Adventureland Treehouse Review

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The Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland Park is a walkthrough attraction that transports guests into a whimsical world inspired by nature. Located in Adventureland, this iconic treehouse pays tribute to the original Swiss Family Treehouse that Walt Disney and his Imagineers built in 1962. After being closed for over two years for refurbishment, the treehouse reopened on November 10, 2023 with an enchanting new backstory and imaginative new environments. The treehouse invites guests to explore the rooms and hideaways of a creative family of five who have fashioned their home amongst the branches of a towering tree along the shores of the Jungle River.

Ride Details

Average Wait Times: On average, the wait time is around 10 minutes or less. But on busy days, the line may extend down the ramp with waits up to 30 minutes. Guests with mobility issues who can’t climb stairs can still experience the ground floor rooms.

Height Requirements: The Adventureland Treehouse does not have a height requirement, so guests of all ages can enjoy this attraction.

Single Rider: There is no Single Rider for this attraction.

Ride Duration: Kids and adults can explore as long as they want.

Genie+ and Lightning Lane: The Adventureland Treehouse is not currently included on Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

Rider Switch: Rider Switch is available. With rider switch, one adult can wait with the non-riding child while the other enjoys the treehouse, then switch places without having to wait in the standby line again.

Disability Access Services (DAS): Disneyland is committed to providing a magical experience for all guests. The DAS program is available for those with disabilities, allowing them to obtain return times for attractions, including Adventureland Treehouse, based on current wait times.

Best Time to Ride: Early morning right after rope drop is an ideal time to visit, when you can enjoy exploring the treehouse before crowds start building. Late at night is another great time, when you’ll find shorter waits and a more intimate, magical atmosphere. During the day, try visiting during parades, fireworks, or Fantasmic! when many guests head to those events. Check out our free crowd calendar for best times to visit!

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History of the Treehouse at Disneyland

The Adventureland Treehouse continues the legacy of earlier treehouse attractions that have delighted Disneyland guests for over 60 years. The original Swiss Family Treehouse opened in 1962, just two years after the release of Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson movie. This walkthrough attraction replicated the Robinson family’s elaborate treehouse home featured in the film. In 1999, the Swiss Family Treehouse was re-themed to Tarzan’s Treehouse. It was given a new backstory tied to the 1999 Disney animated film Tarzan. Guests explored the jungle treehouse where Tarzan lived with his ape family. 

Tarzan’s Treehouse remained a guest favorite for over 20 years until it closed in 2021 for an extensive refurbishment. Disney decided to take the attraction back to its roots with a fresh, original concept inspired by the classic Swiss Family Robinson film. The new Adventureland Treehouse combines nostalgia for a beloved classic attraction with innovative new sights. Now open, it continues the tradition of bringing enchanting environments and storytelling to life.

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A Magical Oasis in the Trees

The Adventureland Treehouse is centered around a giant 80-foot tall Disneyodendron Semperflorens Grandis tree. This grand tree provides the support structure for the multi-level treehouse perched within its massive boughs. According to the backstory, the treehouse was built by an artistic family using found objects, natural resources, and their own ingenuity. The family created a whimsical oasis inspired by nature that allows each family member to pursue their own passions. The rooms showcase the distinctive personalities and interests of the mother, father, teenage daughter, and young twin sons who call this magical treehouse home. As you climb the wood rope stairways ever upward into the heights of the jungle canopy, you’ll discover new sights around every corner.

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Exploring the Treehouse

Guests enter the treehouse through an archway at the base of the giant tree. The iconic waterwheel that powered the original Swiss Family Treehouse has returned, once again generating energy from the mystical waters flowing beneath the tree. On the ground level, you can explore the family’s kitchen and dining room. Look for charming details like teapots hung on the wall and a stove crafted from an old wood burning barrel. Peek into the father’s art studio, filled with paintings and sketches, envisioning each fanciful room. Winding wood rope stairways take explorers higher up into the boughs of the treehouse.

The first room is the mother’s music parlor, where instruments like a harp, lute, and organ await. Notes drift through the air from the robotic songbirds perched overhead. Further up is the teenage daughter’s astronomy loft. Peer through a telescope pointed towards the night sky and see constellations glow overhead. Down below, a scene of the Jungle River at twilight reveals an animatronic crocodile drifting by. The next level up showcases the young sons’ nature room.

Get an up-close look at robotic animals like exotic birds, a monkey, and the ostrich Jane. A mini waterfall cascades soothingly down rocks along the back wall. At the top of the treehouse, an outdoor observation deck provides panoramic views of Adventureland and the Rivers of America. It’s the perfect place to spot Disneyland icons like the Mark Twain Riverboat and Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island across the way.


The Adventureland Treehouse is a quintessential Disneyland experience. Where else can you explore a family’s home carved into a towering tree? It’s a joy for kids and adults alike to discover something new around each bend. For Disney fans, it’s a walk back in time to the early years of the park. Even locals who’ve visited Disneyland many times will find new interactive elements to delight all ages. No Disneyland trip is complete without a visit to the Adventureland Treehouse. Make the climb into this incredible oasis in the trees on your next visit!



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Adventureland Treehouse Review