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Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster Review

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Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster is a family-friendly junior rollercoaster located in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. Originally opened in 1993 as Gadget’s Go Coaster, the ride was rethemed and renamed in 2023 to tie in with the classic Disney Afternoon animated series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. The ride takes guests on a thrilling 44-second adventure through the wacky world of inventor mouse Gadget Hackwrench, reaching speeds of up to 22 mph. With a height requirement of just 35 inches, GADGETcoaster is accessible to kids and adults looking for a beginner coaster experience.

Ride Experience

The queue for GADGETcoaster winds through Gadget’s backyard workshop, passing by quirky “inventions” made from household items. After boarding the acorn-shaped ride vehicles, guests ascend an initial lift hill offering views into Toontown before plunging down a 20-foot drop and whipping around tight turns and small hills. Interactive figures of Chip, Dale, Gadget, and Zipper add an extra layer of storytelling. The ride concludes with Chip attempting to shoot water into Dale’s cup as the coaster zooms underneath. With its cartoonish theming and zippy layout, GADGETcoaster delivers more thrills than expected for a family coaster. The ride is smooth and comfortable, though the small vehicles can feel cramped for larger adults. The short duration makes it ideal for kids to ride over and over.

Location & Best Times to Ride

GADGETcoaster is located at the rear of Mickey’s Toontown, with the entrance situated across from Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Toontown has limited operating hours, typically closing before park closing to prepare for the nightly fireworks show. The land is also closed during Mickey’s Halloween Party hard-ticket events in September and October. Check the park hours calendar for Toontown’s schedule. Due to its location in the lightly-trafficked Toontown, GADGETcoaster sees shorter lines earlier in the morning. Wait times gradually increase through the late morning and peak in the hour before Toontown’s closing time. Ideal times to ride are:

  • First thing when Toontown opens
  • During parades and fireworks
  • Evening just before park close

Wait times range from 5-10 minutes early in the day to 20-30 minutes in the late afternoon. The ride’s low capacity can lead to longer waits on busier days.


Height Requirements and Accessibility

GADGETcoaster has a 35 inch minimum height requirement. Standard wheelchair access is available via the main queue. Rider switch is offered to allow one parent to wait with a non-riding child while the other parent rides, then switch without having to wait in line again. Disneyland’s Disability Access Service (DAS) can be utilized for guests unable to wait in the regular line. This service allows guests to receive a return time equal to the current standby wait minus 10 minutes.

Genie+, Lightning Lane, and Single Rider

GADGETcoaster is not currently included as part of Genie+ or Lightning Lane paid services. No single rider line is offered.

History & Design

GADGETcoaster was originally conceived by Walt Disney Imagineering and built by Vekoma Roller Coasters as a larger “junior” family coaster model. The ride opened in 1993 as Gadget’s Go Coaster inspired by the Rescue Rangers character. In early 2022, Disney announced plans to retheme the ride to better tie in with the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers IP. The coaster closed for refurbishment and reopened in March 2023 with the new backstory of this being a ride Gadget invented herself using spare parts and found items. New figures of Chip, Dale, Gadget, and Zipper were added to enhance the overall story. The Rescue Rangers theming and clever integration with the Toontown environment have made the revamped GADGETcoaster a favorite for families and coaster enthusiasts alike.

Tips for Riding

  • Try to ride early or late when wait times are lower
  • Bring small kids who meet the height limit for their first rollercoaster experience
  • Keep hands and feet inside the ride vehicle at all times
  • Secure loose articles like glasses and phones
  • Watch for water spray from figures at the end
  • Ride again and again since it’s so short!
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With its zippy layout, fun theming, and approachable thrills, Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster is a hit with kids and families. The short ride time does lead to longer wait times, but visiting during off-peak hours can minimize lines. GADGETcoaster delivers smiles and memorable moments that make it a must-do for Toontown visitors. This charming family coaster captures the spirit of the classic Rescue Rangers series and stands as one of Disneyland’s most endearing attractions.