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How to Get DVC Member Discount Tickets

As a DVC Member myself I am always trying to stay in touch with all the available discounts offered to members. A quick glance at the Member Discounts page through disneyvacationclub.com will show you that there is a lot of opportunity to save! And while some of the bigger savings that we look for are in the Annual Passes, are there any DVC Member Discount Tickets?

Over the years DVC Members have enjoyed discount tickets to Walt Disney World including special 5 and 7 day tickets that were deeply discounted. These were killer deals that could be shared with friends and family members.

As of right now for 2019 and 2020 there are no special ticket offers for DVC Members to Walt Disney World or the Disneyland Resort. I know it’s a bummer but not all is lost!

DVC Member discount tickets are still available for you to get but no membership is required. Park Savers offers discount tickets for anyone to purchase with significant savings. Tickets are available from 3 days and up and the savings can be up to $81 per ticket. Ticket options include Base, Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus.

I highly recommend taking advantage of these savings for any friends and family that you may be buying for.

Be sure to read through each section below to cover exactly what you’re looking for. There are many options for DVC Member Discount Tickets but it all depends on which resort you’re headed to. If you want to skip over some stuff because you know exactly what you’re looking for then use the table of contents above to skip to that section.

DVC Disney World Tickets

DVC Disney World Tickets

Most of us own a DVC property at Walt Disney World because it’s home to the biggest collection of DVC resorts. This means that the majority of us tend to use our points at Disney World and would really benefit from DVC Disney World Tickets.

Many DVC members have Annual Passes to the resort but there are some who don’t and need to purchase tickets for their visit. As I mentioned above, Park Savers is the best place online to purchase discounted tickets to help you save when there are no offers directly from Disney Vacation Club.

Purchasing DVC Disney World Tickets is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It’s as simple as:

  1. Selecting the number of days you’re going for, from 3 days up to 10.
  2. Selecting either One Park Per Day, Park Hopper or the Park Hopper Plus option.
  3. Selecting how many adults and children are in your group.
  4. Choosing your first day in the parks.
  5. Adding the tickets to your cart and checking out!

The average guest is savings $40 per ticket and for a family of 4 that’s some serious savings!

Now I realize you may have some questions about purchasing with Park Savers vs. Disney when it comes to DVC Disney World Tickets. Let me answer most of the FAQ’s.

  1. Do Park Savers tickets work just like Disney’s tickets? YES. Park Savers tickets come from Disney so they work exactly the same.
  2. Can I still make FastPass+ reservations in advance? YES. Park Savers send you your ticket confirmation code via email so that you can make FastPass+ reservations after your purchase.
  3. How do I receive my tickets after purchase? Park Savers offers 2 delivery methods, both of which are free. First you can have your actual tickets mailed to. They are RFID enabled and allow you to go straight to the gate. The second option is will call pick up. This allows you to go to any of the 4 parks box office locations or guest relations and pick up your tickets.
  4. Do Park Savers Tickets link to MagicBands? YES. Once you link your tickets to your Disneyworld.com account you can assign tickets to your group and any associated MagicBands they have.
  5. Can I make changes to my own tickets? YES. Once linked to your Disneyworld.com account you can change your arrival dates, upgrade your tickets with options and additional days and even upgrade them to an Annual Pass.

You can see how easy it is to save on DVC Disney World Tickets with Park Savers and that you receive the exact same tickets as you would purchasing with Disney.

DVC Disneyland Tickets

DVC Disneyland Tickets

These may be the hardest tickets to come by. I haven’t seen a Disney Vacation Club promo on Disneyland Tickets for years though they do offer a $20 discount on Annual Passes (more on this below).

If you’re headed to Anaheim and need DVC Disneyland Tickets the best place to purchase them discounted is with Get Away Today.

I’ve been working with Get Away Today for several years and love offering their discounted tickets to DVC Members who are looking to save. Why? Because they offer a Best Price Guarantee on every ticket they sell!

Purchasing DVC Disney Tickets with them is also a quick 5 minutes or less when you follow these steps:

  1. Choose your ticket type and option. These include 1 Park Per Day or Park Hopper Tickets both with or without MaxPass.
  2. Now choose how many days you want to visit for, 2-5 days.
  3. Now add however many adults and kids you have in your group.
  4. Add the tickets to your cart and check-out!

Get Away Today offers eTickets only which means that your tickets are emailed to you after purchase. eTickets allow you to go straight to the gate without having to stop at a Box Office and exchange. You can either show your tickets from your phone or print them out. Either way you’ll head right to the park entrance and have your tickets scanned.

These DVC Disneyland tickets can be purchased at anytime and by anyone involved with your group. You do not have to provide Membership ID.

Just because your saving on your tickets doesn’t mean you’re going to get any less of an experience. Your tickets will work exactly the same as if you bought them from Disney. This includes Fastpass, MaxPass, Early Entry and more. That one of the things that I love about these tickets.

DVC Annual Passes

DVC Annual Passes

These are the staples for DVC Members as many of us make multiple trips each year to the theme parks and an Annual Pass just makes sense.

