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"Anger" Emotion Character from Inside Out Behind Bag of Lays Chips

Angry Dog Review

Our Honest Angry Dog Review

angry dog

Angry Dog: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Angry Dog is a new quick service dining location at Pixar Pier at California Adventure Park. It opened June 23rd, 2018 the same day Pixar Pier opened. Angry Dog gets its name from the Pixar Film character Anger from Inside Out. The cart features Anger on the stand with flames coming up out of his head like in the film.

Angry Dog

The name Angry Dog should give away exactly what this place sells. Hot dogs! There are two different types of hot dogs served, the first being a Spicy All Beef Hot Dog and the other a Slightly Annoyed Dog aka regular hot dog. The spicy all beef hot dog is decent and probably out favorite of the two just because we like a little kick and it definitely has more flavor to it than the slightly annoyed dog. The slightly annoyed dog is just a regular small hot dog. Great for kids!

Chips come with both dogs, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with the spicy all beef hot dog and lays potato chips with the slightly annoyed dog.

Our honest opinion on this place can be found in out rating. It’s nothing great and really serves the same hot dog as the rest of the hot dog carts around the resort. The only difference is the spicy all beef hot dog and it’s only slightly better than the regular hot dog. You can purchase bottles of water here as well as other 20oz Coke products.

Overall Angry Dog isn’t much of an addition to Pixar Pier, especially not when you consider the uniqueness of Jack Jack’s Num Num’s and Lamplight Lounge. While we weren’t super impressed with it it may be a great place to feed any kids you may have in your party. Kids love hot dogs and chips and it’s relatively inexpensive (sort of).

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