Capture Your Moment, Disney World’s Private Photo Sessions

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Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal photographer at Disney World, someone who could capture each and every magical moment so you and your family could focus on having fun? Or maybe you wish you could commemorate a special occasion like an engagement or graduation with a private photo shoot. Well, with a Capture Your Moment Disney photo session, you can do just that! Part of the Disney PhotoPass service, the Capture Your Moment photo experience lets you and your nearest and dearest strike a pose in front of some of the most iconic backdrops in Walt Disney World Resort, with a team of PhotoPass photographers there by your side.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? If you want to capture your moment with a magical private photo shoot on your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort, get your photo album ready (we hope you have some pages free because you’re going to need them!) and read on as we take a look at what you need to know.

Capture Your Moment in Magic Kingdom © Walt Disney World

Everything You Need to Know About Capture Your Moment, Disney World’s Take on a Private Photo Shoot

A vacation is never long enough, especially at Walt Disney World Resort. With all the excitement of going on rides, meeting Disney characters or oohing and aahing at dazzling parades and fireworks (as well as the necessary evil that is waiting in line), time flies by incredibly fast at The Most Magical Place on Earth. Luckily, that’s what photos are for—to capture the moment so you can look back on those memories later when you need a dose of pixie dust. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Although you can easily take your own photos with a camera or cell phone during a trip to Disney World (ah, technology!), having a designated photographer in your family or group of friends means that someone is always inevitably left out. And let’s be honest—as much as we try, some people are just better off in front of the camera than behind it, especially when you’re on vacation.

Sure, you could certainly just take advantage of the many Disney PhotoPass photographers located around the resort. They’re everywhere, after all! However, who wants to wait in yet another line just to have your picture taken? Plus, what if you want a ton of photos to celebrate something special or simply have a bunch taken all at once so that, later, you can spend more time having fun? That’s where Capture Your Moment photo sessions at Walt Disney World Resort come in.

Capture Your Moment in EPCOT © Walt Disney World

What Is It & How Does It Work

Just like the name implies, a Capture Your Moment session at Disney World is a personalized photo shoot focused completely on you. You don’t need to worry about being rushed through by the thought of other guests waiting in line for their turn in front of the camera. It’s just your group (each Capture Your Moment session has a maximum party size of up to eight guests), a dynamic duo of two PhotoPass photographers and the magic of Disney World as a backdrop. Oh, and also a few thousand of your closest friends. Since sessions take place during regular park hours, be aware that not all of your photo backgrounds will be completely free from guests. However, your Disney PhotoPass photographer will do their best to avoid potential photo bombers as much as possible.

Each Capture Your Moment photo session lasts 20 minutes. However, if you like, you can secure even more time in front of the lens by booking additional back-to-back photo sessions. Keep in mind that you’ll typically only have a chance to strike a pose in one location—like Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom Park or Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios—per 20-minute session. In other words, if you want to visit two or more of a theme park’s enchanted lands, like Main Street, USA and Liberty Square, then you’ll definitely want to book two Capture Your Moment sessions, for a total of 40 minutes. In fact, you can even go crazy and book a session (or two!) in each of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort.

So, who should book a Capture Your Moment photo shoot? Honestly, we think they’re a great idea for just about anyone, even folks who are simply on vacation! That said, they’re also the picture-perfect way to commemorate such magical moments as:

  • Romantic milestones like an engagement, honeymoon or anniversary
  • Big moments like a birth, adoption, birthday or graduation
  • Grand gatherings like reunions, first visits or even family portraits
Capture Your Moment in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park © Walt Disney World


Now, we know what you’re thinking. “That all sounds downright magical, but how much does Capture Your Moment cost? A trip to Walt Disney World is already expensive enough as it is.” The session price for Capture Your Moment is $99 for 20 minutes, and each additional photo session comes at an extra cost of $99 each. Sorry, folks, no quantity discounts are available. Full payment is required at the time of booking. Valid theme park admission and park reservations are also required, so save some cash on your next trip with our discounted Disney World tickets!

Gratuity is not included or required for Capture Your Momen photo sessions. In fact, in most cases, your PhotoPass photographer won’t even accept a tip if you offer. This is because the role isn’t considered a tipped position and, in fact, accepting a tip from a guest can actually result in termination. So, we recommend that submit a compliment for them instead. This can easily be done inside the theme parks at Guest Relations or through the My Disney Experience app.

Simply search for “Cast Compliment” or navigate to the menu screen and scroll to the bottom until you see the Mobile Cast Compliment option. All you need is the first name and hometown of the cast member, and Guest Relations or the app will take it from there. Not only will your kind words make the PhotoPass photographer feel good, but these compliments are also kept on file and can tip the scales in the cast member’s favor when they are up for a promotion.

