Disney’s Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point: The Ultimate Guide

Nestled along the southern coast of Eleuthera in The Bahamas lies Disney’s newest private island destination – Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point. Opening in summer 2024 exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests, this picturesque 700-acre cay offers pristine beaches, lush landscapes, cultural celebrations, and a variety of family-friendly entertainment. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know to plan your perfect day on Lookout Cay, including details on:

So, let’s set sail on our tour of Disney’s breathtaking Bahamian retreat!


Port Adventures

From thrilling watersports to sightseeing tours showcasing The Bahamas’ natural beauty, Lookout Cay offers a wide selection of half-day excursions known as Port Adventures. Here are some of the highlights:

Banana Boat Adventure


For aquatic action, try the Certified Scuba trip ($209, ages 10+) to explore vibrant coral reefs or the Banana Boat ride ($59, ages 10+) with bouncy fun across the surf. Snorkelers can rent gear ($38, ages 10+) and go on self-guided underwater adventures or join the guided Snorkel by Boat tour ($109, ages 10+).

Bike Adventure

Land Excursions

Discover Eleuthera’s culture and history on the 4-hour South Eleuthera Eco and Cultural Tour ($149 ages 10+, $119 ages 3-9). This sightseeing adventure includes visits to local landmarks like the Ocean Hole natural pool. For off-road excitement, book the Historical Nature and Awesome Buggy Tour ($399 for a 4-person buggy, ages 12+) to locations like the picturesque Gaulding Cay beach.


Private Tours

Customize your Lookout Cay experience with a private SUV or van tour. The Historical and Cultural Tour ($799 for an SUV, $1499 for a van) brings local Bahamian culture and heritage to life over 3.5 hours. Guests can also create custom private tours.

Cruise Ships and Itineraries

Lookout Cay will welcome its first Disney Cruise Line guests in summer 2024. The Disney Dream, Fantasy, and Magic will all offer 3-7 night Bahamian or Caribbean itineraries featuring stops at Lookout Cay. Select preview sailings in June 2024 offer a first chance to experience Disney’s new island, including a special 3-night roundtrip cruise from Fort Lauderdale. In August 2024, 7-night Caribbean voyages on the Disney Fantasy from Port Canaveral will offer another early opportunity. Once regular rotations start in October 2024, the Disney Dream and Magic will continue visiting Lookout Cay on various Bahamian cruises out of Port Canaveral and Miami.

Dining Plaza

Dining Experiences

Whether you crave upscale dining or casual bites, Lookout Cay offers delicious flavors from The Bahamas and beyond.

Beach Bars

Three adult-exclusive beach bars will serve up tropical cocktails and light fare. Menu details are still pending, but expect island vibes and refreshing drinks like rum punch, Bahama Mamas, mojitos, and beer.

Beachside Dining

An open-air beachside dining room at Serenity Bay will offer easy access for adults seeking an oceanfront meal. The menu focuses on fresh local seafood, salads, sandwiches and Bahamian specialties.

Family Dining

Kids can enjoy their own dining room with child-friendly menu items. Located right by the water playground, this restaurant provides air-conditioned seating and convenient access for families.

Quick Bites

For on-the-go snacks, two snack bars will be available across Lookout Cay. Grab pre-packaged sandwiches, ice cream novelties, beverages and more.

Shopping and Merchandise

Bring home unique Bahamian arts and crafts from Treasures of Eleuthera, Lookout Cay’s retail shop. This airy boutique offers locally-made gifts spanning hand-crafted ceramics, woven baskets, original artwork, apparel and more. Kids can find plush toys and pirate souvenirs as well. Prices range from $15 for small items to over $500 for intricate handicrafts.

Adult-Only Spaces

While Lookout Cay offers family fun, adults can also find blissful retreats just for them.

Serenity Bay

This peaceful beach hideaway welcomes guests ages 18+ to relax in lounge chairs, enjoy beachside dining, and reserve private clifftop cabanas. An air-conditioned lounge offers respite from the sun.


Adult-Only Bars

Three bars provide exclusive access for adults seeking tropical beverages without kids around. Signature cocktails, frozen drinks, local beers, and wines are all on the menu.

Family Entertainment

From play areas for kids to festive cultural celebrations, Lookout Cay offers entertainment options for guests of all ages to enjoy together.

Water Playground

Little ones can splash around for hours at this nautically-themed water play zone, inspired by Disney characters from Moana. Mini water slides, pop jets, pools, and more await.

