Hollywood Studios performance at night with fireworks in background

Maskless Man Removed From Disney’s Hollywood Studios

On September 15th, a man who refused to wear a mask at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park was removed from property, but not without a fight. Currently DIsney theme parks require all guests 2 and up to wear a mask while visiting. Guests may only remove them while they are eating or have left property.

Apparently the man didn’t want to wear his mask anymore and took it off while walking around the park. Cast Members asked him to put it back on but he refused. Then security was called.

As he was being escorted off property he tried to “rally the troops” by yelling lines from the Disney/Pixar film “a bug’s life.” Using lines from the character Hopper, he tried to get other guests to essentially take their masks off too; saying things like, “You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up.”

The man was eventually removed and no further incidents occurred with other guests. Disney has yet to release a statement on what happened and it is doubtful that they will.

As of Sept. 16th, Disney is only operating one resort in the U.S. with Disneyland in California still closed.