Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin Ride Review

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Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin is a classic Disney dark ride located in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland. Based on the popular 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, this ride takes guests on a wild spin through the zany world of Toontown. With an entertaining queue and imaginative scenes, it’s a can’t-miss attraction for both kids and adults.

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Ride Details

Average Wait Times: On average, visitors can expect to wait anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, although this can vary during peak hours/seasons.
Height Requirements: There is no height requirement, making it a family-friendly option for guests with children.
Single Rider: There is no Single Rider for this attraction.
Ride Duration: The ride lasts approximately 3 minutes.
Genie+ and Lightning Lane: By purchasing Genie+, visitors can access the Lightning Lane, an expedited queue, allowing for a faster entrance to the ride. The pricing and availability of Genie+ can vary, so it’s advisable to check the current rates and make reservations accordingly.
Rider Switch: For families with young children who may not meet the height requirements or don’t want to ride, Disneyland offers the Rider Switch service. This allows one parent to experience the ride while the other stays with the non-riding child. Once the first parent completes the ride, the second parent can enjoy the attraction without waiting in the regular queue.
Disability Access Services (DAS): Guests with disabilities can take advantage of the Disneyland Disability Access Service, which provides accommodations to help make their visit more enjoyable. This includes access to alternative queues and additional assistance, ensuring that everyone can participate in the Toontown adventure.
Best Time to Ride: Early mornings and late afternoons, especially on weekdays, tend to be less crowded. Additionally, utilizing Genie+ during peak hours can be a strategic way to maximize your time in the park. Check out our crowd calendar for even better times to visit.

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History and Design

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin opened at Disneyland on January 26, 1994, several years after the film’s debut. It was part of the new Mickey’s Toontown land that brought the wacky world of Roger Rabbit to life. The ride was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and the layout takes advantage of nearly every inch of space available. The elaborate sets and audio-animatronic figures were created to look like a living cartoon world.

The ride features appearances by Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman, Benny the Cab, and the villainous Weasels. The queue takes guests into the streets of Toontown before boarding Lenny, Benny the Cab’s cousin. The story follows the Weasels chasing after Roger and Jessica while guests try to steer their way to safety through various Toontown locales. Highlights include crashing into Bullina China Shop, a run-in with Psycho the guard dog, and the Gag Factory finale where Roger saves the day with a portable hole.

Ride Vehicle

The Ride Experience


The indoor queue for Roger Rabbit winds through alleys filled with fun details from the Toontown world. Guests pass by storefronts and sights like Jessica Rabbit’s dressing room, the Ink & Paint Club, and a rainbow-colored paint can dripping everywhere. The theming provides plenty to look at while waiting in line and sets the stage for the zany adventure ahead.


At the loading area, guests board Lenny the toon cab, Benny the Cab’s cousin. The yellow taxi seats up to 6 people and has a steering wheel for riders to control the spinning. Cast members assign seats and ensure the lap bars are secured before dispatching the cabs.


As soon as Lenny takes off, the Weasels dump pools of Dip onto the road. Dip dissolves cartoon characters, so Lenny goes into an out-of-control spin to avoid it. Riders can turn their steering wheel left and right to spin the cab 360 degrees throughout the ride. Lenny careens through the streets of Toontown, crashing into Bullina’s China Shop in the process. Next is a run-in with Psycho, the guard dog at the Toontown Power Plant.

Lenny speeds into the Gag Factory where the Weasels have Roger Rabbit cornered. In the nick of time, Roger pulls out a “portable hole” to escape through, ending the wild ride through Toontown. The spinning is mild enough for most guests to enjoy without motion sickness issues. The steering wheel makes it easy to control the amount of spin. Even without turning, the cab will rotate slightly as it follows the twisting track layout.


After the thrilling adventure, Lenny returns to the unloading area where riders exit the vehicles. From here, guests go back out to the streets of Toontown or the park’s central hub.

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The Film

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is a groundbreaking 1988 film that seamlessly blends live-action and animation in a noir-inspired detective story set in a world where animated characters, or “Toons,” coexist with humans. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the film follows Eddie Valiant, a down-on-his-luck private investigator played by Bob Hoskins, who is reluctantly drawn into a case involving the murder of Marvin Acme, the owner of Toontown. As Valiant delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers a conspiracy that threatens to erase Toontown and its inhabitants.

Along the way, he teams up with Roger Rabbit, an animated character accused of the crime, and his wife Jessica Rabbit, a sultry and mysterious Toon. Filled with humor, suspense, and innovative animation techniques, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is a cinematic marvel that captivates audiences with its unique blend of genres and memorable characters.

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Tips for Riding

  • Use Genie+ Lightning Lane or ride early/late in the day to avoid long waits
  • Request the steering wheel if you want to spin
  • Leave loose items with non-riders as things can fall out of pockets
  • Keep hands, feet, and legs inside the cab at all times
  • Watch for details in the elaborate queue and ride scenes

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Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin brings the zany cartoon world to life through imaginative sets, animated figures, and the ability for guests to fully immerse themselves into the story. While it doesn’t have big thrills, the charming dark ride is appealing for all ages and a highlight of Mickey’s Toontown. For fans of Roger Rabbit and creative Disney attractions, this ride delivers toon-tastic fun.


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Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin Ride Review
The Final Word
Whether you're a fan of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" or simply seeking a whimsical journey through Toontown, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin delivers on its promise of enchantment and adventure.