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July Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Our July Disneyland Crowd Calendar for 2019 is actually not as bad as we were thinking initially. With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge having opened in May, we thought this summer was going to be crazy! So far it hasn’t been but there are still some things we’re waiting for to see if that changes. The idea behind our Crowd Calendars is to give you a heads up on what crowds will be like for a particular month at the Disneyland Resort. Each year we update these calendars to reflect the new month of crowds based on many different things explained below.

The weather is July is hot and can be rainy. Typically the temperatures are going to be in the 80’s but sometimes you’ll see the occasional 90. Our course the best idea we can give you is to check the weather forecast for Anaheim before you go out there. Take a look 2-3 days before hand; that way you’ll be better prepared in case anything crazy comes up. We do have a great article on what you should pack for Disney when travelling to a resort.

Crowds for July are typically higher than other months because school is out and everyone is enjoying a vacation. While this is a big draw for many, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is an even bigger draw. Thus far we haven’t seen anything as crazy as was predicted. In fact, when we walk out of Galaxy’s Edge we typically see short lines for attractions like the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. It’s actually been quite nice!

Now this could change some June 24th when reservations are no longer required. What we’re thinking is that everyone has been waiting till now to visit because they were unable to get a reservation. We don’t know how many people this was but if you didn’t get one within the first few hours they were up, you didn’t get one.

This is why we have reservations about how busy the parks will be. It’s only a few days away so time will tell. We of course will keep this page up to date as we come across better information.

Our calendar below is based off the things we’ve mentioned above and is very simple to use. Red days are the busiest days where we anticipate large crowds. Yellow days are going to be a moderate/average day at Disneyland. Green are the slower days where we expect crowds to be below average and are our favorite days to visit one.

july disneyland crowd calendar

As we mentioned before, we’re pretty optimistic that July won’t be as red as we had initially thought thus you’ll see that only the weekend are red. This is mostly due to So. Cal. Residents joining in on the fun on the weekends when they have time off. The 4th of July can be a slower week just because most people like to be somewhere where they can light off fireworks or enjoy them. Disneyland will do some special things for the holiday and most likely will have a fireworks show and tribute to America.

If you’re looking to go to the parks in summer but want some slower weeks take a look at August. Depending on the state, most schools are back in session around mid-August so there are some weeks that you can take advantage of that will be slower then. Of course you’ll also want to take advantage of discounted tickets to Disneyland for 2019 as well. Be sure to read the complete guide on how to save.