Disney Cruise Line Lookout Cay Foodie Guide 2024

Embark on a culinary adventure like no other at Disney Lookout Cay, the newest private island destination for Disney Cruise Line. This breathtaking Bahamian oasis promises to delight your senses with a tantalizing array of flavors that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the islands. From vibrant market-style eateries to exclusive adults-only dining experiences, Lookout Cay Disney offers a diverse and delectable selection of dining options that will leave you craving for more. Get ready to savor the essence of the Bahamas with every bite as we guide you through this foodie paradise.


  • Bahamian Pigeon Peas & Rice with marinated chicken, oven-baked plantains, and fried okra
  • Grilled Cheeseburger on a brioche bun with shredded iceberg lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, and pickles with french fries with American coleslaw
  • Disney Lookout Cay Spiced Rotisserie Chicken marinated with Bay Leaves, onion, sweet pepper, lime, thyme, and goat pepper with grilled pineapple and black bean salad
  • Plant-based Island Curry with tofu, cilantro, and potatoes (Plant-based) 


  • Bahamian-style Lime marinated grilled snapper with sautéed pickled vegetables yucca fries
  • Grilled BBQ Ribs with “smoky BBQ” sauce, grilled corn, and yucca fries
Bahama Brew
  • Bahama Brew: Cold brew coffee blended with Hawaiian island syrup, cold brew, finished with a coconut flavored soft whip topping (Non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Butterfly Switcha: Specialty Mocktail made with lemonade, butterfly pea jasmine green tea, and a sprinkle of blue edible glitter (Non-alcoholic beverage)


  • Eleuthera Euphoria: Disney Lookout Cay Signature Cocktail made with premium aged rum, pineapple smoothie and DOLE Whip
  • Disney Lookout Cay Coffee Cup

Final Thoughts

Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point promises to be a foodie’s paradise, offering a diverse and delectable array of dining experiences that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Bahamas. From family-friendly eateries to adults-only indulgences, and immersive cultural experiences, this island oasis is sure to delight your senses and leave you with lasting memories of the flavors and traditions of the Bahamian islands. So, embark on a culinary adventure like no other and savor the essence of the Bahamas with every bite at Disney Cruise Lookout Cay.