Disney Villains Land Concept Art

New Villains Themed Land Coming To Disney World

The Forces of Evil Descend Upon the Most Magical Place on Earth

Disney Villains Land Concept Art

Darkness looms over the horizon at Walt Disney World as Disney announces plans for a new villains-themed land. This exciting expansion will bring some of Disney’s most iconic villains to life in new and thrilling ways. The villains land, code-named “Beyond Big Thunder,” will be the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history according to Disney executives. Spanning multiple acres, it will feature immersive environments, state-of-the-art attractions, and unique dining and shopping experiences inviting guests to celebrate the power of evil. Concept art reveals ominous spires and crumbling architecture reminiscent of the Forbidden Mountain where Maleficent once dwelled. Disney Imagineers are hard at work crafting an interconnected world filled with the greatest evildoers in Disney lore.

Disney Villains Scar Hook The Evil Queen

“We are incredibly excited to showcase the rich legacy of Disney villains,” said Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks. “For the first time, guests will come face to face with infamous troublemakers and experience the thrilling adventures from their twisted points of view. “The land will transport guests to the foreboding domains of classic villains like Ursula, Scar, Jafar, and others. Towering facades will establish distinct spaces filled with details true to each villain’s menacing personality and magical abilities. At the heart of the land, the flagship E-ticket attraction will take riders deep into the villain alliance as they prepare to wreak havoc on the Magic Kingdom. Aboard “dark galleons,” guests will sail through scenes highlighting the greatest schemes of Disney baddies.

Maleficent Castle Night Time

The ride’s story unfolds as Hades, Ursula, and others select the most wicked leader to guide their conquest. A menacing animatronic Chernabog from Fantasia presides over the council, ultimately choosing Maleficent to lead the charge against Mickey and friends. Riders will then plunge into Maleficent’s fortress on Forbidden Mountain, navigating sharp turns and drops as she summons her dark powers. Advanced projection mapping and digital effects will surround guests with sinister magic before they escape the villain’s grasp. Beyond the marquee attraction, visitors can experience other villainous encounters. At Cruella’s Hideaway, guests dine amid glamorous décor recalling the fashionista’s lavish townhouse. The Queen’s Castle invites guests to partake in sinister snacks within the Evil Queen’s gothic chambers. At the Isle of the Lost marketplace, shops recall locations from Descendants. Guests can browse villain-inspired apparel and magical artifacts among the likes of Dr. Facilier’s Voodoo Emporium. Younger recruits can join the action at the Evil Ways kid’s play area. Shady groves and cursed caverns will delight children with interactive experiences and secret hideouts. Of course, what would a Disney villain be without a bit of live entertainment? A new stage show will bring together fan-favorite bad guys for a devilish dance party spectacular. Guests can sing and dance along to remixes of classic villain songs.

Mirror Mirror in the middle with other villains around it

“We know how much our guests love the Disney villains,” said Imagineer Chris Beatty. “This land represents the perfect opportunity to celebrate these dynamic characters. “Early reactions indicate strong enthusiasm for the villains land. At the D23 Expo unveiling, the concept art drew loud cheers and applause from the crowd. Disney is listening closely to that fan feedback according to Beatty. For now, details remain limited. Disney has not announced a timeline, but sources indicate the land could open within the next five years. Of course, plans will continue evolving over the course of development. One thing is certain – the forces of evil are assembling for a diabolical takeover unlike anything ever seen at the Disney parks. With captivating environments, state-of-the-art technology, and a compelling storyline, the villains land will become an exciting new addition to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Guests can look forward to experiencing Disney magic from the dark side when this next chapter unfolds. The villains are ready to wreak havoc on the Magic Kingdom, and soon you can join them!