Mickey and Minnie dressed for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney California Adventure Park

Just as the Holiday Celebrations end at Disneyland resort, it’s time for the Lunar New Year celebrations to begin! Family and friends wish each other good fortune and health as we ring in the Year of the Rabbit!

How Long is the Lunar New Year at Disneyland?

Starting January 20th- February 15th California Adventure Park celebrates the Lunar New Year with food, festivities, kid friendly crafts, and special appearances by beloved Disney characters. Disney California Adventure Park pays tribute to Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean cultures by celebrating the Year of the Rabbit.

The Sip and Savor Pass, Lunar New Year Decor, Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession, Hurry Home – Lunar New Year Celebration, and Lucky Wishes Wall are sure to make celebrating the Lunar New Year something you’ll remember.

Is the Lunar New Year Crowded?

This time of year is Disneyland’s least crowded time, that being said, Disneyland is always busy, this just tends to be a little less crowded. But coming off of Disneyland’s New Years Eve Celebration, it will feel less busy. 

Lunar New Year Marketplace

What does the Sip and Savor pass get you during the Lunar New Year?

With lots of vendors to pick from, the Sip and Savor Pass will give you the opportunity to choose something from all of them. With names like these, it’s a good thing you can get something from each food stand. 

  • Bamboo Blessings – New!
  • Wrapped with Love – New!
  • Lucky 8 Lantern
  • Prosperity Bao & Buns
  • Red Dragon Spice Traders
  • Longevity Noodle Co.

These Marketplace vendors are always a big draw for people! All located in the Paradise Gardens Park at Disney’s California Adventure Park. 

Lunar New Year 2020 red guidemap and ticket

What entertainment do they have during Lunar New Year?

With special parades, water shows, and Live entertainment at the Paradise Garden Bandstand. They have entertainment happening day and night.

Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession

This entertaining parade-like procession from Pixar Pier to Buena Vista Street has all the Lunar New Year displays you would hope to see. A Chinese dragon puppet, warriors, drummers and dancers all beautifully costumed in traditional attire. Bold colors and hopes of a new year filled with good fortune will have you honoring those relationships that mean the most to you, with family and friends. All led by the beautiful and kind Princess Mulan!!

This procession happens several times throughout the day during the Lunar New Year celebration, so be sure to check it out.

Hurry Home-Lunar New Year Celebrations

Performer in colorful traditional dress at Lunar New Year Festival

This 6 minute water show in Paradise Garden Park, follows a little lantern as it finds its way home. Join Mulan and her friends as they celebrate family and friendship, and a New Year filled with good luck and fortune. The accompaniment was composed by the Academy Award winner composer Tan Dun. It will be a show your eyes and ears will enjoy! This show happens in the evening once a day so get there early to get a seat.

Kid Friendly Crafts

These free kid friendly craft tables you will be able to create your own lanterns, design red envelopes, or draw cute rabbits. Something kids will always remember as they channel their creativity.

Lucky Wishes Wall

The Lucky Wishes Wall is a place where those that are young and old can come and write their messages of happiness, hope, and health for the New Year. Surrounded by traditional Chinese lanterns this is sure to be a place for all those walking by, will want to stop and enjoy!

What Disney Characters will you see during Lunar New Year?

Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Mulan, Mushu and friends will all be wearing their bright colored Lunar New Year attire under a pavilion decorated with bamboo, peach blossoms, golden flowers and banners with holiday wishes.

On the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail you will find Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon under a canopy of forest trees.

Disney will also have Lunar New Year merchandise you can purchase at the shops (hopefully some Mickey and Minnie ears), festive decor, and more offerings that have not been released yet.