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Indiana Jones Adventure Review

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Indiana Jones Adventure Review

Location: Adventureland – Disneyland Park

Height Requirement: 46″

Attraction Type: Thrill Ride – Vehicle

Fastpass Attraction: Yes

This attraction is very dear to me as my first visit to the Disneyland Resort happened shortly after Indiana Jones Adventure opened at Disneyland Park. That was in 1995 and I was about 9 years old so it was pretty exciting. I remember very distinctly waiting in the line for this attraction because it was a queue unlike any other at the park.

It was very detailed and the Marabic writing on the walls kept your busy decoding as you walked through each passage. I remember my family keeping notes of each message on a piece of paper so that each time we went through we could add more to our decoding.

At the time AT&T was sponsoring Indiana Jones Adventure and each guest was given a decoder card at the time of entry into the attraction so that they could use it during their wait. I still have several original decoder cards to this day!

As mentioned above, the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction is located in Adventureland at Disneyland Park. It’s definitely the biggest attraction in this land and has remained a classic since its opening in 1995. While there are other Indiana Jones Adventure rides throughout the world, this is the original one and it tells a unique and original story.

Indiana Jones Adventure

One of the things that I love about this attraction being the original is all the props they used for the attraction from the actual Indiana Jones films. For example, as guests exit the attraction they’ll walk past a massive transport vehicle. This vehicle is the actual one used in the film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

You’ll also find the mine cart used in several scenes of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as you exit the attraction as well. Plus there’s lots of hidden gems throughout the queue that reference Star Wars and Lucas Film in general.

The story that you will experience on this attraction has to do with Indy heading in to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye in search of a treasure. Many explorers have gone in before him but many have never returned. If they do they come back it’s with mass riches or eternal life. The key is to not look into the Eyes of Mara while you’re in the Temple.


So Indy goes into the Temple but ends up being in there for several days without word to the outside. You also go into the Temple seeking a fortune but end up looking into the Eyes of Mara (nice job) and run into Indy who guides you out of the Temple without being destroyed.

Here’s what you can expect when going on Indiana Jones Adventure:

There are 3 lines available for this attraction. First is the standby line which is for anyone who just walks up and wants to go on the attraction. It typically holds a 40 minute wait time on average with a 25 minute wait time on slower days and a 60 minute wait time on busy days.

The standby line consists of guests going through sections outside the temple and inside the temple. A good chunk of the wait time is the outside portion as it competes against the Fastpass line.

Indiana Jones Queue

The Fastpass line is the second line available to guests who have made a Fastpass reservation beforehand. You can either do this via the Disneyland mobile app if you have MaxPass or at the Fastpass machines located next to the attraction opening.

The Fastpass line consists of a small outside portion with the majority of the line being inside. Basically the Fastpass line cuts off any wait time that the standby has outside. So if the standby line has a long line outside, you’ll cut all that wait time off. The two lines merge as soon as you start to head inside so after this there is no time saving.

The last line is a single rider line which requires a pass and the guest to enter the attraction via the exit. If you’re interested in the single rider line you’ll want to talk to a Cast Member at the entrance of the attraction and grab a singler rider card. They will then direct you towards the exit which you will follow until you come to another Cast Member who fill add you into the wait line.


Single riders will most likely be split up from their party and can expect a wait time of about 20 minutes.

When guests enter the attraction via the standby line or Fastpass line they will have a decent amount of walking to do at the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction is actually located on the other side of the Disneyland Railroad train tracks. Guests must descend underground and then pop back up into the attraction loading and showroom in order to ride.

Of course the queue is designed in a way that you don’t know any of this is going on. There are several different rooms that you will enter as you walk through the queue including bat caves, a spike room and the rotunda room. There are some fun things to do as you go through each. Right after the rotunda room you will enter a sort of briefing room that gives you the general story of what’s happening as well as safety information.

The safety video goes over what you can expect once you’re loaded onto the ride vehicles. Basically it’s all about taking your seat, storing your items in the pouch in front of you and fastening your seatbelt.

The ride can be a bit bumpy so hold on!


After this room you’ll head into the loading room where you’ll have the choice of entering two line. I hate being given options but just choose one and know that you’ll make it on the ride soon. A Cast Member will ask you how many people are in your group at the end of these lines and will place you into a boarding area.

Each vehicle has 3 rows of 4 seats so if you have an odd number in your group there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a single rider or an empty seat next to you. Do as the video instructed and take your seat, store your items and put your seatbelt on. There’s a seatbelt check before you go on the ride. Once this is complete, you’re off on your adventure!

The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction can be bumpy and makes sharp turns and drops. There are some scary elements to the attraction including a large snake, skeletons and fire. See my video below for a full ride through.

Indiana Jones Adventure Tips

  • This is a Fastpass attraction and I would highly recommend booking one to save a lot of time.
  • There are tons of props from the original Indiana Jones films throughout the attraction. Be sure to ask Cast Members for details.
  • There is Marabic writing throughout the attraction that can be decoded. Grab a decoder sheet from a Cast Member at the Adventure store across from the attraction.
  • This attraction does have a height restriction of 46″ so plan accordingly. Families with young ones can do a parent swap pass by asking a Cast Member for one at the ride entrance.
  • If you’re by yourself try out the single rider line which could potentially save you a lot of time. Ask a Cast Member at the entrance of the attraction.

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