Avengers building at night

Avengers Campus: Earth’s Mightiest Land Guide

On June 4th, 2021, Avengers Campus was revealed to the world. This new land at Disney California Adventure Park was several years in the making, originally set to open in summer 2020. Then COVID-19 (our real-life blip) happened and it became another “in the making”.. till now. Avengers Campus is now officially opened to new recruits!

The anticipation for Avengers Campus has been beyond anything we’ve seen from guests. This is mostly due to the popularity of the films including Infinity War and End Game. And why wouldn’t it be? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to feel like a superhero for a day? Avengers Campus gives us this opportunity.

Map of Avengers Campus

And while Star Wars has its fan base and it’s quite extensive, Marvel’s is even bigger (sorry Lucas). After having visited Avengers Campus during a recent preview including all the food, attractions and merchandise, we have to admit, we absolutely love it more than Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We rate Avengers Campus an 8/10.

There’s so much to dive into so be ready for an overload of information. Keep in mind though, it’s very helpful and will significantly improve your visit to Avengers Campus. You’ll be a pro before you’ve even stepped foot in it!

So let’s start off with the basics. Avengers Campus is located where a bug’s land used to be in California Adventure Park. There are three entrances to the land: two smaller ones and the main one. The main one is located off Buena Vista Street across from Grizzly Peak. You can’t miss it. There’s a big sign with the Avengers logo and a giant ARC Reactor in the ground.

Looking through this entrance you can see the WEB Slingers attraction building. You can’t miss it, it’s bright red. The second entrance is located to the right of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Technically Guardians is part of the whole Marvel area but not Avengers Campus. We explain the story more down below so keep reading.

Jet on top of building

The third entrance is located at the end of Cars Land, just past Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters. The transitions for each entrance is nothing special like you would see at Pandora – The World of Avatar or Galaxy’s Edge. It’s just, one minute you’re in Cars Land and the next you’re on Avengers Campus.

Avengers Campus Attractions

Avengers Campus is home to 2 E-Ticket attractions (and soon the be a third). This is a record for any land that we can think of. And if you’re thinking to yourself, there’s only one new attraction, not three, you’re technically correct and wrong at the same time. There’s a bit of explanation behind this.

Let’s go over the story behind Avengers Campus. Supposedly Avengers Campus has always been there but never revealed until after the Blip. Once it appeared, the Avengers started using it as a base and recruitment center. However, things got a little tense when “The Collector” discovered the Campus and decided to land his collection tower right next door. Now the Avengers keep an eye on him while actively recruiting new agents. 

WEB Slingers Attraction Entrance Sign

For anyone who remembers Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!, it used to just be the collectors tower. However, guests will now see a cosmic substance oozing from the ground all around the tower. This is an effect from when he landed it next to the Campus. 

So why did we explain all of that? Technically, Guardians is part of the Avengers Campus land..and sort of not. It’s next door, but it’s part of the story and that’s what connects them. So that’s two E-Ticket attractions. Now the third? It’s still under wraps and is being kept a very tight secret. At some point Disney will reveal it and it will be part of Avengers Campus.

WEB Slingers – A Spider-Man Adventure

Night shot of WEB Slingers Building

This attraction is definitely the highlight of Avengers Campus Spider-Man is one of the most well-known comic book characters ever and it’s fitting that he’s finally getting his own attraction. W.E.B. (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) is a place for Peter Parker and others to create and put their inventions to the test. It’s sort of a cool hangout where recruits build and test technology.

On the day that you’re visiting, Peter is hosting an open house to let you see what they’ve been working on, specifically the new Spider-bot. However, during a simple presentation, the Spider-bot malfunctions and starts replicating itself. You’ll see these Spider-bots spreading all over W.E.B. including in the ventilation system. Then, they manage to spill a green chemical all over themselves and become..bigger and more evil.

WEB Building on Avengers Campus

So now Peter Parker/Spider-Man, needs your help. The vehicles that you were going to use for the open house tour now become your vehicles for tracking down and destroying the out-of-control Spider-bots. Once in, your arms turn into web slinging machines and you are able to shoot the bots, moving from different areas of W.E.B. to stop them.

Of course you’re successful at it and Peter Parker is very grateful for your help. Way to go web slingers!

For more details on WEB Slingers, be sure to read our in-depth guide to the attraction. We cover a lot in the guide but most importantly how to get into the WEB Slingers virtual queue.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!

Most guests are very familiar with this attraction as its been around for several years now. It was once the home of Tower of Terror but then converted to Guardians in anticipation for Avengers Campus (sort of). The Collector has captured the Guardians of the Galaxy and is holding them as part of his collection; forever. Or so he thinks. We (you) are his guests coming to get a private tour of his collection and the Guardians are the highlight. But Rocket Racoon has a different plan.

