Group of Storm Troopers

Disney Pausing Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue at Hollywood Studios

Today Disney announced that they would be pausing the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue starting Sept 23rd and moving to the traditional standby line for the time being. The virtual queue has been in place since the attraction opened in 2019.

Guests have had mixed feelings about the virtual queue with some calling it a literal lottery and others saying it’s the fairest way for guests to have a chance to ride, especially if you know some tricks on getting a boarding group. For the most part, the virtual queue system takes a lot of work and can be confusing for new park goers. Many guests leave the park unhappy because they were unable to get a boarding group via the virtual queue system.

Now it looks like Disney is giving everyone (who wants it) the chance to ride as long as they are willing to wait. Because the attraction has never had a traditional standby line before, there are no historical estimates on wait times. We would imagine (if Disney allows it), that the wait time could exceed 3 hours, if not more.

However, in line with the new Genie service coming out and all the changes happening there, we think that Disney will stop allowing guests to enter the standby line after a certain wait time has been hit.

For now though, we’re happy to see Disney move from the virtual queue system to allowing guests to wait if they want, to experience the attraction.