DVC Annual Passes are offered basically every year right through DVC Member services and can have some serious savings. I’ll go over each pass available by resort and then let you know which one is the best value.

DVC Disney World Annual Pass:

Disney Gold Pass – New PurchaseN/A$699 plus taxN/A
Disney Gold Pass – RenewalN/A$594 plus taxN/A
Disney Platinum Pass – New Purchase$1,119 plus tax$899 plus tax$220
Disney Platinum Pass – Renewal$951 plus tax$764 plus tax$187
Disney Platinum Plus Pass – New Purchase$1,219 plus tax$999 plus tax$220
Disney Platinum Plus Pass – Renewal$1,036 plus tax$849 plus tax$187

These prices are as of 12/13/2019 and are subject to change.

Disney Gold Pass

  • Admission during most times of the year to all 4 Walt Disney World theme parks (during normal operating hours)
  • The ability to go from park to park on the same day
  • Theme park parking
  • Disney PhotoPass downloads
  • Special offers for stays at Disney Resort hotels and discounts on dining, merchandise, recreation and tours
  • Blockout dates apply (typically Spring Break in April and the last few weeks in December).

Disney Platinum Pass

  • One year of admission to all 4 Walt Disney World theme parks (during normal operating hours)
  • The ability to go from park to park on the same day—with NO blockout dates
  • Theme park parking
  • Disney PhotoPass downloads
  • Special offers for stays at Disney Resort hotels
  • Discounts on dining, merchandise, recreation and tours

Disney Platinum Plus Pass

  • One year of admission to all 4 Walt Disney World theme parks (during normal operating hours)
  • The ability to go from park to park on the same day—with NO blockout dates
  • Theme park parking
  • Admission to 2 fantastic Disney water parks¹, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex² and Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course³
  • Disney PhotoPass downloads
  • Special offers for stays at Disney Resort hotels
  • Discounts on dining, merchandise, recreation and tours are also included

Out of the passes that are available I highly recommend the Disney Gold Pass if you’re looking to get DVC Annual Passes. The price is right every year and the block out dates are very few, not to mention weeks you probably don’t want to be at the parks anyway.

You can see that the renewal prices are where the biggest savings are though the Disney Gold Pass is only offered to DVC Members and Florida Residents and saves a lot of money.

I’ve had my daughter on the Disney Gold Pass for several years now and it works perfectly. You can also upgrade any park ticket you may have towards any of these annual passes. All you need to do is visit a box office and provide your DVC Membership card.

For the Disneyland Resort DVC Annual Passes there are no special passes available to DVC members only. You can purchase what’s available to the general public but with a discount:

DVC Disneyland Annual Pass:

Disney Deluxe Passport$799 plus tax$779 plus tax$20
Disney Signature Annual Passport$1,149 plus tax$1,129 plus tax$20
Disney Signature Plus Annual Passport$1,399 plus tax$1,379 plus tax$20

It doesn’t seems like much but if you want to spend an extra $20 on churros to celebrate your new DVC annual passes then you definitely can!

Of course one option you can always do is purchase a discounted theme park ticket and then upgrade it to an Annual Pass. Depending on the initial discount that you receive you may be able to save more than $20 on your pass.

To purchase DVC annual passes all you need to do is call member services and let them know which pass you want to buy. They will take care of it over the phone with you and then email you your confirmation. You can also renew your pass over the phone with member services to ensure you receive the discounted renewal price.

DVC Member Discount Tickets Warning

Like any theme park ticket be sure to purchase from reliable and well rated sources. Searching Craigslist and eBay is a bad idea. There are no such things are half priced tickets unless you are doing some sort of timeshare. If you really want to save big time on your Disneyland or Walt Disney World tickets then check out our tried and true method for free tickets.

Don’t meet someone in a McDonald’s parking lot to get cheap tickets or use a roadside stand. Too many people have lost their hard-earned money doing this and it’s really, really sad. Also, Disney won’t do anything about it because they were your actions, not theirs.

If you do have anyone in your family who is retired or active military there are tickets options for you and the prices are about half or more. I highly recommend these if you can pull it off.


DVC Member Discount Tickets

There are plenty of options for DVC Members to receive DVC Member discount tickets. First, always check disneyvacationclub.com for any promotions or discounts. These will always be a great way to save. If you can’t find them there for tickets only then check out Park Savers for Walt Disney World tickets and Get Away Today for Disneyland Tickets.

DVC Disneyland Passes are cheap and come with a Best Price Guarantee. They work perfectly if you have an Annual Pass but are bringing guests who may not have them. You’ll save a ton of money over gate pricing and receive them quickly via email after purchase.

DVC Disney World Tickets are also very cheap with savings up to $81 per ticket. Currently Disney Vacation Club doesn’t offer any ticket discounts for Walt Disney World so Park Savers is a great option.

DVC Annual Passes can be purchase through Disney Vacation Club for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Most of the savings are found at time a renewal through the DVC Gold Pass is an incredible deal for all the days you get at a price of $699. I highly recommend this pass to any DVC member who frequents Disney World.

Lastly I just want to mention that most of these deals and offers are available without needing to show your DVC membership.

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