratown!

Zootopia Market

When you’re strolling through the streets of Zootopia, keep an eye out for the colorful food carts that make up Zootopia Market. You’ll find four different carts, each offering their own snacks:

  • Slothful Slurps – Stop by for refreshing drinks like fruit smoothies and milkshakes
  • Hopps Family Farm – Get your popcorn fix here! Try their signature corn-flavored popcorn.
  • Cottonball Candy – Indulge your sweet tooth with fluffy cotton candy in a variety of flavors
  • Pawpsicles – Cool off with these iconic berry-flavored frozen treats on a stick

In addition to the carts, Zootopia Market will have a pop-up stand from Jumbeaux’s Café serving up their signature Disney Zootopia Pawpsicles. Be sure to check out the exclusive Pawpsicle souvenir cup too!

More Dining Across Zootopia

While Jumbeaux’s and the Zootopia Market food carts will be the main dining locations in the land, you can find Zootopia-inspired food and beverage options across other quick service restaurants too. On the savory side, keep an eye out for the Disney Zootopia Police Officer Badge Chocolate Bar, which pays homage to the ZPD. For those looking for a special snack, pick up the lemon-flavored Gazelle Cotton Candy. And you can spot Nick Wilde on select beverage cups, like the White Peach Sparkling Drink. If you plan on having a picnic at the nearby Gardens of Imagination, you can even pack your basket with Zootopia treats like the blueberry pie or pawpsicles from Jumbeaux’s.

Tasting Your Way Through Zootopia

With such a huge variety of themed food and drinks debuting, you’ll want to visit Zootopia hungry and ready to taste it all! Start your culinary tour at Jumbeaux’s Café to try their exclusive menu items like the milkshakes and sundaes. Then make your way through Zootopia Market to see what each colorful cart has to offer. I recommend getting the Pawpsicle souvenir cup so you can refill it later with other fruity drinks around the land. Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for Zootopia snacks at nearby quick service locations too.

With so many unique and cute menu items like the carrot lollipops and elephant-shaped ice cream bowls, you’ll have a blast tasting the vibrant cuisine of this new themed land! So get ready to have your tastebuds go wild when Zootopia opens on December 20th! This foodie guide should help you plan what delicacies to seek out first. And don’t worry, if you can’t try it all in one day – these tempting treats will be waiting for you on your next visit too!