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Behind the Attraction Season 2

Disney fans rejoice – season 2 of the hit Disney+ docuseries Behind the Attraction is here to give you an all-access pass into the magic behind even more beloved rides, shows, and experiences across Disney parks worldwide. Executive Produced by Dwayne Johnson and Brian Volk-Weiss, this fascinating series takes viewers behind-the-scenes to tell the secret stories of how some of Disney’s most iconic attractions came to life.

From learning Walt Disney’s inspiration for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that sparked a blockbuster movie franchise to seeing how thrilling rollercoasters like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad were conceived and constructed, the new 6-episode season offers insider details even diehard Disney fans likely haven’t heard. It expands beyond just rides to provide a mouthwatering look at Disney’s creative food development process and a stunning exploration of the cutting-edge technology used for nighttime spectaculars and parades.

So get ready to discover some of the magic, innovation, and little-known secrets that have made beloved attractions into the immersive experiences Disney is famous for. This binge-worthy series will give you a greater appreciation for all the creativity and attention to detail that goes into crafting Disney’s special brand of joy and wonder.

Behind the Attraction – Season 2 Episode Breakdowns

Episode 1: Pirates of the Caribbean

This episode reveals how Walt Disney loved adventure stories, especially ones with pirates, which inspired one of the most beloved Disney attractions. We learn:

  • How the Pirates Ride was originally conceived as a walk-through wax museum before becoming a boat ride.
  • The ride debuted first at Disneyland before being built at Magic Kingdom based on its popularity. There is a subtle difference between the two versions.
  • How the Pirates franchise of movies starring Johnny Depp brought new interest and updates to the ride over the years.

Pirates plundering city

Episode 2: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This episode tells the story behind the thrilling rollercoaster ride set in an old mining town. Key details include:

  • How Imagineer Tony Baxter pitched the idea for the ride and had to convince Walt Disney World to build their first rollercoaster.
  • How the dynamic ride vehicles and special effects make it one of the most advanced rollercoasters of its time.
  • An interview with one of the ride operators about her experience working at the attraction.

Mine train cart surrounded by red rock mountains

Episode 3: Indiana Jones Adventure

Focused on the popular Indiana Jones-themed ride, this episode shares:

  • The process of getting the rights from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to use the Indiana Jones IP.
  • How it was the most expensive theme park ride created at the time, costing over $100 million.
  • Details on the multiple high-tech ride systems used to create a dynamic experience.
  • An ice machine that was used to make it look like the ceiling was collapsing.


Episode 4: The Food

This episode gives an inside look at how Disney creates unique food for the parks, such as:

  • The secretive Flavor Lab where Imagineers and chefs collaborate on bringing stories to menus.
  • How the character-shaped dim sum is made for Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • The process of making Mickey premium ice cream bars.

Chocolate Peppermint Churro at Disney Festival of Holidays

Episode 5: EPCOT

This episode goes through the history and evolution of EPCOT over the years, including:

  • Walt Disney’s original vision for an experimental community of the future.
  • How EPCOT Center was built differently than Walt imagined after his death.
  • Changes were made to transform it from a more educational park to a place focused on world cultures.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Episode 6: Nighttime Spectaculars

Closing out the season, this episode covers the beloved fireworks and fountain shows, including:

  • The technology used to create 360-degree immersive fireworks shows synchronized to music.
  • How the lasers, lights, fountains, and projections are combined into stunning displays like World of Color.
  • Amazing interviews with the creators of the latest nighttime spectaculars Fantasmic and Enchantment.

Fireworks across Main Street buildings


Behind the Attraction gives Disney fans an inside look at the magic behind some of the most iconic rides, shows, and experiences at the parks. Through interviews with Imagineers and cast members, the second season provides rich stories about how attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, and EPCOT came to life. The series showcases all the creativity, innovation, and attention to detail that goes into crafting these immersive worlds.

Whether it’s learning about the technology powering state-of-the-art rides or seeing chefs meticulously prepare dim sum, Behind the Attraction offers an entertaining peek behind the curtain into what makes Disney parks so special. This fascinating series allows viewers to further appreciate how so much thought goes into even the smallest details to immerse guests and bring joy to families and fans.