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A Family Christmas Guide To The Disneyland Resort

Christmas time is a magical time of year and what better way to celebrate it then at the most magical place on earth with your family!! Yes, Disneyland is known to be the happiest place on earth, but Nov 11th- Jan 8th it doubles in magic and happiness!! Almost overnight Disneyland transforms into Holiday Paradise. Disneyland is known around the world, and that’s exactly what Disney celebrates during the Holidays, the many cultures and traditions from around the world!

What rides are decorated for Christmas at Disneyland?

As if the Holiday decor isn’t amazing enough, some of the attractions in Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park are transformed into Holiday Magic! 

Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite, Haunted Mansion. That’s right, Haunted Mansion gets a holiday makeover with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. The citizens of Halloween town come to life, from Jack Skellington to The Oogie Boogie man, Sally and more! 

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”it’s a small world“ gets even more lights and sounds during the holidays. Outside the attraction, every 30 mins throughout the night 50,000 lights and projections make this the multicultural ride for everyone to enjoy. 

Inside the attraction, along with “it’s a small world” song, are holiday tunes and characters dressed in their native holiday wardrobe. 

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle receives its own makeover with icicles, wreaths, and festive decor. It’s a sight to be seen! Especially at night,  with snow falling and music filling the air, the castle sparkles and shines bright!

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Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree gets a holiday uplift to Mater’s Jingle Jamboree!

Mater decorates his junkyard into holiday fun using car parts for decor and coming up with new words to holiday classics.

Luigi’s Joy to the Whirl – enjoy riding in one of Luigi’s classic Italian cars in his backyard as they move and spin to the holiday music Luigi has picked out himself. With even more lights and sounds adding to your holiday experience!

Is Disneyland worth it at Christmas?

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Absolutely! Christmas time is one of Disneyland’s busiest times of the year, and for good reason! With new decor, iconic Christmas trees, food and smells of the season, everyone wants to participate.

If you’re an experienced Disneyland goer and haven’t been during Christmas time, it’s worth it!

Is Disneyland busy the week before Thanksgiving?

Disneyland is not busy the week before Thanksgiving, but it gets busy the week of Thanksgiving. But with Thanksgiving day being a blackout day for season passholders, it’s worth a shot.

Is Disneyland busy the week before Christmas?

Disneyland is busy the week before Christmas, the week of Christmas, and the week after.

Again Christmas day is also a blackout day for season passholders, so if you do go during that time. That’s the best day!

Does Disneyland have a Christmas theme?

Christmas tree at night with lights

With the “Christmas Fantasy Parade” and “Believe…in holiday magic” Firework show.

Disneylands Festival of Holidays, “Viva Navidad”, and Festive food marketplace I would say the theme for Disneyland during the holidays is celebrating the world and its many cultures and traditions during this time of year!

7 Must Sees at Disneyland During CHRISTMAS TIME with your family!

With the “Christmas Fantasy Parade” and “Believe…in holiday magic” Firework show.

Disneylands Festival of Holidays, “Viva Navidad”, and Festive food marketplace I would say the theme for Disneyland during the holidays is celebrating the world and its many cultures and traditions during this time of year! Here are our Must Sees During the Holidays!

  • Christmas Fantasy Parade– All your favorite Disney Characters dressed up for the holidays. Frozen, Toy Story, and the Disney Princesses just to name a few. Ride down Main Street USA with reindeer, toy soldiers, and dancing gingerbread men and saving the big guy for the end. No, not Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus!! The parade does not happen daily and times are subject to change, make sure to check the entertainment schedule.
  • “Believe…in holiday magic” Fireworks!  Sleeping Beauty’s castle has over 80,000 twinkling lights and icicles; the sky around it lights up even more with fireworks and snow falling to the ground. Again, check the entertainment schedule before. 
  • Festival of Holidays- Disneyland celebrates all the traditions around the world during this fun festival. Christmas, Navidad, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa and Three Kings’ Day. While you’re walking around the parks, keep your ears open for the sounds of this Festival of Holidays!
  • !Viva Navidad!-At Paradise Gardens Park in Disney California Adventure Park, Stop by to experience live music, samba dancers, and Mickey and Minnie in their Fiesta outfits. With the best holiday traditions from Mexico and Brazil, colorful papel picado banners and piñatas. In the paradise gardens cafe check out the authentic Mexican holiday dishes. If you’re an Encanto fan, make sure to check this out, it’s known that you can find Mirabell here.
  • Festive Food Marketplace– With a diverse variety of holiday food options to choose from, the festive food marketplace in California Adventure is worthwhile.The 9 different kiosks to choose from will make it hard to choose just one. That’s where our 6th must see comes in. The Sip and Savor Pass- for $57 you’ll get to pick 8 food options from the 9 kiosks. With names like A Twist on tradition, Brews and Bites, Favorite Things, Grandma’s Recipes, Holiday Duets, Making Spirits Bright, Merry Mashups, Winter Sliderland, Visions of Sugarplums. Which ones will you pick?You can purchase the Sip and Savor pass at any of the kiosks.

Know before you purchase, here are the rules and info for the Sip and Savor pass:

Pass with tear tabs

Important Information

  • 2022 Sip and Savor Passes expire January 8, 2023, and entitlement tabs may not be redeemed at any other event.
  • Valid Magic Key pass and photo ID must be shown upon purchase of the Sip and Savor Pass to receive the special price and lanyard.
  • Each entitlement tab must be attached to the Sip and Savor Pass prior to redemption and may be redeemed for one (1) eligible food or nonalcoholic beverage item at a participating Festive Foods Marketplace kiosk or dining location.
  • Eligible Sip and Savor Pass items at participating restaurants are tasting-size portions only, not full entrée offerings.
  • Sip and Savor Pass and tabs will not be replaced if lost, stolen, destroyed or expired. Sip and Savor Passes are nonrefundable, non transferable and may not be sold or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. No substitutions or change will be given.
  • Valid admission and park reservation for Disney California Adventure Park required.
  • Sip and Savor Pass, its entitlements, food and beverage offerings, participating marketplace locations and participating dining locations are all subject to availability, restrictions and change or cancellation without notice.

Finally World of Color… Season Of Light! If you have seen World Of Color before in the past, you know to get there early for a good seat. It can get crowded. In California Adventure over the Paradise Gardens Park, is the water and light show World of Color. For the Holidays they bring Disney Classics to life, including films like, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia, Cinderella, Toy Story, and Lady and the Tramp. This 23 min long show will be the perfect end to your day in the park!

Water fountains with lights at night

We hope you make it to Disneyland during the Holidays with your family! Let us know if this article helped you.