He’s already broken out of his cage and needs your help to break out the rest of the Guardians. Only we have access to the levels he needs so be sure to keep those hands up. Eventually, the Guardians escape but not without some hiccups along the way. Also, be ready to rock out to some of Star Lord’s most favorite hits while all of this is going down.

Your mission is a success and the Guardians are finally free all thanks to Rocket and you. Way to go guys! 

As we mentioned in the story above, the Collector has specifically landed his collection near Avengers Campus which has the Avengers and their recruits on alert. So beware and keep a close eye on him. Supposedly he’s already infiltrated Avengers Campus and left his mark.

Third Unknown Attraction

What can we say about an attraction that has no details? It’s coming. We don’t know when and we don’t know what it’s going to be about. We can speculate and say it’s going to be a Black Panther attraction or a Dr. Strange attraction. The one thing we do know is that it will be E-Ticket and a big addition to Avengers Campus. Stay tuned.

Merchandise Locations

Avengers Campus has two major merchandise locations and one cart location.

The first location is WEB Suppliers which is the merchandise store for the WEB Slingers attraction. It sells web slingers and WEB merchandise including shirts, hats, and Spider-Bots. It’s not very big and is made for a quick entrance and exit.

Exterior of WEB Suppliers Merchandise

The second store is located at the exit of Guardians where you can purchase Guardian and Avenger merchandise. Everything from games, shirts, jackets and hats, plus statues and paintings. It’s a classic exit an attraction into a gift shop scenario. Also it’s nothing new since it’s been there for several years.

Lastly, there is a Campus Supply POD between WEB Slingers and PYM Test Kitchen. It’s a cart merchandise store and has limited offerings but most of the items are ones you can find in the other stores. Bags, shirts, pins, mugs. It’s very small.

Avengers Campus Dining

The main dining event on Campus is PYM Test Kitchen when the particle accelerator has been put to use to make some things big and small. The menu features several different items ranging from a gigantic pretzel and chicken sandwich to a PYM-ini sandwich and a PB3 Superb Sandwich.

All of the items featured on the menu are either big or small in one way or another. You’ve probably already heard about the $100 sandwich being served here? It’s true! It’s called the Family-sized Pym-ini and it serves 6-8 guests. Break that down and it’s not a crazy cost per person.

PYM Test Kitchen building

The PYM Test Kitchen also serves breakfast including Cinna-Pym Toast, Spoonful of Cereal and an Impossible Breakfast. Of course they offer sides of bacon and eggs if you’re in the mood.

All meals also offer kid-sized stuff. Be sure to read our in-depth review of PYM Test Kitchen for more details on this quick service location. Mobile order is the best way to experience PYM Test Kitchen.

PYM Tasting Lab

Right next door to PYM Test Kitchen is PYM Tasting Lab, a lab dedicated to creating tasty drinks. While we understand Disney’s desire to sell alcohol because they make a killing on it, we were bummed that they didn’t offer any type of specialty non-alcoholic drinks other than soda. Hopefully this changes in the future. 

Drink concoctions inside PYM test beakers

All their concoctions have some sort of alcohol and beer base to them. Some of them sound good and some, not so much. They do come in PYM test beakers which are really cool. Mobile order is the best way to get a drink without having to wait in a super long line.

Top drinks include:

  • The Regulator – Beer Cocktail with Patron Silver Tequila and Mango Flavor-filler Boba.
  • Honey Fusion – Beer Cocktail with Plymouth Gin and Honey Straw.
  • Particle Fizz – Endless Summer Hard Seltzer – POG and Cherry Boba.

Shawarma Palace

From our understanding, the main Shawarma Palace is located on Avengers Campus with a secondary cart outside by the Hyperion Theater, just before you get to Guardians. At least that’s what we experienced. We’ll see if it stays that way. So what is a Shawarma Wrap? It’s like a Gyro but with different meat. You probably remember the Avengers visit to the Shawarma Palace in NYC. Well now they’ve brought it to Avengers Campus for everyone’s enjoyment!

Chicken wrap with yogurt sauce

They offer two kinds or wraps: one is chicken and the other falafel. Both come with a creamy yogurt-tahini sauce wrapped in a warm pita. They are quite tasty! There is also a breakfast wrap with Impossible breakfast sausage and egg. 

Terran Treats

Circle green churro

Located directly across from Guardians, this food stand offers some tasty desserts. The first is somewhat familiar. A churro..with a twist, literally. It’s a Terran Pineapple Churro twisted in a circle and colored green. The second item is a Cosmic Cream Orb and it is very delicious. It’s basically a giant cream puff with raspberry filling. Super good!

From our understanding, this cart will be trading out different types of treats over time so they won’t always have the same offerings.

Avengers Campus Walkthrough Video

Avengers Campus Full Walkthrough POV

Character Experiences

Avengers Campus was created for character experiences. Because you’re new recruits on campus, of course, you’re going to run into some of your favorite Avengers including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Black Widow, and many more.

