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A Savvy Parent’s Guide to Disney World Stroller Rental

With four different theme parks, waterparks, mini-golf courses, entertainment complexes and more to explore at Walt Disney World, you’ll probably cover a lot of ground before vacation is done. In fact, while most guests usually average around 15,000 steps per day, some people have clocked in as many as 35,000 steps a day at Disney World, or more than 17 miles. 

Needless to say, if you’ll be doing Disney World with kids, all that walking can be daunting. So, unless you want to deal with cranky, tired kiddos with achy feet, we suggest you consider a Disney World stroller rental or make plans to bring your own. 

Each option has its perks, so keep reading as we break them down for you and, hopefully, make your decision a little bit easier. 

All About Strollers at Disney World

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If you’ve found your way here, you might be wondering, “Should I take a stroller to Disney World? Or maybe I should rent?” Whatever the case, we’re here to help. 

As we said earlier, you definitely should use a stroller at Disney – and not just for young children whose little legs are more likely to tire out quickly. You may want to consider getting a set of wheels for bigger kids too. 

While they may not need to be chauffeured around all day long, chances are they’ll still appreciate a place to sit down, get some shade and maybe pass out for a bit. You might even wish you had a stroller for yourself by the end of the day. 

What are the Disney stroller requirements?

No matter if you bring your own stroller or decide to rent, there are some guidelines that guests must follow restricting everything from how big or what kind strollers can be to how they can be used. Current stroller restrictions include:   

  • Strollers can’t be bigger than 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm). So, while double strollers are allowed, they have to fall within the sizing requirements. 
  • Stroller wagons aren’t permitted. 
  • Strollers can’t be taken onto escalators; however, they are allowed on ramps and elevators (when available).
  • Strollers may not leave the theme parks or Disney Springs. 
  • When using the parking lot tram, children must exit the stroller and sit alongside the rest of their group. 
  • A Cast Member may move your stroller to help manage high traffic areas or other operational needs. 
  • Personal belongings shouldn’t be left in a stroller unattended.

Why are stroller wagons banned at Disney?

Stroller wagons haven’t been allowed at the theme parks for a while now, though the rule wasn’t always enforced in the past. Following a May 2019 statement, however, Disney has taken the restriction seriously, saying that the banning of stroller wagons helps keep crowds flowing and safely. For a list of strollers that aren’t permitted, click here.

Roll Through the Parks with Ease with a Disney World Stroller Rental

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Schlepping a stroller on a plane or stuffing one in your car can be a hassle, especially when you’re wrangling a vacation’s worth of luggage, but it’s not a necessity. Instead, just arrange a stroller rental. Disney World offers their own rental strollers at each theme park and Disney Springs or you can also reserve one through a third-party company. 

Each option has their pros and cons, so read on to see which is best for you. 

Get a Third-Party Orlando Stroller Rental

While it’s true that Disney offers its own stroller rentals, many people actually swear by a third-party rental service. Although it takes a little pre-planning, off-site stroller rentals offer some incredibly convenient perks that Disney’s service can’t provide. 

Most companies will drop off and pick up your stroller directly at your hotel, making them a great choice for guests of Disney World hotels as well as those staying at Good Neighbor Hotels or other off-property hotels. Having said that, if you are staying at a Disney resort hotel, you will need to be present at the time of delivery. The only exception is for rentals through Scooter Bug, Disney’s featured provider, which has special permission from Disney to drop off your stroller even if you aren’t there. 

But the benefits don’t stop there! While Disney World’s rental strollers can’t leave the theme parks, you’re free to take third-party strollers anywhere you go (except for escalators), whether that’s out for dinner at Disney’s BoardWalk, back to your hotel or down I-4 to Universal Orlando. So, while others will be forced to wake up their sleepy little one for the trip back to their room, you’ll cruise back to your hotel with your child fast asleep. Well, hopefully. 

Best of all, off-site rental strollers are usually similar to the popular, brand-name models you’re already familiar with. In short, not only will your rental feel similar and, as a result, more comfortable for your kiddo (and they’ll recline – more on that later), but they’ll also be easier to maneuver through the crowds. 

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Of course, arranging your rental will take some planning ahead of time, starting with deciding which of the many companies to choose from. ScooterBug is the only Disney-approved provider and also offers mobility rentals for wheelchairs and ECVs in addition to strollers. 

Like rentals from Disney World, ScooterBug stroller daily rates get lower the longer the rental period is, with prices as low as $35 for a one- to three-day-long rental of a single stroller or $65 for a double stroller. Other popular rental companies include Kingdom Strollers, Orlando Stroller Rentals and Magic Strollers.

Why We Like It: Convenient delivery and pickup, able to go anywhere, name-brand strollers with a comfortable and reclinable seat, more model options

Why We Don’t: Can be more expensive than a Disney rental stroller depending on your length of stay and chosen model, need an advance reservation

Rent a Disney Stroller at the Theme Parks or Disney Springs

If you don’t want to commit to an advance reservation or your kiddo’s feet get tired halfway through the day, a Walt Disney World stroller rental can be an easy solution. These stroller-peddling outposts are located near the entrances for each of the four theme parks as well as the Disney Springs entertainment district.

