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A Guide To Disney On Ice 2024

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Disney On Ice, originally called Walt Disney’s World on Ice, has been dazzling families with its magical live shows for over 40 years. Through world-class skating and beloved Disney stories and characters, Disney On Ice provides an immersive experience that connects generations. In this article, we’ll cover all the topics you need to know to become a Disney On Ice pro.


History of Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice traces its origins back to 1981 when Kenneth Feld, Chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment, approached Disney about creating a new type of live family entertainment featuring Disney characters on ice. Feld already owned productions like Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice, and saw the potential to make ice shows more appealing to families by incorporating Disney. On July 14, 1981, Walt Disney’s World on Ice debuted at the Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey to a sold out crowd. It was an instant hit, kicking off decades of Disney-themed ice extravaganzas.

In 1987, the show went international with its debut in Japan. By 1988 there were 5 touring shows in the United States. The ice show was renamed Disney on Ice in 1998. Since then, it has visited over 320 million guests across 68 countries. Today, it stands as one of Disney’s longest running licensees. As Kenneth Feld has said, “Everything you do in life starts with one small step.” For Disney on Ice, that first step in 1981 sparked a magical production that still brings joy to families worldwide.


Design of Disney On Ice Shows

Disney On Ice shows feature intricate set designs and dazzling lighting and effects to fully immerse the audience in Disney stories. Giant video screens and backdrops transport viewers into the worlds of the movies. Elaborate costumes bring Disney characters to life on the ice. Many productions even incorporate puppetry, like the dancing ostriches from Fantasia. No detail is overlooked in creating a Disney-quality experience.

There may be over 1,500 costumes per show, many custom-designed. A single production travels with 53 semi-trailer trucks hauling over 500,000 pounds of equipment. Putting all the pieces together requires a crew of over 100 people. Months of rehearsals go into perfecting every Disney On Ice show. Skaters train off-ice on choreography and acrobatics before moving onto the rink. The skaters bring athletic artistry to their roles, incorporating jumps, spins, and daring feats into dynamic performances.


Popular Disney On Ice Shows

Disney On Ice presents a new show every year featuring different Disney stories and characters. Some of the most popular productions over the years include:

Frozen (2016-Present): This long-running show brings the Frozen films to life with scenes like Elsa unleashing her powers and Anna embarking on an epic journey alongside Kristoff and Sven. Audiences get to sing along to the movie’s iconic songs, including “Let It Go.”

Mickey’s Search Party (2019-2020): Mickey Mouse and his pals go on an adventure to find Tinker Bell in this charming show featuring Disney characters from classic films. 

Worlds of Enchantment (2016-2017): This extravaganza spotlighted Disney stories like Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and more. It culminated in an epic finale gathering over 50 Disney characters. 

Disneyland Adventure (2005-2006): As the name suggests, this show saluted the Disneyland Resort with scenes inspired by favorites like It’s a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean.

100 Years of Magic (2001-2003): This spectacular showcased over 100 Disney characters to celebrate Walt Disney’s 100th birthday and the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company.


Upcoming Disney On Ice Shows

Disney On Ice has two main productions touring North America through Spring 2024:

Find Your Hero: Featuring Moana, Frozen, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and more, this show takes audiences on adventures where heroes seek to fulfill their dreams. 

Into The Magic: Showcasing Cinderella, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and other classics, this production celebrates how “no dream is too big. “Some cities will also host 

Frozen & Encanto through February 2024. This show blends the wintry world of Frozen with the animated magic of Encanto.

Check out the Disney On Ice website for current information.

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The Disney On Ice Experience

A visit to Disney On Ice promises singing, dancing, ice skating, puppets, and acrobatics woven into Disney tales. While shows appeal most to younger kids, older children and parents also find the performances entertaining and impressive. The productions feature something for all ages to enjoy. The experience starts when you enter the arena. Disney tunes play while spectators find their seats. Vendors hawk light up toys and souvenirs in the aisles. As showtime nears, the lights dim, and an announcer amps up the crowd. Suddenly, spotlights swirl across the ice. Mickey Mouse glides out waving amid cheers.

What follows is two hours of Disney magic and adventure. Scenes from the movies play out through elaborate production numbers. Broadway-style singing and dancing transports you into the films. Death-defying acrobatics and aerial stunts escalate the excitement. Audience participation keeps kids engaged. You may find yourself dancing and singing along to favorite Disney songs. Throughout the show, skaters demonstrate incredible skill with triple jumps and spins done in character. Spotlights glinting off glittering costumes enhance the sense of spectacle. The finale features a parade of characters followed by a flurry of fireworks and confetti. After the curtain call, people flow towards exits while music continues playing. Many kids leave already dreaming of their next Disney On Ice adventure.


Disney On Ice ticket prices vary by city and seat location. Tickets typically range from $15-$100+. Front row and VIP seats run over $100. Upper level seats farther back cost less. All guests over age 2 require a ticket. Look for family packs and other deals. Tickets can be purchased online via Ticketmaster or at the box office. Add-on experiences allow fans to meet characters before the main show. The “Frozen Fun with Anna & Elsa” experience runs about $30 on top of show tickets. Expect an extra $15-$25 for keepsake photos with the characters. Beyond tickets, families should budget for parking, snacks and souvenirs. Disney On Ice sells themed merchandise like stuffed animals, light up wands, and glow jewelry. Prices generally range from $15-$50.

Final Thoughts

For over 40 years, Disney On Ice has brought beloved Disney stories and characters to fans through live entertainment on ice. With talented skaters, dazzling production, and interactive fun for all ages, these shows create magical memories for families. If Disney On Ice comes to your city, grab some tickets and get ready for singing, dancing and Disney magic on ice! You don’t have to travel to a Disney theme park to enjoy an entertaining experience with Disney characters. Let Disney On Ice transport you into the worlds of Frozen, Moana, Cinderella and more right in your hometown arena.