Disney Brings Moana’s Epic Journey to Life Onboard the Disney Treasure

The highly anticipated Disney Treasure cruise ship is set to embark on its maiden voyage on December 21, 2024, bringing exciting new entertainment and experiences to Disney Cruise Line guests. One of the highlights will be the debut of “Disney The Tale of Moana”, an original Broadway-style stage production that brings the beloved story and characters of Moana to life like never before.

Disney Treasure Ship

The Disney Treasure

The Disney Treasure is the upcoming sixth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. It is scheduled to begin sailing on December 21, 2024 on a 7-night maiden voyage to the Eastern Caribbean from Port Canaveral, Florida. With a capacity of 4,000 passengers and 1,555 crew members, the Disney Treasure will be one of Disney Cruise Line’s larger ships. It will have 1,256 staterooms, including concierge rooms and suites.

The theme of the ship is adventure, with the interior design inspired by the grandeur and mystery of gilded palaces. Onboard attractions and entertainment will include new Broadway-style shows in the Walt Disney Theatre such as “Disney The Tale of Moana”, returning guest favorites like “Beauty and the Beast”, and the pirate-themed deck party “Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party”. The Disney Treasure will also feature immersive new dining and entertainment spaces themed to Disney and Pixar stories.

At 144,000 gross tons and 1,119 feet long, the Disney Treasure will be similar in size to the newest DCL ships, the Disney Wish and the unnamed seventh ship launching in 2025. It is currently under construction at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany. The Disney Treasure promises to bring magical new adventures to Disney Cruise Line guests when it sets sail at the end of 2024.

First look

The Journey Begins on Motunui

The show begins on the island of Motunui, Moana’s tropical island home. Gramma Tala, the wise elder, serves as the show’s narrator and introduces the community she loves – especially her free-spirited granddaughter Moana. Through vibrant song and dance drawing from various Polynesian cultures, we see glimpses of young Moana’s connection to the ocean and her longing to voyage beyond the safety of the reef.

The pivotal scene arrives when Moana is chosen by the ocean to restore the stolen heart of Te Fiti. As Moana journeys into the realm of monsters, the Walt Disney Theatre is transformed into the open ocean, with stars swirling overhead and a giant manta ray spirit guide soaring over the audience.


Beloved Characters Come to Life

A highlight of “The Tale of Moana” stage show is seeing favorite characters from the film faithfully brought to life. Through elaborate costumes and towering puppets designed by Michael Curry (The Lion King on Broadway), figures like the shape-shifting demigod Maui, the glamorous crustacean Tamatoa and the lava demon Te Kā are given full-fledged physical form.

Songs like “You’re Welcome” give Dwayne Johnson’s Maui a chance to showcase his legendary exploits, while Jemaine Clement’s Tamatoa once again stops the show for his self-aggrandizing, Bowie-inspired number, “Shiny”. Gramma Tala appears in spirit form to offer Moana guidance, just as she did in the film.

The Music Carries Us to Te Fiti

In addition to favorites like “How Far I’ll Go”, the stage show introduces a song written for the movie but ultimately cut – “Warrior Face”. As Maui coaches Moana on how to appear intimidating before they enter Lalotai, “Warrior Face” allows the pair to showcase their offbeat chemistry and harmonize on the catchy tune. Under the guidance of award-winning composer Mark Mancina, “The Tale of Moana” uses the film’s soundtrack to drive emotional storytelling moments. When Moana finally returns Te Fiti’s heart, the goddess’ transformation from the fiery lava demon Te Kā is accentuated by a soaring rendition of “Know Who You Are” – affirming Moana’s discovery of her true identity.

Celebrating Oceanic Cultures

“The Tale of Moana” takes special care to celebrate the vibrant cultures of Oceania that inspired the film. From the opening number incorporating languages like Tuvaluan and Tokelauan, to the costuming and choreography drawing from different Pacific Islander traditions, Polynesian heritage is proudly on display. Even small touches throughout the show integrate cultural details, like the traditional pe’a tattoo and ʻuilas (feather standards) used in the Motunui scenes. By honoring the real-world roots of Moana’s fictional story, “The Tale of Moana” stage show offers guests a window into the diverse, captivating cultures of the Pacific Islands.

More Spectacular Shows Debut on the Disney Treasure

In addition to the new Moana production, the Disney Treasure will feature revivals of two other popular shows from across the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

“Beauty and the Beast”

This stage adaptation of the animated classic has been entertaining Disney cruise guests since the Disney Magic first set sail over 20 years ago. Through extravagant costumes and puppetry, “Beauty and the Beast” brings fan-favorite numbers like “Be Our Guest” and the title song to life.

“Disney Seas the Adventure”

Exclusive to the Disney ships, this swashbuckling show follows Captain Minnie and her crew as they encounter characters from Moana, The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo on the high seas. With high-flying acrobatics and an original score, it’s an action-packed Disney mashup. Whether you’re a fan of Moana ready to see her story unfold onstage, or someone who appreciates spectacular song-and-dance shows – the entertainment lineup aboard the Disney Treasure offers something for everyone to enjoy. This newest ship continues the Disney Cruise Line tradition of creating Broadway-caliber stage productions to captivate guests night after night.