Guide For Disney World’s Park Pass System

If you’re going to be visiting the Walt Disney World Resort for an upcoming trip anytime in 2020 and 2021, you’re going to want to know about Disney’s new Park Pass System.

With COVID-19 going on, Disney has taken precautions to keep the spread of this virus at bay when it comes to their parks. Part of these new rules includes limiting the number of guests allowed in the theme parks each day.

Thus Disney created the Park Pass system. This new reservation system is integrated into their existing My Disney Experience system which shows guests plans including hotels, tickets and dining.

There are 4 major parts of the Park Pass System that you’ll want to be aware of:

  1. Tickets/Hotel – Guests with existing tickets and a hotel reservation currently have priority for booking a Park Pass Reservation which opened June 22nd. If you don’t currently have tickets for a 2020 visit, be sure to buy them now as they are limited. AP holders can start booking June 26th.
  2. Party – Anyone who you will be making a Park Pass Reservation for needs to be listed as a guest in your MDE account, have a valid ticket and if you have a resort hotel, they need to be listed on it.
  3. Dates – For most guests these were already chosen when you bought your tickets or booked your hotel.
  4. Parks – You want to know ahead of time which park you’re going to visit on which day. There is no park hopping available at this time.

How To Make A Disney Park Pass Reservation

Step 1. Log-in to your MDE account at

Step 2. Click on Disney Park Pass System in the MDE menu bar.

Step 3. When the page loads there will be a button on the right side of the screen that says Make A Disney Park Pass Reservation.

Step 4. This will load either a holding page or the actual booking page. The booking page will first ask you to select all the guests in your party.

Create Party

Step 5. Choose the date you want to make the reservation for.

Park Pass Disney World

Step 6. Choose which theme park you want to visit on that day.

How to make a Disney park pass reservation

Step 7. Select the time slot you want to enter the park that day.

Step 8. Confirm your plans by clicking the “Agree” box and confirm.

That’s it! Just repeat these steps for all the other days you need reservations for.

After making reservations you will be able to load your My Plans page again and see each days reservations and if needs be, modify them.

Disney Park Pass System Guide

Be sure to check out the timeline for when the Park Pass System opens up for guests. June 22nd was the first day it opened but there are still other days for annual passholders and ticket holders to check.

There Are Limitations To Park Pass

Keep in mind that there are limitations to the number of reservations you can make.

Annual Passholders are limited to 3 days at a time unless they have a hotel reservation.

Ticket holders are limited to the days their tickets are valid for.

Guests with tickets and a hotel reservation are also limited to the days their reservations run for.

The Park Pass System is based on availability so when you go to make a reservation, some parks may or may not be available, along with some theme park times.

Why Do I Need A Park Pass Reservation?

Disney is limiting the number of guests inside each theme park due to COVID-19. In order to maintain the parks and prevent the spread, Disney is implementing several safety protocols including capacity limits.

The way they are limiting park capacity is by offering a limited-number of reservations per day, per park for guests. So lets say Animal Kingdom is open on Sept. 5th. The Park Pass System may have 5,000 open reservations for the park that day. Once it’s full, no more reservations can be made, thus Animal Kingdom is maxed out at 5,000 guests.

This means that guests who do not have a park pass reservation are not allowed into any parks, even if they aren’t at their capacity. You must have a reservation to access a park.

How Can I Buy Tickets If I Don’t Have Them Yet?

Because of how this system works, you have to have existing tickets that are valid for use either on specific days or open for 2020 use. If you don’t have tickets already for 2020, you will be required to wait until late summer 2020 to see if Disney makes any available.

Guests who are wanting to travel in 2021 will be able to purchase tickets by June 28th. This goes for new hotel bookings and complete packages as well. You can purchase discounted tickets online to help you save.

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