Cast Member Costumes

NEW Zootopia Cast Member Costumes Debuting At Shanghai Disney Resort

The highly anticipated Zootopia Land recently opened at Shanghai Disney Resort, bringing the characters and world of the hit 2016 Disney film to life. An exciting part of any new Disney park land is seeing the creative costumes designed for cast members. Disney just offered the first official look at the Zootopia cast member costumes during a special fashion show in the land. The costumes focus on capturing the style and spirit of the animal characters from the movie. Susanna Ching, Costume Development Manager, commented that designing the Zootopia costumes was challenging but rewarding. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these creative new outfits:

Cast Member Costumes

Police Uniforms for the Zootopia Attraction

Cast members working at the land’s E-ticket attraction, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, wear police uniforms similar to those worn by main characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. The navy blue trousers and light blue long-sleeved shirts resemble the Zootopia Police Department uniforms. The shirts have a patch with the ZPD logo, while the name tags have a “Zootizen” decoration featuring Judy Hopps and a police car.

The most eye-catching part of the costume is the reversible vest. One side has the ZPD logo and badge patches, perfect for playing the role of a cop. The other side is a more colorful vest that can be worn open over a Gazelle t-shirt. The police hats and Gazelle tees allow the cast members to quickly switch their look from serious cops to fun concertgoers celebrating Zootopia Day. This reversible vest is a creative way to transform the costume.

Police Costume

Vibrant Style for Merchandise Cast Members

In the merchandise locations, cast members wear jeans paired with the colorful side of the reversible vest. Their Gazelle t-shirts are always visible, showing their excitement for the Gazelle concert happening in the land. The cast members can also wear a vibrant purple vest with a batik animal print. This stylish vest matches the lively spirit of the land. For colder weather, there is a cozy long-sleeved jacket available in a patchwork animal print.

Jumbeaux’s Cafe Uniforms Straight From the Film

One of the most fun aspects of the Zootopia costumes is seeing the cast members dressed up as specific animal characters from the movie. At Jumbeaux’s Cafe, the cast member uniforms match the elephant employees featured in the film. The servers wear pink pinstripe shirts, white aprons, and bow ties, khaki pants, and white paper hats just like Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. For cold days, they have jacket and coat options in colors matching the cafe’s signature look.

Accessories and Name Tags with Character Flair

Some of the best details of the Zootopia costumes are the accessories and name tags. The police officer name tags feature a creative “Zootizen” design with Judy Hopps and a police cruiser. The Jumbeaux’s Cafe aprons, bow ties, and paper hats replicate the look from the film. Cast members staying in character as specific animals can wear headbands or ears featuring that animal, like fox ears for Nick Wilde.

Women in vest

Appearances by Judy, Nick, and More

The costumes made their debut during a fashion show that included appearances by Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Nick finally got to show off his full police uniform that he earns at the end of the movie. Puppet versions of characters like Fru Fru and Flash also popped up during the fashion show. It was exciting to see the characters come to life through the cast member costumes and live appearances.

Costume Comfort for Long Days

Disney puts a lot of thought into making sure the costumes are comfortable for cast members who spend all day on their feet. The Zootopia costumes incorporate breathable fabrics like cotton and polyester. The reversible vests allow cast members to modify their look for comfort. Hats and headbands are optional for sun protection and staying cool. Layers like jackets and coats provide warmth as needed.

Costumes Complementing the Land’s Theme

The Zootopia land is all about celebrating the diversity of animals living together in harmony. The cast member costumes reflect that theme through the mix of different colors, patterns, and accessories. No two costumes look exactly alike, just like how no two animals are exactly the same. The costumes also incorporate the key locations like Jumbeaux’s Cafe and representations of Gazelle concerts and Zootopia Day celebrations.

Bringing the Essence of Zootopia to Life

More than anything, the costumes capture the fun and adventurous essence of the Zootopia film. The police uniforms and Jumbeaux’s Cafe outfits feel straight out of the movie. Little details like the accessories and name tags add character and personality. The cast members do an amazing job of bringing the costumes to life and using them to embody the Zootopia characters. The costumes help transport guests right into the world of Zootopia in a truly immersive way.

Gazelle Concert

A Rewarding Experience for Cast and Guests

For cast members, getting to wear these creative costumes and see guest reactions is an unforgettable part of working in the Zootopia land. The positive response from fans helps make all the hard work creating the costumes rewarding. For guests, the costumes enhance the experience and entertainment value of the land. Kids and adults alike will love interacting with the cast members dressed up as Zootopia characters.

The new Zootopia cast member costumes certainly live up to the hype and expectations. Both cast members and guests are sure to love these detailed and vibrant outfits. They perfectly complement the theming and excitement of the innovative new land.