Medal Reveal

A Look at the Magical 2024 runDisney Medals for Disney World Marathon Weekend

The highly anticipated 2024 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is just around the corner, taking place January 4-7 at Walt Disney World Resort. This beloved runDisney event invites runners of all ages and skill levels to take on various race distances, from the family-friendly 5K to the iconic 26.2-mile marathon. Upon crossing the finish line of each race, participants will be awarded a shiny new medal themed to the event. runDisney is known for its creative and coveted race bling, and the medals revealed for the 2024 marathon weekend do not disappoint! Let’s take a closer look at what storybook magic runners can expect to earn next January.

Pluto Medal

Walt Disney World 5K – Pluto

The weekend kicks off with the Walt Disney World 5K on January 4th. This beginner-friendly 3.1-mile race takes runners on a scenic tour of Epcot. At the end, everyone will receive a medal featuring Mickey’s faithful pup Pluto. The design centers around a fun image of Pluto looking adorable in sneakers and shorts, ready to run. The green background and white stars give it an outer space feel. The 5K is the perfect first race for those new to running or wanting to get their little ones started with an active runDisney lifestyle.

Chip n Dale Medal

Walt Disney World 10K – Chip ‘n’ Dale

On January 5th, the weekend continues with the Walt Disney World 10K. Chip ‘n’ Dale take the spotlight on this 6.2-mile medal, pictured snacking on their favorite food – acorns! The bright red and blue colors pop against the yellow background. The chipmunk duo look race ready in their track outfits and sneakers. This family-focused race takes runners through Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, making it a super fun way to kick off 10 magical miles.

Donald and Daisy Medal

Walt Disney World Half Marathon – Donald and Daisy Duck

Runners can look forward to a duck-tastic medal when they complete the 13.1-mile Walt Disney World Half Marathon on January 6th. None other than Donald and Daisy Duck are the stars here, featured in the middle of comical chaos! The scene shows Donald pushing a runner-themed stroller with triplet ducklings, while Daisy seems to be chasing after them. It’s a cute nod to the chaos that comes with parenting. The bright colors and fun style perfectly capture the Ducks’ big personalities.

Mickey and Minnie Medal

Walt Disney World Marathon – Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The grand finale event for the weekend is the iconic Walt Disney World Marathon on January 7th. This is the headliner 26.2-mile race that draws runners from all over to Walt Disney World year after year. Mickey and Minnie Mouse look absolutely delightful on the shiny new medal for 2024. Our favorite mouse couple is dressed to impress in formal marathon attire, complete with race bibs. Minnie looks cute as a button in her white gloves, bow and skirt, while Mickey sports a sleek black running outfit.It’s a classy design that properly commemorates the accomplishment of completing a full marathon at Walt Disney World Resort.

Goofy Medal

Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge

For those ultimate endurance athletes taking on both the half-marathon and full marathon, there is the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge. This earns participants the Donald Half Marathon medal, Mickey Marathon medal, plus an additional Goofy medal for completing both distances. The 2024 Goofy medal features the beloved Disney character looking determined to conquer 39.3 miles. He wears a red racer uniform with yellow shoes, gloves and hat. The stars in the blue background represent the concept of pushing yourself to reach new heights and accomplish your goals during RunDisney race weekends.

Dopey Medal

Dopey Challenge

If runners want to take on ALL FOUR race distances (5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon), they can register for the Dopey Challenge. This ultimate endurance challenge nets participants a whopping six medals for 48.6 total magical miles. The coveted Dopey medal for 2024 pictures the dwarf looking exhausted yet accomplished after completing the challenge. He holds up a “#1 finger” and gives a wink to congratulate runners on their tremendous feat. The green, teal and purple background has a fun, youthful vibe.

Lion King Medal

Virtual runDisney Options

While in-person registration is sold out for 2024, virtual runners can still join in on the magic. runDisney offers virtual 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon options that allow you to run (or walk) the miles on your own terms, anytime, anywhere. Virtual participants receive the same medals as those running the races on-site at Walt Disney World. It’s a great way for fans to commemorate their achievement and feel part of the excitement.

Stitch Medal

Springtime Surprise Races

Dates: April 18-21, 2024


  • Neverland 5K (April 19)
  • Adventure is Out There 10K (April 20)
  • Hakuna Matata 10-Miler (April 21)
  • Springtime Surprise Challenge (completing all 3 races for a total of 19.3 miles)


  • Neverland 5K features Tinker Bell
  • 10K features Up theme with Carl’s house and Russell
  • 10-Miler features Simba from The Lion King
  • Challenge medal has Stitch and is themed to Ohana/family

Other Details:

  • Early morning yoga session on April 18
  • Virtual options available for the races
  • Registration opened August 2023, event often sells out quickly
  • Road closures in Disney World during event weekends

The runDisney Springtime Surprise is an annual spring event weekend with changing themes each year. 2024 has a fun adventure theme across the 5K, 10K and 10-mile distances. Participants can earn 4 themed medals for completing the races.

Neverland Medal

With creative designs spanning some of Disney’s most iconic characters, the 2024 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend medals do not disappoint. They capture the spirit of fun and whimsy that makes runDisney events so special. Which one is your favorite? Let the countdown begin to another magical year at Walt Disney World Resort!