“Walt The Dreamer” Statue Debuting In New World Celebration Gardens At EPCOT

Walt Disney Statue Debuts in EPCOT’s New World Celebration Gardens

On December 5th, Walt Disney World will unveil the “Walt The Dreamer” statue at the newly opened World Celebration Gardens in EPCOT. The bronze statue depicts Walt Disney later in his life as he dreamed up his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) and the overall Florida Project. The statue shows Walt sitting on steps in a moment of fulfillment, looking out over the realized beauty of his dream for EPCOT – a park representing optimism and celebrating imagination.

This iconic new statue of Walt Disney will be a centerpiece of the World Celebration Gardens, an area for guests to relax and connect with nature, EPCOT’s legacy, and each other. The World Celebration Gardens feature lush landscaping, modern lighting elements, and architecture that draws on EPCOT’s legacy. The gardens are divided into several different themed areas, with the “Walt The Dreamer” statue located at a spot called Dreamers Point. This area is named not only for Walt but also for the guests who come to EPCOT every day to celebrate creativity and possibility.

In addition to the statue, the opening of the World Celebration Gardens on December 5th coincides with Walt Disney’s birthday and the debut of EPCOT’s new nighttime show “Luminous.” The gardens will provide a beautiful new hub and pathways connecting EPCOT’s central spine to the surrounding park areas like World Discovery, World Nature, and World Showcase.

Guests visiting EPCOT on Walt’s birthday will be among the first to admire the inspiring new statue honoring Walt’s vision and legacy. The “Walt The Dreamer” sculpture is sure to become an iconic EPCOT photo spot for dreamers of all ages.