Avengers jet ship onto of building

On top of the Avengers Headquarters lies the Quinjet in all its glory. Here guests will probably catch a glimpse of some of these heros. They may even catch them in action as they fight off threats to the Campus. Be sure to look for some heroic entertainment on the rooftop.

Down below, inside the Headquarters, recruits will be able to do some meet and greets with the Avengers and maybe even some training too. Look for special events including the Dora Milaje, the Black Panthers loyal bodyguards, and learn the wisdom of Wakanda.

You’ll also be able to meet some avengers, particularly Dr. Strange, at the Ancient Sanctum where some pretty crazy things can happen. 


So far the only show we have seen is with the Dora Milaje which took place outside near the Avengers vehicle, below the Quinjet. They came out and put on a 10 minute show that was fantastic. Wakanda Forever! They’ll teach recruits what it’s like to be a part of the loyal Black Panther guard and how to find your own courage and strength. 

Other shows will include scenes on top of Avengers Headquarters but to what extent we don’t know yet. Character experiences are going to be very limited as long as COVID restrictions are still in place. We’ll keep this updated as things change. 

Headquarters with Quinjet and Guardians

Lastly, we do know that Disney has been working on one of the most creative entertainment pieces of all time: an actual flying Spider-Man from one rooftop to another. This sounds insane at first but if you take a look as the technology that Disney has put into this, it’s incredible. 

Spider-Man (a robot in disguise) will be launched from the top of WEB Slingers to another rooftop inside Avengers Campus. We’re not sure how many times per day this will happen or how often. We just know it will and that it will be something you’ve never seen before. 

The Most Important Stuff

On the day you plan to visit Avengers Campus you’re going to need to plan ahead, starting first thing in the morning. With the virtual queue running for WEB Slingers, you’re going to want to get that done at 7 a.m. via the Disneyland Mobile app. If you don’t, you will not be able to experience it! This is a must! 

Once you have your boarding group for WEB Slingers, you’re going to want to start to plan out your mobile order dining. It opens at 10:30 a.m. typically and time slots fill up fast. The nice thing about mobile order is that you can choose times in advance so go ahead and order at 10:30 a.m. (or sooner for breakfast) but pick a return time of noon. If you wait until noon to order, you may end up waiting till 1 p.m. or later because all the time slots are taken. So plan your dining ahead.

Sanctum ruins in the sunlight

We’re hoping Disney has released times of when entertainment will take place during the day and this would be found on the app. Still no work on this.

The best way to do Avengers Campus, in general, is in this order: WEB Slingers, eat, shop, photo ops. Of course, you can’t guarantee that order because of the virtual queue but try your best. Dining starts to get really busy around 11 a.m. with limited seating. The line for WEB Slingers gets longer and longer as the day goes one (even with the queue).

Overall though your experience at Avengers Campus is going to be incredible! It may be small but it’s mighty in so many ways.

Avenger’s Campus FAQ

Marvel Land AKA Avengers Campus

Many guests have been getting mixed up between “Marvel Land” and Avengers Campus. They are the same thing but Marvel Land isn’t an official name. It’s just something guests have used since the idea of a Marvel Land was put out there. Disney officially named the land Avengers Campus in 2019. 

Avengers Campus does use many Marvel characters from the comic books but the lands overall theme is set to the Avengers which is a separate Marvel comic from say, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Avengers Campus is open and currently has 2 dining locations, 2 attractions, character experiences, a drink location, a dessert cart, and 3 merchandise shops.

Does WEB Slingers Spider Man Ride Have a Height Restriction?

No. WEB Slingers – A Spider-Man Adventure attraction does not have a height restriction so anyone can go on the ride, including smaller children. Keep in mind that 3D glasses are part of the attraction which can be hard for kids 3 and under to keep on. It’s not required of them to keep the glasses on but the ride itself will look blurry if they care. There is a lap bar that comes down in each vehicle to keep kids from getting out of their seats. Each vehicle row holds 4 guests total.

Will Children Like Avengers Campus?

It’s going to depend on the age of the guest and whether they are into the movies/comic book characters or not. A three-year-old may not be into Avengers Campus as much as a 6-8 year old who may have seen the movies or shows. The attraction WEB Slingers is great for guests 4 and older whereas 3 year olds and younger may not grasp fully what’s going on.

The Spider-Man attraction is for every age; however, Guardians of the Galaxy does have a height restriction of 40″ so not everyone can go on it. There are no smaller kid attractions similar to Dumbo, Peter Pan, or Alice in Wonderland.

Tickets For Marvel Land AKA Avengers Campus

Tickets for Avengers Campus are not separate from a regular Disneyland Resort ticket. This means that anyone who has a valid ticket for Disneyland can go into Avengers Campus. The land itself may have a line to get in but this can be bypassed if you have a boarding group that has been called for the WEB Slingers Attraction.

You can purchase tickets for Avengers Campus online at a discount for a limited time.