  • At Garden Gate Gifts in Animal Kingdom
  • Near Spaceship Earth and at World Traveler by International Gateway in Epcot
  • At Oscar’s Super Service in Hollywood Studios
  • Beneath the Main Street, U.S.A. Railroad Station in Magic Kingdom
  • At Sundries between the Coca-Cola Store and Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill in Disney Springs (requires a $100 credit card deposit) 

Currently, Walt Disney World stroller rental prices are $15 per day for a single stroller and $31 per day for a double stroller. If you’re visiting for several days and you know you’d like a stroller for the duration, you can even get a multi-day discount by pre-paying for all the days upfront ($13 a day for single strollers, $27 a day for double strollers). Then, just show your receipt to a cast member each morning to claim your stroller for the day. 

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So, what do Disney strollers look like? In contrast to the high-end strollers available through third-party providers, Disney rental strollers are made of hard, beige plastic, making reclining impossible. 

For younger, littler children, a single stroller should still allow plenty of space for them to sprawl out and relax. However, bigger kids will likely be more comfortable in a double stroller. Additionally, this type of construction isn’t safe for infants, so be sure to plan accordingly.

While they do feature seatbelts and a canopy for a bit of shade, the plastic can still get pretty hot under the blinding Florida sun. And although there is an attached pouch for carrying a few things, they don’t have cup holders or any other storage space. 

Keep in mind that you are required to return your Disney stroller rental before you exit the theme park. So, rather than pushing your little one back to your room while they’re passed out, you’ll have to wake up your tired, cranky kiddo so they can walk or be carried. Talk about a less-than-ideal way to end a very long day. 

Why We Like It: Available onsite with no reservation needed, affordable daily rates

Why We Don’t: Stroller’s hard-plastic body can get hot and can’t recline, not safe for infants

BYOS: Bring Your Own Stroller 

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If your kiddo won’t be content in an unknown stroller, or you’d just rather not rent one, bringing your own is always an option. Sure, you will need to haul it on the plane or stuff it in your vehicle (as long as there’s enough space, of course), but taking your own stroller to Disney World has a lot of upsides. 

Not only is your child apt to be more comfortable – and, hence, happier – throughout the day, but it will be a whole lot easier to pick your stroller out of a crowd versus one you’ve only just started using. Best of all, unlike Disney stroller rentals, you can take your stroller anywhere, making it possible for you to explore the rest of Central Florida. 

To top it all off, you’ll even save a little money. Yes, even if you’re flying to Disney World. As strollers aren’t technically recognized as standard baggage, you’re able to check them at the airline ticket counter or your flight gate for completely free

Why We Like It: No cost, familiar stroller is more comfortable and recognizable

Why We Don’t: A hassle to transport

Helpful Hints for Using Strollers at Walt Disney World 

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Follow our simple tips to keep your Disney World vacation as magical as possible even with a stroller in tow:

  • Keep track of your Disney stroller receipt for a hassle-free replacement. For those who rent a stroller through Disney World, be sure to hold tight to your ticket. If you happen to lose track of it during the day or need a new stroller after park hopping or for the next day of your trip, simply flash your receipt for a new set of wheels.
  • Think about buying a stroller at Disney World instead. If you decide you need a stroller partway through the day that you don’t have to return before leaving the parks, consider buying one. Several shops throughout the resort stock small strollers perfect for younger, smaller guests and, depending on how long you’re visiting, could even be cheaper. 
  • Decorate your stroller so it’s safe and easy to spot. You’ll spend less time searching for it after getting off a ride. A colorful Disney balloon tied on to your stroller will be fun for the kids and makes for the perfect beacon.
  • Only leave your stroller in designated parking areas. Or you may be forced to track it down, wasting precious time.  
  • Keep in mind that cast members might move your stroller while you’re away. Don’t freak out if you get off of a ride and the stroller is missing. A cast member likely relocated it somewhere close by to manage traffic or other operational needs. 
  • You don’t need to push your stroller everywhere you go. Stashing it somewhere central gives you the freedom to explore an area more freely, while a strategic parking spot can give you better views (or a swifter exit) from the parade or nightly Disney World fireworks.  
  • Turn your stroller into a pint-sized hideaway and convenient catchall but take your valuables with you. With the help of a few toys, snacks, some shade and maybe a clip-on fan, your stroller transforms into a cozy hidey-hole your little one can escape to when feeling overwhelmed and worn out. But only leave easily replaceable items unattended so as not to tempt thieves. 
  • Pack wipes and sanitize your stroller and kiddo’s hands often. What with the Covid-19 pandemic, packed stroller parking areas and cast members relocating strollers as needed. 
  • Don’t be *that person* when weaving through the theme parks. You know who we’re talking about. Go with the flow of traffic, be aware of others (ankles) and have patience. 

Have you chauffeured your little one through Disney World in a stroller? Would you rather rent a stroller or bring your own? What tips do you have that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Planning to rent a Disney stroller? Offset the costs with our discount Disney World tickets.