Disney Commemorative Pavers

Disney Commemorative Pavers are personalized bricks that guests can purchase to commemorate their visit to the Disney parks. These pavers were first introduced in 1996 at the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World as the “Walk Around the World” program. Since then, they have become a beloved tradition for many Disney guests. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the Disney Commemorative Pavers. It covers the history of the pavers, the different types and designs available, where to find them in the parks, how to purchase them online or in the parks, the cost for the various options, and comparisons between the pavers at different Disney resorts.

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History of the Disney Commemorative Pavers

The concept of personalized bricks along the park pathways originated at Disneyland in California. To raise funds for new attractions, Disneyland sold engraved bricks along Main Street USA in the 1990s. This program was called “Leave a Legacy”. Inspired by this idea, Walt Disney World in Florida introduced the “Walk Around the World” brick program in 1996. Over the next 15 years, thousands of guests purchased personalized bricks that were installed along the walkways into the Magic Kingdom park.

The profits from the brick sales helped fund new attractions and expansions at Walt Disney World, including popular rides like Expedition Everest. By 2011, over 160,000 bricks had been sponsored by guests. In March 2019, Disney announced that the Walk Around the World bricks would be removed due to enhancements being made to the Magic Kingdom entrance and transportation areas.

However, Disney offered guests the chance to purchase a commemorative replica brick by August 31, 2019. While the original Walk Around the World bricks are no longer present at Walt Disney World, the commemorative paver program continues. Guests can now purchase replica pavers online or at shops in the parks to take home. The pavers make the perfect souvenir to commemorate a special Disney trip or memory.

Purchasing Pavers

In the Parks

Commemorative pavers can be purchased inside the Magic Kingdom park at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. in Main Street USA. There are two paver sizes available – a 6-inch paver for $29.99 and a larger 8 inch paver for $49.99. The pavers can be customized with names, dates, and short messages. The shop has over 10 designs to choose from, from classic icons like Mickey Mouse to special anniversary and Passholder designs. Annual Passholders can also receive a 20% discount on paver purchases at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

Online – ShopDisney

Disney fans can also purchase customizable commemorative pavers on the ShopDisney website. ShopDisney offers the same size and design options as in the parks. The 6-inch paver costs $29.99 while the 8-inch size is $49.99. There is also a commemorative paver ornament available for $24.99. Shoppers can customize their pavers by adding several lines of text – usually 3 lines with 20 characters per line. The personalization is free with each paver purchase.

Cost of the Pavers

The cost for a commemorative paver depends on the size:

  • 6 inch paver – $29.99
  • 8 inch paver – $49.99
  • Ornament – $24.99

Annual Passholders can save 20% on paver purchases at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. inside the Magic Kingdom. Guests who originally purchased a Walk Around the World paver that is now removed could get one commemorative 6 inch paver for only $10 at Disney World or on ShopDisney until August 31, 2019.

Locations of the Pavers in Disney Parks

While the Walk Around the World pavers have been removed from the Magic Kingdom entrance, commemorative pavers can still be found at Disneyland Resort’s Esplanade.

Disneyland Resort

The Leave a Legacy bricks are located along the Esplanade walkway between Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. The bricks are arranged in numbered sections displayed on maps around the Esplanade.

Walt Disney World

There are currently no commemorative pavers installed along walkways at Walt Disney World. However, guests can purchase replica pavers at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. to take home as souvenirs. Purchased pavers make great mementos, even if they are not on display in the parks. Families often use them in home displays or gardens to commemorate their Disney vacations.

Types of Pavers

There are several designs and sizes of commemorative pavers available:

Magic Kingdom

These pavers feature iconic Magic Kingdom attractions like Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain. There are also special designs for events like the 50th Anniversary.


The Epcot paver designs showcase famous park landmarks like Spaceship Earth and the World Showcase pavilions.


Some pavers replicate the classic Disneyland brick designs found along Main Street USA and in the Esplanade at Disneyland Resort.

International Disney Parks

For Disney fans visiting parks worldwide, there are pavers featuring logos from Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland. In addition to park-themed designs, there are also more generic Disney options like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, weddings, and Disney Vacation Club.

Disney World


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Disney commemorative pavers:

Where can I find my family’s original Walk Around the World paver?

Unfortunately, the original engraved pavers sponsored by guests were permanently removed in 2019. There is no map available showing the previous brick locations.

Can I get my old paver back?

No, Disney stated that the original pavers would not be able to be removed intact for guests to take home. That’s why Disney offered the commemorative replica pavers instead at a discounted price.

Do the new pavers get installed anywhere at Disney World?

The new commemorative pavers purchased on ShopDisney or in the Magic Kingdom are replicas meant solely as souvenirs. Guests take them home for personal use rather than installation along Disney walkways.

Can I purchase a paver for Disneyland or another Disney park?

At this time, there is no personalized paver program outside of Walt Disney World Resort. The commemorative pavers available online and in the Magic Kingdom are designed specifically for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. However, some replica pavers feature logos and designs from Disneyland and other Disney parks internationally for guests visiting those locations.


Celebrity Bricks

Though the bricks are no longer for sale, one fun activity for modern-day Disneyland visitors is looking for famous names among the pavers. A few celebrities and well-known figures have been immortalized in brick form along the esplanade:

Eddie Vedder – The lead singer of Pearl Jam has a family brick located near the Disneyland Park entrance, representing the rock star’s Seattle roots meeting his Disney fandom.

Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison – Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner shares a brick with his ex-girlfriend Holly Madison, former Playboy Playmate and reality TV star. As a huge Disney enthusiast, Madison likely sponsored the brick to commemorate fun trips to the park with Hefner. Their brick is located on the Harbor Blvd. end of the esplanade.

Tom Hanks and Family – The voice of Woody himself! The Hanks’ family have their very own brick located near the center of the Esplanade

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale – The amazing singer and her husband got a brick to celebrate their wedding date. It’s located on the Harbor Blvd. side of the Esplanade.


For over 20 years, the Disney commemorative pavers have offered guests a unique way to celebrate Disney memories with family and friends. Though the days of engraving walkways in the Magic Kingdom have passed, this Disney tradition continues with the replica paver souvenirs. With their rich history and variety of designs, these pavers make the perfect keepsake for any Disney fan or vacationer. Their personalized nature also makes them unique, sentimental gifts to commemorate any special occasion or person on your next Disney trip.