Capture Your Moment in Disney’s Hollywood Studios © Walt Disney World

Prints & Digital Downloads

One thing to keep in mind when deciding if a Capture Your Moment photo session is right for you is the cost of the actual photos themselves. The $99 session price is only for the photo shoot itself, as the images themselves are not included and come at an extra cost. While you certainly can pay for individual photos—prints cost around $18.95 for two 4x6s or one 5×7 or $20.95 for an 8×10—your best bet is to go for a photo package instead.

Although photo packages with multiple prints are available for purchase at each specific Disney PhotoPass viewing station and information desk located inside the theme parks and at Disney Springs, for the most bang for your buck, we suggest you buy Memory Maker. Priced at $75 for a day or either $185 or $210 for 30 days (if bought in advance or purchased during or after your vacation, respectively), Memory Maker doesn’t come cheap. However, you get a lot for what you pay for, namely unlimited digital downloads for all photos taken during your chosen time period—including any and all photos from Capture Your Moment photo sessions.

Where to Have a Capture Your Moment Photo Session

So, where are Capture Your Moment photo sessions offered? This private Disney photo shoot is available at all four theme parks. Keep reading to learn more about each snap-tastic spot! (Keep in mind that the locations listed below can change due to inclement weather.)

Capture Your Moment in Magic Kingdom © Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Park

For truly enchanting photos for magical vacations with friends and family, a Capture Your Moment photo session at Magic Kingdom Park might be perfect for you. Here, guests can choose to vogue it up amid the turn-of-the-century charm of Main Street, USA, the whimsy of Fantasyland or the colonial ambiance of Liberty Square. Regardless of your selected location, each available Capture Your Moment area in Magic Kingdom also offers a majestic view of Cinderella Castle.

Check-In Location: Liberty Square Ticket Office near The Hall of Presidents

Disney PhotoPass View Station Location: Town Square Theater on Main Street, USA

Capture Your Moment in EPCOT © Walt Disney World


For photos that look as if they were snapped in some far-off land instead of Central Florida, book a Capture Your Moment photo session in EPCOT’s World Showcase. For global flair without the passport, guests can choose to strike a pose amid the elegance of the Italy Pavilion, the old-world charm of the Germany Pavilion, the serenity of the Japan Pavilion or the enchanting medina of the Morocco Pavilion. Or for something closer to home, the American Adventure Pavilion in World Showcase is also available.

Check-In Location: Kidcot Fun Stop near Art of Disney at the American Adventure Pavilion in World Showcase

Disney PhotoPass View Station Location: Pin Traders – Camera Center in World Celebration

Capture Your Moment in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios © Walt Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While a Capture Your Moment photo shoot will already have you feeling like a Disney VIP, a private session in Disney’s Hollywood Studios really ups the star power with the glitz and glam of Tinseltown’s Golden Age and out-of-this-world scenes of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Here, guests can choose from two different Capture Your Moment options. First, guests can feel like a celebrity in front of the Chinese Theatre’s façade on Hollywood Boulevard or the colorful neon signs Art Deco architecture of Sunset Boulevard. Alternatively, you can also capture playful photos with Echo Lake‘s resident dinosaur, Gertie, or amid the larger-than-life setting of Toy Story Land.

Beginning January 24, 2024, guests will also be able to do a Capture Your Moment session in one of the most photogenic parts of the Walt Disney World Resort, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This all-new Star Wars-inspired photoshoot will take smugglers, scoundrels and wannabe Jedis around to some of the Black Spire Outpost’s many picturesque locations, like the bustling market, the Millennium Falcon, the ancient ruins or the First Order shuttle. Your dedicated Batuu Image Specialist (AKA the Disney PhotoPass photographer) will also come armed with artifacts like lightsabers and other props for you to use during your session. (Reservations are available starting January 17, 2024.)

Check-In Location: Capture Your Moment podium between Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway and the Disney’s Hollywood Studios arch or, in the event of inclement weather, the awning neighboring Disney Junior Play and Dance; for sessions in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, check-in is at First Order Cargo

Disney PhotoPass View Station Location: Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind on Hollywood Boulevard

Capture Your Moment in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park © Walt Disney World

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

As anyone who has ever been to any of the Disney World theme parks can attest, it’s a jungle out there, especially at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With its lush rainforest areas and incredibly detailed lands, this wild park is the perfect place for a private photo session. Feel as if you’ve been whisked away to a bustling marketplace in Kenya or Botswana over in Africa, explore a Tibetan village with views of the mighty Mt. Everest in Asia or wander through leafy Discovery Island. Whichever area you choose for your photo session at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, each offers gorgeous views of one of the resort’s most beautiful backdrops: the Tree of Life. (Sadly, Capture Your Moment is not available in Pandora – The World of Avatar.)

