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“Parkside Market” A New Culinary Destination Coming to Downtown Disney

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The Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California is undergoing an exciting expansion, with new dining, shopping, and entertainment venues in the works. One of the most highly anticipated additions is Parkside Market, a unique culinary destination featuring four diverse restaurant concepts all under one roof. Slated to open in late 2024 on the west end of Downtown Disney, Parkside Market will provide guests with an array of tantalizing dining options to satisfy every palate.


An Innovative Dining Experience

Parkside Market is envisioned as a modern, midcentury-inspired design housing a “curated collection of four diverse culinary concepts” operated by Levy Restaurants. Known for its award-winning restaurants and hospitality at sports and entertainment venues worldwide, Levy Restaurants also runs numerous dining locations at the Disneyland Resort, including Naples Ristorante, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, and Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

With Parkside Market, Levy Restaurants will be bringing its culinary innovation to Downtown Disney, allowing guests to sample dishes from four unique eateries in one convenient location. Patrons can stroll through the market, peeking into the various kitchens and ordering food from whichever concept tempts their taste buds. They can then take their selections to the casual communal tables or out to the patio to dine al fresco.

Inside building

Design and Layout

The midcentury modern aesthetic will feature retro lighting fixtures, colorful tilework, and sleek wood accents throughout the space. Seoul Sister and Sip & Sonder will have open kitchens, allowing guests to watch chefs prepare Korean bibimbap bowls and Caribbean appetizers. Communal tables both indoor and outdoor will encourage diners to interact with each other. The second floor lounge will have floor-to-ceiling windows and a spacious patio with fire pits and cozy seating.

Seoul Sister

A Korean Bibimbap Experience

The first restaurant shop guests will encounter is Seoul Sister, a modern, fast-casual eatery serving Korean-inspired cuisine with a California flair. Their menu will center around bibimbap, a beloved Korean dish featuring rice, vegetables, meat, and egg served in a hot stone bowl. Executive Chef Kelly Kim, a Korean American known for competing on Bravo’s Top Chef, will put her own creative twist on the traditional bibimbap, offering diners a choose-your-own bowl experience with an array of proteins like bulgogi beef, spicy pork, and garlic shrimp along with fresh vegetable toppings and house-made sauces.

Other menu items will include Korean barbeque plates, banchan small plates ideal for sharing, and Korean fried chicken wings. For those with adventurous palates, Seoul Sister will also serve authentic Korean street food like tteokbokki rice cakes and Sundubu jjigae spicy soft tofu stew. With colorful flavors, healthful ingredients, and customizable bowls, Seoul Sister is sure to satisfy those craving a contemporary Korean dining experience. Follow Seoul Sister on Instagram [@seoulsister] for the latest updates!

Sip & Sonder

Caribbean-Inspired Bites and Beverages

Adjacent to Seoul Sister, patrons will discover Sip & Sonder, an artisan café and lounge bringing the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean to Downtown Disney. This new location will be the first brick-and-mortar shop for the brand founded by Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas, two Black female entrepreneurs and first-generation Americans whose families hail from Trinidad and Jamaica. Sip & Sonder’s menu will feature tropical-inspired sandwiches, salads, and shareables highlighting Caribbean comfort food ingredients like jerk chicken, callaloo greens, fried plantains, and West Indian pumpkin.

Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in homemade rum cakes, guava turnovers, and tropical fruit puddings. Of course, Sip & Sonder will also serve up specialty coffee drinks like coconut milk lattes along with fruit-infused teas, smoothies, and mocktails. Adults can sip boozy frozen cocktails featuring Caribbean rums and liqueurs. The café’s vibrant, laid back atmosphere will transport guests straight to the islands. See Sip & Sonder’s latest menu offerings on Facebook [@sipandsonder]!

GG’s Chicken Shop

Classic Southern Fried Chicken

Hailing from Chicago, GG’s Chicken Shop will be opening its first West Coast location at Parkside Market, bringing its down-home Southern flavors to Downtown Disney. Created by the restaurant group behind award-winning establishments like GT Fish & Oyster and GT Prime Steakhouse, GG’s Chicken Shop pays tribute to the childhood dishes of Executive Chef Lee Wolen. Named after Wolen’s mother Geri, GG’s Chicken Shop specializes in high-quality fried chicken tenders and sandwiches made with an old family recipe.

Guests can order classic Southern sides like mashed potatoes, biscuits, coleslaw, and chicken noodle soup along with chicken meals. Those seeking a lighter option can design a salad with fried or grilled chicken. GG’s Chicken Shop will be an ideal spot for families seeking a hearty, affordable meal in a casual setting. Its welcoming service and nostalgic flavors are sure to delight kids and adults alike. Check out GG’s Chicken Shop on TikTok [@ggchickenshop] for cooking tips and behind-the-scenes footage!


Second Story Bar

Craft Cocktails with a View

After ordering food from one of Parkside Market’s three restaurants, guests can head upstairs to the open-air bar overlooking Downtown Disney. This lounge will offer an array of specialty cocktails along with beer, wine, and mocktails for those seeking alcohol-free options. The cocktail menu will feature unique, handcrafted drinks using fresh ingredients and artisanal mixology techniques.

Some signature offerings will include:

  • frozen lemonades and frozés
  • espresso martinis
  • shareable punch bowls
  • spirit-free elixirs

Patrons can sip their beverages while taking in panoramic views of Downtown Disney and enjoying live music performances on the district’s new event lawn. With its laid back vibe and spacious patio, the Second Story Bar will be the perfect spot to relax after a day at the Disneyland Resort theme parks. Sign up here for the Second Story Bar newsletter to learn about happy hour specials and new menu launches!

An Exciting Expansion

Parkside Market represents the continuing growth of the Downtown Disney District as a dining, shopping, and entertainment destination. Along with this new culinary complex, the district’s ongoing expansion will welcome several Asian dining establishments along with an innovative Mexican restaurant, cocktail lounge, and quick-service eatery from Michelin-starred chef Carlos Gaytán.

These new venues reflect Downtown Disney’s commitment to bringing unique food and beverage experiences to Disneyland Resort visitors. With its four eclectic restaurants under one roof, Parkside Market will be a central part of the district’s culinary evolution. Its diverse menus and contemporary atmosphere are sure to draw both casual and more sophisticated diners seeking a memorable meal.

Food items

Earl of Sandwich New Location

The popular Earl of Sandwich shop has bounced around various temporary locations in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort for years. But soon, this fan-favorite quick service restaurant will finally have a permanent home base in an all-new two-story building on the district‘s west end. Slated to open in late 2024, the new Earl of Sandwich location will allow guests to enjoy their signature hot sandwiches, salads, and breakfast dishes in expanded indoor and outdoor seating. The first floor counter service restaurant will offer speedy grab-and-go options, while the upstairs gastropub provides a full-service dining experience. As construction begins on this innovative new building, a temporary Earl of Sandwich trailer will keep fans satisfied with a taste of their classic menu.



Slated to open in late 2024, Parkside Market will be a major addition to the ever-expanding Downtown Disney District. This innovative culinary destination will house four distinct restaurant concepts from Levy Restaurants, inviting guests to explore a diversity of flavors from Korean bibimbap bowls to Caribbean bites to Southern fried chicken and more.

With communal dining space and a second-story lounge, Parkside Market will provide a singular experience unlike any other at the Disneyland Resort. Both casual visitors and serious foodies will find something tempting for the palate when this unique complex opens its doors. Parkside Market promises to deliver expanded dining diversity to Downtown Disney guests for years to come.