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Angry Dogs is a popular quick service dining location at Disneyland’s Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure Park. Known for its spicy hot dogs with fun Pixar theming, Angry Dogs is a must-visit for hot dog lovers looking to add some heat to their day at the Disney Parks.

Angry Dogs Entrance Sign

Menu and Offerings

The Angry Dogs menu focuses on hot dogs, with the key item being the Angry Dog itself. This spicy hot dog comes with a chili pepper bun and is topped with spicy salsa and chopped onions. For guests wanting a more mild experience, the Less Angry Dog offers the same toppings on a regular bun. In addition to the Angry Dog options, Angry Dogs also serves a more traditional hot dog with just ketchup and mustard. Sides like chips and bottled beverages are available to complement your meal. Some key details on the Angry Dogs menu:

  • Angry Dog – spicy All-Beef Hot Dog with a small bag of “Hot Fries”. $9.79
  • Slightly Annoyed Dog – not-so-spicy Hot Dog with small bag of Potato Chips. $8.79
  • Dasani Bottled Water – $4.39
  • vitaminwater – $4.89
  • Assorted Bottled Beverages – Selection of bottled soda, water, and juice. $4.89

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Firestone Walker 805 Blonde Ale $12.00

Location in Disneyland

Angry Dogs is located in Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure, adjacent to the Pixar Pal-A-Round attraction. The hot dog stand features bright red theming and an angry-looking hot dog mascot that fits right in with the land’s Pixar theme. The stand is right along the main walkway circling Pixar Pier, making it easy to spot. There is some outdoor seating available nearby, or guests can walk around Pixar Pier munching on their Angry Dogs creations.

Hours of Operation

Angry Dogs is open daily during normal Disneyland Resort park hours. On most days, it opens when Disney California Adventure opens in the morning and closes when the park closes at night. Typical hours are:

  • 8am to 10pm or midnight on most days
  • May have extended hours during peak seasons up to 1am park closure
  • Closes earlier at 6pm or 8pm on slower days

Guests can check the Disneyland app or park hours calendar for daily opening and closing times.

Angry Dog Menu

Mobile Ordering

Unfortunately Mobile Ordering is not offered at Angry Dogs.


Guests with an active Disney Magic Key Pass can receive a 10% discount on meals at Angry Dogs. This discount will automatically apply when Magic Key holders order at the register or use mobile ordering. Other discounts like Disney Vacation Club or Disney Rewards Redemption Cards may also provide a discount at Angry Dogs. Check with your specific program for details.

History of Angry Dogs

Angry Dogs opened in June 2018 along with the rest of the newly re-themed Pixar Pier area. It replaced the former Hot Dog Hut quick service stand that was in Paradise Pier. The new stand ties into the Pixar theme of Pixar Pier with its bright colors and theming inspired by the character Anger from the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out. The spicy Angry Dog options also fit the hot tempered personality of this character. Since opening, Angry Dogs has become a go-to for fans looking for a quick service hot dog meal with a kick of spice and fun theming. Its location along the Pixar Pier walkway makes it easy to grab a hot dog while taking in the sights of this land.


Angry Dogs receives positive reviews from Disney guests looking for a flavorful hot dog meal. Visitors say the spicy Angry Dog delivers on bringing the heat with its chili pepper bun and spicy salsa. The theming and Pixar references are also a hit. Some drawbacks mentioned in reviews include the high costs for a basic hot dog meal. Additionally, the heat level may not be enough for those wanting an extremely spicy experience.


Whether you’re an “Inside Out” fan, a hot dog enthusiast, or just looking for a fun snack in between attractions, Angry Dogs is a delightful pit stop. The Pixar-inspired touches, from the menu names to the décor, make this more than just a meal – it’s a memorable part of the Disneyland experience.

*As always, prices, hours, and offerings can change, so it’s a great idea to check the latest updates via the Disneyland app or official website before planning your visit.

Angry Dogs quick service
Angry Dogs Review
The Final Thought
With its fiery hot dogs and Pixar charm, Angry Dogs is a unique quick service experience at Disneyland. Next time you're exploring Pixar Pier or need a quick bite, stop by this stand and let an Angry Dog add some sizzle to your Disney trip!