Check-In Location: Island Mercantile in Discovery Island

Disney PhotoPass View Station Location: Garden Gate Gifts in the Oasis

How to Schedule a Private Capture Your Moment Photo Experience

Ok, we’ve convinced you! Now, how do you make it happen? Due to their popularity, advance reservations are highly recommended for Capture Your Moment photo sessions and can be booked up to 60 days ahead of time through the Walt Disney World website, on the My Disney Experience app or by calling (407) 939 – 7758. Depending on availability, a limited number of same-day reservations may also be available. However, walk-up availability isn’t guaranteed. Remember, full payment is required at the time of booking; and as sessions take place during regular park hours, park reservations and a valid ticket are required.

Capture Your Moment in Disney’s Hollywood Studios © Walt Disney World

What to Expect During a Private Photo Session at Walt Disney World Resort

So, what is a Capture Your Moment photo session actually like? Once you arrive and get checked in, the first thing you’ll do is talk to the Disney PhotoPass photographer about your vision for the session, including specific photo spots, poses, party configurations and your selected location. Keep in mind that due to park operations and the weather that day, certain areas might be off-limits. Then, after mapping out a plan, it will be your time to shine. Your 20-minute session doesn’t start until you get to your selected location. So, don’t feel like you have to rush through things at the beginning. Take your time communicating your ideas—after all, each private photo session costs a lot of money.

Once you’re out and about, you’ll have two PhotoPass photographers helping to bring your vision to life, one serving as an assistant-meets-bodyguard and the other making the photo magic happen. Even though sessions go by quickly, you should still have at least 25 to 30 photos taken in front of a few different backgrounds by the time it is through. Then, all you need to do is go on some rides or get something to eat for an hour or so before your photos are ready.

Is Capture Your Moment at Disney World Worth It?

As long as it’s within your budget (the cost of both the photo session and the photos afterward), then we think Capture Your Moment at Walt Disney World Resort is definitely worth it. First, not only is it a picture-perfect way to celebrate special occasions, but it’s also just plain fun, and we guarantee that you’ll feel like a VIP by the time your session is finished.

Also, with no one in your party MIA behind the camera, it ensures that you have plenty of great photos with everyone in them. Finally, you can rest assured that your PhotoPass photographer is a Disney World expert. In other words, they’ll know the best photo spots with the nicest backdrops and which angles to work to avoid having too many people in the background, no matter if you’re striking a pose in Echo Lake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, in front of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom Park or in one of the countries in EPCOT”s World Showcase. They’ll also be able to capture candid moments that you might not be able to get yourself.

Capture Your Moment in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park © Walt Disney World

Tips & Tricks for Making Your Capture Your Moment Photo Session a Snap

Ready to splurge on a Capture Your Moment? Here are some handy hints to help make sure your photo session is a success.

Arrive Early and Ready for Your Moment in Front of the Camera

Schedule your day so that you arrive early, at least ten minutes ahead of your reservation time. This will give you plenty of time to talk about your vision for your photo shoot and allow for any traffic jams along the way. You also want to make sure that you show up dressed with your hair and (if necessary) makeup done and ready to go. Photo sessions will not be extended due to a late arrival.

Get Dressed Up and Pack Some Props

Feel free to get gussied up for the occasion. Not only will your photos look more put together, but you’ll feel more confident, too. After all, this is your time to shine. Feel free to put on some ears, DisneyBound like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, dress up like it’s Dapper Day or don your finest Jedi robes. You’re even able to use guest-supplied props, as long as they comply with park rules. Sorry, lovebirds, wedding attire is not allowed.

Tell Your Disney PhotoPass Photographer What Kinds of Poses & Backdrops You Want

Although Capture Your Moment photo sessions offer plenty of benefits, cost-effectiveness isn’t exactly one of them. So, you’re going to want to make the most of the short time you have. The best way to do that is by being clear with the Disney PhotoPass photographer about your expectations. Lots of candids? Less of the traditional posed you can get with other photographers in the park? It’s all up to you!

Buy Memory Maker for Access to All of Your Photos

If we can make only one recommendation, this is it. After dropping close to $100 on a Disney World photo shoot, the last thing you want to do is miss out on some of your favorite photos. Although it can be spendy to purchase Memory Maker, especially if 30-day options, we think it’s well worth the cost to have unlimited access to every single one of your photos from your vacation. Memory Maker even includes things like ride photos and videos, as well as images taken during character meet-and-greets, moments that you definitely won’t want to miss.

Capture Your Moment in Disney’s Hollywood Studios © Walt Disney World

That brings our guide to Capture Your Moment Disney World photo sessions to an end. Where would you like to do a private photo shoot at Disney World? On Main Street, USA in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom? At one of the World Showcase country pavilions in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments! Then, learn how you can make room in your budget for Capture Your Moment by buying our Disney World discount tickets.