Do Disneyland Annual Passholders Get Discounts on Tickets

If you’re a passholder at Disneyland in 2020 you may be wondering “Do Disneyland Annual Passholders Get Discounts on Tickets?” This is a very common question that Disney gets. Currently Annual Passholders at Disneyland do get benefits including on merchandise, food and parking. Currently though they do not get a discount on tickets.

Don’t let this fact scare you away from searching for discounted tickets though. There’s one company out there who happens to sell discounted tickets to the public, no annual pass is required.

Do Disneyland Annual Passholders Get Discounts on Tickets

While Disneyland may not offer direct discounts on tickets for Annual Passholders, many are located in Southern California and there are discounts available for Southern California Residents. Right now residents can purchase a 3-Day ticket starting at $194 for a 1 park per day. They also have the option to purchase a 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket at $249. This is a savings of over $100 per ticket.

Here are the exact details of each ticket available:


For a limited time, locals living in Zip Codes 90000-93599 can visit the DISNEYLAND® Resort for less than $65 per day. Choose from a 3-Day PARK HOPPER® Ticket or 3-Day 1-Park per Day Ticket, with or without MaxPass. No matter what ticket you decide on, you’ll be able to enjoy limited-time entertainment, thrilling attractions and so much more. But, don’t wait to get this deal! This offer ends on May 18, 2020 and travel must be complete May 21, 2020. Residency will be verified at time of booking and government photo ID is required to use the tickets at the parks.

Things that you should know about the resident passholder discount include:

  • You need to have a valid photo ID to show upon purchase of the tickets. This ID needs to show that you live within the zip codes of 90000-93599.
  • You can purchase a total of 6 tickets at a time under the resident passholder discount.
  • If you purchase the tickets online then you’ll need to show up at the parks to get any friends or family in who may not live in Southern California.

If you’re a passholder but not a southern California resident I would suggest purchasing your tickets for family and friends online, in advance and at a discounted price.

Do Disney World Annual Passholders Get Discounts on Tickets?

Do Disney World Annual Passholders Get Discounts on Tickets?

No but the same rule applies to Disney World as it does to Disneyland. Most annual passholders are residents of Florida and they do get discounts on tickets for themselves and their guests. Here are the current tickets available and their pricing:

  • 3-day Discover Disney Ticket for $175 plus tax—valid for admission to one theme park per day. Plus, you can add a fourth day for just $20 more plus tax (that’s 4 days for $49 per day plus tax or $195 total plus tax). You can also add on the Park Hopper option or Park Hopper Plus Option to this ticket. Tickets can be used for any days between now and June 30th, 2020.
  • Florida Residents can save 40% on 4-Day Tickets and 30% on 3-Day Tickets compared to the non-Florida Resident price of a 3-Day or 4-Day Ticket.
  • One-day, one-park tickets start at $109, depending on the date and the theme park. Florida Residents can save on 1-Day Tickets with Park Hopper Option, which offers 1-Day admission to multiple theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort.

You can verify that you are a resident by sending in a copy of a utility bill or scanning your driver’s license online and submitting it to Disney beforehand. This will help you save time at the parks by skipping the box office and going straight to the gate with your tickets.

Can Annual Pass Holders get discounts on tickets to Disneyland?

Can Annual Pass Holders get discounts on tickets to Disneyland

This question is covered by the previous statement above but to answer it, no; annual pass holders do not have access to discount Disneyland tickets specifically for friends and family. They can purchase discounted tickets for the general public and they come with a lot of perks.

First, the tickets are e-tickets which allows the guest to go straight to the gate instead of stopping at a box office for 30+ minutes. These e-tickets can also be linked to the Disneyland App for scanning at the gate and Fastpass reservations with MaxPass.

Guests can also purchase tickets directly from Disney online at Either way, avoiding the box office and buying at the gate is the best way to maximize your time at the parks.

For pass holders who want to take advantage of their discounts at the parks, they should look into merchandise, parking and food, all of which is offered on the available passes.

If you are a pass holder and you’re bringing family friends, be sure to see if you can get the resident discount which can save you and them a lot of money.