WEB Slingers Attraction Entrance Sign

WEB Slingers – A Spider-Man Adventure Attraction Review

We kept trying to find the right words to describe WEB Slingers – A Spider-Man Adventure but kept failing to find them. So we’re settling to this: Toy Story Midway Mania on steroids. We described Flight of passage the same way when comparing it to Soarin’. The reason we like to do this is to give you some sort of idea as to what to expect from it; the genre to say. 

Disney has taken WEB Slingers to an all new level of attraction with state of the art technology that is mind-blowing. On our first ride, we just kept asking ourselves, How is this working? What is happening? Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter how it works, just that is does and it makes for one of the coolest attractions Disney has put together since Flight of Passage.  

WEB Building on Avengers Campus

As first, we were a little hesitant because it’s a screen attraction, much like the ones you find at Universal. Honestly, we’re not huge fans. We like Rise of the Resistance, Indiana Jones Adventure style rides where everything is physical and built out. However, after riding WEB Slingers, we didn’t even care. In fact, we didn’t really notice because we were so into what we were doing. 

And we think that’s the biggest part of what makes it incredible. It’s not a sit and watch attraction by any means. It’s a your arms are going to get a workout, skip the weight training sort of attraction. Our arms were genuinely a bit sore the next day from all the web slinging we did. 

WEB Slingers is THE highlight of Avengers Campus and will be for a long time (a third attraction is coming so we can’t say forever). If you haven’t already, be sure to read our complete Avengers Campus Land Guide for details on all the attractions and everything that’s offered. It’s pretty heroic!

A Brief Overview

It’s important to know the story behind WEB Slingers as it helps you understand exactly what you’re doing from beginning to end. W.E.B. or Worldwide Engineering Brigade is home to Peter Parker and other creative inventors. It’s sort of a hang out where they can try out new technology, specifically heroic/helpful ones. 

Your visit to W.E.B. is an open house to see exactly what it’s like there and see some of the cool things they’ve been working on. As you walk through you’ll notice that the building itself is sort of a old warehouse turned tech advanced. Eventually you end up in Peter Parker’s main lab where he puts on a very..awkward presentation.

Night shot of WEB Slingers Building

His stiff performance mostly has to do with the fact that his new invention, the Spider-bot, isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. Or that it is but it’s gone too far. The bot starts to replicate itself and then eventually escapes out of the room through the walls and ventilation system.

As Peter panics and goes to get help from Spider-Man, his assistant continues to explain how bad the situation is getting. Eventually Spider-Man returns but it’s too late. The bots have gotten into some chemical and is now threatening W.E.B. and Avengers Campus.

This is where you come in. Spider-Man asks for your help by loading into the WEB Slinger vehicles and stopping the Spider-bots. 

WEB Slingers Attraction Review

So now let’s dive deeper into the attraction so you know exactly what it’s like. The ride is located about mid-way on Campus between the main entrance and the PYM Test Kitchen. It’s bright red like Spider-Man so it’s hard to miss. The attraction offers three lines for entry: Standby, FASTPASS and Single Rider. 

As of June 4th, 2021, the attraction isn’t utilizing any of these lines. They are currently running on a virtual queue which allows guests to join and receive a boarding group. These groups are then called in order throughout the day. When your group is called you return to the attraction, scan your boarding group code, and then enter the line. 

We anticipate this virtual queue to be utilized through summer of 2021, possibly beyond. It’s all based on popularity and capacity for the day. At some point it could change to a need-to-use basis like Indiana Jones Adventure where it’s only used on the busiest of days. Only time will tell.

The queue itself is really cool. Most of it is outside and is designed to look like an urban sort of hangout with red brick walls, bikes, some graffiti and of course some easter eggs. Once inside things start to look a little different as you get to see some of the technology that’s being worked on. Finally you end up in the presentation room. It’s got all sorts of stuff on the walls like formulas and tech equipment. 

Spider-Man Vehicle on track

The main focus of the room is a stand where the Spider-bot is. You’ll see it moving around and a computerized voice who starts your open house. Eventually Peter Parker arrives and begins his presentation. However, there’s something very off about him and you’ll soon realize it’s the Spider-bot. 

The bot malfunctions but Peter tries to keep his cool. This provides for a pretty funny “presentation” from him as he stiffly tries to pretend like nothing is wrong even though there is. Eventually he says he’s got to go find Spider-Man and while he’s gone the bots start to escape and get into more trouble. 

Eventually Spider-Man arrives and tries to stop the bots but it’s too late. He then asks for your help to stop the bots from destroying W.E.B. and the Campus. So off you go, down another queue area where you prepare to board your Web Slinger vehicles. 

The vehicles are very large and they load 4 at a time. Each vehicle holds 8 guests, 4 on each side (similar to Toy Story Midway Mania), back to back. Once seated a giant lap bar will be pulled down and you’ll put on your 3D glasses. Now you’re offer to help Spider-Man!

Lab filled with equipment and projections

It’s hard to explain the technology that’s used in this attraction but just know that it’s incredible. Motion is a big thing. You’re literally throwing your bare arms at a screen and somehow the web that comes out is decently accurate. You get the gist of what’s happening: you’re slinging spider webs like Spider-Man at Spider-bots to stop them from destroying W.E.B. So from your ride vehicle, you’re just throwing your arms forward like you’re shooting webs from your wrist. 

Each time you do it, a web shoots out and hits where you aimed. We would say 70% of the time we were accurate. We think the game itself has an area of, if they got close, they go the bot sort of thing. 