Goombay Cultural Center

At this vibrant hub, Disney Cast Members lead junkanoo crafts, drum circles, and dance parties celebrating traditional Bahamian Goombay music. Guests can browse locally-made wares as well.

Triton’s Trumpet Stage

Family-friendly live entertainment takes the stage at this seashell-shaped gazebo throughout the day. Performances range from local musicians to Disney character shows. With crystal blue waters, swaying palms, and Disney magic blended with rich Bahamian culture, Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point promises an island escape that dreams are made of. As the newest addition to Disney’s private island collection, this tropical jewel is sure to become a treasured destination for cruise guests seeking sun-soaked adventures.

History and Culture

Disney made an effort to work closely with Bahamians to infuse Lookout Cay with the essence of their art, celebrations, ecology, and heritage. The destination provides both Disney magic and an authentic showcase of Bahamian people and culture. Here are some ways they did it:

  1. Architecture and design: The buildings and public spaces feature bright colors, seashell accents, and shapes inspired by nature to reflect Bahamian style. Local artists contributed murals and sculptures.
  2. Goombay Cultural Center: This area pays homage to the Junkanoo festival, a vibrant Bahamian tradition. It has decor reminiscent of Junkanoo parades and offers cultural entertainment.
  3. Port adventures: Excursions allow guests to explore the island’s ecology, history, and culture, like the South Eleuthera Eco & Cultural Tour by 4×4 vehicle.
  4. Shopping: The Wind & Waves Traders boutique sells locally made Bahamian crafts and artisan goods for guests to bring home.
  5. Community partnerships: Disney collaborated with local artists, historians, tour operators, and schools to develop the destination in an authentic way. For example, Disney donated funds and expertise to establish community gardens at a local school.

Cultural Experiences

  1. Junkanoo festival: The Goombay Cultural Center celebrates Junkanoo with decor, music, costumes, masks, and more. Junkanoo is an iconic Bahamian festival known for its colorful parades, costumes, and music.
  2. Goombay music: Goombay is a genre of Bahamian music that will be featured. It uses drums made from cans and skins for a unique sound. The cultural center is named after it.
  3. Storytelling: Various spaces like the arrival point Mabrika Cove (named after the Taino welcome greeting) aim to share Bahamian stories through design details inspired by nature, folklore, and more.
  4. Local arts and crafts: The Treasures of Eleuthera shop will sell locally created gifts, art, and crafts for guests to experience and purchase.
  5. Natural landscapes: Spaces like Triton’s Trumpet Stage gazebo showcase inspiration from the island’s tropical landscapes and natural wonders.


Differences Between Lookout Cay and Castaway Cay

While the two share similarities as tropical private islands, Lighthouse Point promises a more culturally immersive experience focused on showcasing authentic Bahamian essence. Its location and partnerships make it distinct from the fully Disney-owned Castaway Cay. Here’s a quick list of differences:


  • Lighthouse Point is located on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, about 114 miles southeast of Castaway Cay.


  • Castaway Cay is a separate private island owned solely by Disney. Lighthouse Point is a private port/destination that Disney purchased, but it relies on partnerships with the Bahamian government and businesses.


  • Castaway Cay spans 1,000 acres. Lighthouse Point is 700 acres.

Design and Experience

  • Both offer pristine beaches, family-friendly amenities, water activities, etc. But Lighthouse Point aims for a more authentic Bahamian cultural experience through design details, shopping, entertainment, and excursions.


  • Castaway Cay can only be accessed by Disney cruise guests. Lighthouse Point will also be exclusive to Disney, but is more integrated with Eleuthera island.


  • Lighthouse Point will supplement Castaway Cay to support Disney’s growing cruise fleet. It offers a new destination more convenient to home ports like Port Canaveral.



Lookout Cay offers the perfect blend of natural island beauty, exciting excursions, family fun, and adult relaxation. With pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, cultural celebrations, world-class service, and classic Disney storytelling, this Bahamian escape invites discovery around every corner. As Disney’s newest private island destination, Lookout Cay sets the stage for making unforgettable memories under the Caribbean sun.

Whether you crave a leisurely day on the beach sipping tropical drinks or a jam-packed itinerary of watersports, sightseeing, and entertainment, this island paradise has something special for every guest. So start dreaming of your own island getaway, and get ready to be dazzled when Lookout Cay makes its grand debut!