Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • General Ride Information
      • Average Wait Times
      • Height Requirements
      • Single Rider
      • Ride Duration
      • Genie+ and Lightning Lane
      • Rider Switch/Child Swap
      • Best Times to Ride
  2. History of the Attraction
  3. Queue Details
  4. Ride Experience
    • On the Ride
    • Is it Kid-Friendly?
    • Strollers
  5. Tips for Riders
  6. Nearby Attractions
  7. Comparison to Other Disney Park Tea Cup Rides
  8. Fun Facts
  9. Ride Soundtrack
  10. Hidden Mickeys
  11. Celebrity Experiences
  12. Nighttime Experience
  13. Special Events
  14. Conclusion


The Mad Tea Party is a classic spinning tea cup ride located in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World. This attraction, which opened on October 1, 1971, as part of the park’s grand opening, brings to life the chaotic spirit of the Unbirthday Party scene from Walt Disney’s 1951 animated film “Alice in Wonderland”. In this comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Mad Tea Party, including general ride information, history, queue and ride experience details, tips for riders, nearby attractions, how it compares to other Disney Parks, and more.

Mad Tea Party Ride Magic Kingdom - Full POV

General Ride Information

Average Wait Times: Wait times for the Mad Tea Party can vary greatly depending on the season, day of the week, and time of day. On average, guests can expect to wait anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes during peak times. The ride loads slowly, so lines can get lengthy.

Height Requirements: There is no height requirement for the Mad Tea Party, making it suitable for guests of all ages.

Single Rider: There is no single rider line for this attraction. All guests must wait in the standby queue.

Ride Duration: Once the ride begins, the Mad Tea Party lasts approximately 90 seconds as the teacups spin around.

Genie+ and Lightning Lane: Genie+ and Lightning Lane are available for the Mad Tea Party. However, they are usually not recommended as return times rarely run out.

Rider Switch/Child Swap: Since there is no height requirement, Rider Switch is not offered at this attraction. All parties must wait in the standby line.

Best Times to Ride: The best times to ride are typically early in the morning or late at night during non-peak park hours. Weekdays, especially Tuesday-Thursday, also tend to be less crowded than weekends at Disney World.

History of the Attraction

The original Mad Tea Party ride first opened in Disneyland on July 17, 1955 as part of the park’s grand opening. When the Magic Kingdom opened on October 1, 1971, its version of the iconic spinning teacups also debuted. Early designs for Disneyland’s Mad Tea Party featured a much more elaborate tea party scene, with audio-animatronic characters from the movie hosting a party on top of a large table. However, the opening day ride was a stripped down version with just the spinning teacups. For the first few months, Disneyland’s teacups spun on a bare circular platform.

The famous psychedelic spiral painting was later added underneath. The ride also initially had no brakes, meaning teacups could reach dangerously fast speeds. These features were added within the first couple years. Over the years, both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom’s Mad Tea Party rides have received minor enhancements but remain largely unchanged from opening day. The attraction continues to be a rite of passage for theme park guests young and old.

Queue Details

The queue for the Mad Tea Party winds through a pleasant outdoor garden area surrounded by decorative mirrors, whimsical music, flower beds, and giant teapots. As it’s uncovered queue, guests may want to avoid waiting in line during peak heat or rain. The queue can hold a sizable number of guests, so lines move at a moderate pace. The loading area features a short ramp leading into the ride platform. Guests needing special access can enter through the exit.

Ride Experience

On the Ride

Once aboard the colorful teacups, the ride begins slowly spinning as upbeat music fills the air. Guests can turn the wheel in the center of their teacup to control how fast they spin. Faster spins create an exhilarating, topsy-turvy ride. As teacups whirl around the platform, guests spin past the other rotating cups and the giant teapot centerpiece. Periodically, the Dormouse pops out of the teapot’s spout, smiling at riders. The 90-second ride ends with the music and spinning, gradually decreasing until the teacups come to a stop. Guests then exit their cups feeling happily dizzy.

Is it Kid-Friendly?

This ride is appropriate for guests of all ages who don’t get motion sickness easily. The spinning may be too intense for very small children and those prone to dizziness. Kids big enough to hold on tight usually enjoy making the teacups go fast.


Strollers are not permitted in the queue or on the ride platform. The nearby Fantasyland stroller parking can be used to store strollers while experiencing the attraction.

Tips for Riders

  • Arrive early or late to avoid long wait times
  • Split groups up to allow more spinning control
  • Hold wheel steady in the center if prone to dizziness
  • Avoid turning wheel if experiencing motion sickness
  • Ride after eating instead of before
  • Keep eyes focused on one spot to minimize nausea
  • Let kids spin the wheel as fast as they want!

Tea Cups

Comparison to Other Disney Park Tea Cup Rides

While all Disney Parks feature a version of the Mad Tea Party, there are some differences between the rides:

Disneyland: Open air ride with decorative lanterns hanging above. Features a complete teacup outside the exit.

Tokyo Disneyland: Named “Alice’s Tea Party” and includes the Dormouse animatronic character.

Disneyland Paris: Titled “Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups” and has a beautiful glass roof and surrounding gardens. Uses a teapot prop from the movie.

Hong Kong Disneyland: Called “Mad Hatter Tea Cups” but otherwise quite similar to Magic Kingdom’s version.

Fun Facts

  • The ride was originally designed to be much more elaborate, with audio-animatronic characters from the movie hosting a tea party on top of a large table.
  • Early versions of the ride at Disneyland had no brakes, allowing the teacups to spin dangerously fast until safety features were added.

Ride Soundtrack

As guests whirl around in the teacups, cheerful carnival music from “Alice in Wonderland” plays, including the songs “The Unbirthday Song” and “March of the Cards”. The frantic melodies match the frenzied spinning.

Hidden Mickeys

Sharp-eyed riders may spot subtle Mickey Mouse head silhouettes (known as “Hidden Mickeys”) printed on the ride’s colorful tent roof. Finding these makes spinning in the teacups even more fun.

Celebrity Experiences

Over the years, famous faces like John Stamos, Neil Patrick Harris, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have been spotted enjoying the Mad Tea Party with their families. Even celebrities can’t resist a dizzying Disney ride!

Nighttime Experience

When evening falls, the Mad Tea Party transforms through color-changing lights placed around the ride. The vibrant illumination makes the attraction glow and sparkle after dark, complementing the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime spectaculars.

Special Events

During Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, the teacup ride receives a spooky overlay with Halloween music, lighting, and décor. The giant teapot centerpiece even gets decorated like a jack-o-lantern!


The Mad Tea Party remains a beloved classic attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, providing over 50 years of whirling Disney magic. Stepping into the vibrant teacups for a frenetic spin around the giant teapot is a rite of passage for many theme park guests. From its amusing backstory and film inspiration to the exhilarating ride experience, this Fantasyland staple continues making Disney memories for generations. Just mind the motion sickness and hold onto your hat!


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Mad Tea Party Ride Review | Disney World
The Final Word
The Mad Tea Party is a beloved classic Walt Disney World attraction where guests spin wildly in colorful teacups on a rotating platform, controlling their speed with a wheel. Inspired by the Disney film Alice in Wonderland, this exhilarating Fantasyland ride has been making guests happily dizzy since 1971 as they turn round and round to cheerful music.