Character Costumes

Brand New Bahamian Character Costumes for Lookout Cay

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are getting brand new Bahamian-inspired outfits created exclusively for their visits to Disney’s newest private island destination, Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. Renowned Bahamian fashion designer Theodore Elyett has crafted the vibrant costumes which draw inspiration from Junkanoo, the lively and colorful Bahamian festival.

Table of Contents

  1. Design Elements
    • Colors and Patterns
    • Accessories
  2. Inspiration
    • Junkanoo Festival
    • Bahamian Culture
  3. Materials
    • Raffia
    • Pineapples
  4. Costume Changes
    • Other Characters
    • Previous Outfits
  5. Character Interactions
    • With Guests
    • On the Disney Cruise
  6. Conclusion

Character Costumes

Design Elements

Colors and Patterns

The new costumes for Mickey and Minnie feature the signature bold, bright colors associated with Junkanoo festivals and Bahamian style. Minnie’s dress incorporates green, yellow, red, blue and purple in a tropical print, along with white accents. Her iconic polka dot pattern is included as well in a fresh new color palette. Mickey sports red shorts embellished with seashells, a blue and white patterned shirt, and a woven raffia hat. Both looks capture the essence of “Junkanoo Fun in the Sun”.


Minnie’s look is accented with a red and yellow patterned headwrap, a purple and green beaded necklace, and a brightly colored handbag shaped like a pineapple – a symbol of the island of Eleuthera. The raffia detailing on Mickey’s hat and yellow shoes are also nods to traditional Bahamian design.

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Junkanoo Festival

The Junkanoo festival is one of the most iconic and beloved Bahamian traditions. The annual celebration bursts with colorful costumes, lively music, and vibrant parades. According to Elyett, “When you talk about the print, pattern, color, texture of Junkanoo, [Mickey and Minnie]’ve got that”. The essence of this significant cultural festival can be seen across all elements of the duo’s Bahamian looks.

Bahamian Culture

Beyond Junkanoo, Mickey and Minnie’s costumes broadly celebrate Bahamian art, style, and culture. Their outfits will allow Disney cruise guests to immediately experience the spirit of The Bahamas from the moment they arrive at Lookout Cay. As Elyett describes it, the costumes are “literally ‘Junkanoo Fun in the Sun'”.


The materials used in Mickey and Minnie’s outfits also represent important Bahamian symbols.


Raffia, a natural material from Raffia palm trees, is traditionally used across Bahamian art and fashion. Mickey’s raffia hat and yellow raffia-embellished shoes incorporate this significant textile.


In addition to its crucial role in Bahamian agriculture, the pineapple is also an iconic symbol of the island of Eleuthera, home to Lookout Cay. The pineapple details on Minnie’s handbag and Mickey’s shorts tie the looks directly to their new island home.

Costume Changes

Mickey and Minnie won’t be the only characters with new Bahamian-inspired outfits.

Other Characters

Other beloved Disney characters including Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto will also receive new Bahamian-inspired costumes by Elyett for Lookout Cay. Guests can likely expect to see some of their favorite pals dressed in styles celebrating Junkanoo when visiting the island.

Previous Outfits

While this marks the debut of their Bahamian looks, Mickey and Minnie change costumes frequently. They have special outfits for holidays, cruises, and other occasions. Most recently, they were spotted in sparkling new red, green and gold 25th anniversary costumes for the Disney Cruise Line. Their wardrobes will likely continue expanding with future Disney events and destinations.

Dining Plaza

Character Interactions

When Lookout Cay opens in summer 2024, guests will have the chance to see Mickey, Minnie and potentially other beloved Disney characters around the island in their new Bahamian outfits.

With Guests

If the standard character interactions at Disney World and on Disney cruises are any indication, visitors will likely be able to greet Mickey and Minnie for selfies and brief conversations. Guests may have opportunities to complement the characters on their new looks and ask about the Junkanoo inspiration. Based on previous meet-and-greets, Mickey and Minnie will likely remain mostly in character rather than answering questions about Elyett’s design process.

On the Disney Cruise

In addition to Lookout Cay, Mickey, Minnie and others periodically walk around or make appearances on Disney cruise ships. While onboard, guests may spot the characters around deck in their new tropical outfits. However, COVID protocols have temporarily limited typical character interactions on cruises.



Mickey and Minnie’s vibrant new Bahamian costumes celebrate the culture of The Bahamas and the spirit of Junkanoo. From the colorful patterns to the symbolic pineapple and raffia accents, Elyett’s designs capture the essence of an island celebration. When Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point opens in summer 2024, guests can experience these beautiful costumes in person during their island getaway. While time will tell what new outfits Mickey and Minnie debut next, for now Disney cruise visitors can look forward to seeing this beloved duo decked out in Junkanoo style at Disney’s new private island destination.