During your mission, if that’s what you want to call it, you’ll play 5 major scenes or levels, each one gets harder and harder as you go. The last one you’ll defeat the mega-bot and helped save the Campus. Spider-Man is very grateful for your help!

Of course it wouldn’t be as fun if there weren’t scores involved right? Each player gets points for every bot they get. This adds up during the entire game. At the end, your 4 seats points are added together for an ultimate score. These are then shown on a board as you leave (again very similar to Toy Story Midway Mania). You’ll be able to see the highest scores of the day and how you compare.

Boost Your WEB Slingers Score

But that’s not all. Disney has gotten really creative with this one. And when we say creative, they’ve figured out a genius way for players to increase their score while spending money. At all the merchandise locations in Avengers Campus, guests are able to buy a web slinger. It has a dual purpose. First, it can be used at home as a toy where you pretend to sling webs from it. Second, and most importantly, it can be used on the W.E.B. Slingers attraction to help increase your score. How?

By allowing you to sling 3 webs at once instead of just one. You activate the slinger before getting on the attraction and the vehicle recognizes that the player is using one. Each time the make the slinging motion, three webs shoot out instead of the one. But that’s not all.

Supply store on Avengers Campus

Guests can also buy enhancements to the web slinger that offer them even more powers to use during the game. Once give you an electric web to vaporise the bots. The Iron Man and War Machine enhancement gives you photon shooting capabilities. There are several to choose from and each one increases your score by offering more to sling or shoot.

So how much is it to up your game and get a higher score? $55 plus tax. That includes the base slinger at $30 and the enhancement at $25.

Do we think this is worth it? As long as Disney is running a virtual queue, no we don’t. Why? Because you could only ride the attraction once per day, assuming you get into the queue. Plus the slingers are bulky on the arm and not something you want to carry around all day.

So what about when they open up all the lines (see below)? Maybe. If you really desire to be the best web slinger of the day and you’re prepared to ride it multiple times, we could see a justification. We do realize that the slingers can do things outside of the game, but they are nothing special. We would recommend spending your money on a Spider-bot instead!

Spider-Man WEB Slingers Video

WEB Slingers - A Spider-Man Adventure Attraction 4K POV

Who Can Ride WEB Slingers?

One of the things we love about this attraction is that it’s both entertaining and for every age. There are no height restrictions for WEB Slingers which means all ages are allowed to ride. It’s actually the perfect family attraction whether you have little ones or teenagers. 

Even better is that almost every age 3+ can do the motion necessary to sling a web. As long as you can throw your arms forward, you’ll be able to participate. This differs a lot from Toy Story Midway Mania which requires smaller ones to aim the cannon and pull the string which can be frustrating.

There are four seats on one side of the vehicle so if you have more than 4 people in your group, you’ll be split up but most likely be back to back. A lap bar does come down for the entire row but it’s nothing too tight for the adults or kids.

There may be some scenes that are “frightening” for smaller ones but nothing intense. Think robot spiders made to look friendly crawling around walls and in vents. It’s actually quite cool.

What Kind of Line Access Does WEB Slingers Offer?

We were so happy when we first saw the attraction that it offered 3 different types of lines for guests to ride. This for us the a must set-up for all attractions that can accomodate. WEB Slingers offers a Standby Line, a FASTPASS Line and a Single Rider Line.

Standby Line – Anybody can jump into this line whenever they want. The wait time could be 20 minutes, it could be 3 hours. You can access this line from ride opening to close. It’s perfect for anyone who maybe didn’t plan ahead with FASTPASS. And we’ve found there are lots of guests who prefer a long Standby line over a virtual queue as it allows access to anyone without a “lottery” system. 

Headquarter building with jet on top

FASTPASS Line – Guests will be able to grab a FASTPASS for WEB Slingers and skip the Standby line. If you’re not quite sure what FASTPASS is, read our guide here. Essentially FASTPASS saves your place in line so you can do other things. When you come back, you’ll go through a shorter line to get on the attraction. FASTPASS of this attraction is located next to the main building.

Single Rider Line – Going to the park by yourself? Don’t mind your party being split up? Single Rider for WEB Slingers could be one of the best line features as it tends to get individual riders onto the attraction much faster than the Standby line. But rider beware. Sometimes this line can be much longer so it’s always a good idea to ask a Cast Member how long the wait time is. They can’t guarantee anything but they should have a decent estimate. 

Virtual Queue – We’re listing this because it’s currently how Disney is loading guests (June 4th, 2021 – Now). You’ll have to join by using Disneyland’s mobile app. Guests can join at 7 a.m. each day as long as they have a Park Reservation to California Adventure Park that day. This is legit a lottery system so don’t be surprised if you don’t get it. It sucks the way they do this but for Disney it’s the “fairest way”. We think the virtual queue will disappear once FASTPASS comes back.

For more information on how to get a guaranteed boarding group for WEB Slingers be sure to read our complete guide.


WEB Slingers is one of the best family-friendly attractions Disney has put out in a long time. We are super impressed with the technology used and how everyone who rides can actually participate. The story is fun and entertaining and even your littles ones will have a blast. 

There are ways to enhance your score if you start to really get into it. Buying the Web Slingers for $30 or $55 with the enhancement will help you achieve a better score by shooting more webs. We personally don’t think they are worth it but we know there are guests out there who will, so go for it!

With the attraction running on a virtual queue for the foreseeable future, be sure you learn how to join to increase your chances of riding it. You cannot join the WEB Slingers Virtual Queue and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue on the same day. It’s one of the other and your Park Reservation will determine this.