Park Savers: 3 Foods You Have to Eat at Disney Land

Part of the thrill of going to Disneyland, besides the rides and seeing your favorite cartoon characters from your childhood come to life? The food. Of course. The question is, though, which foods should you most definitely save some room for before you leave the “Happiest Place on Earth”? Here’s a look at three food items you should definitely try during your next trip to Disneyland, according to Park Savers.

    1) Churros

If you’re like many Disney enthusiasts, your first taste of churros took place — or will take place — at Disney. These dough sticks, deep fried and coated in sugar and cinnamon, are especially great when they’ve just been pulled from the fryer.

    2) Dole Whip

This is yet another scrumptious treat that’s perfect for any Disneyland visitor with a sweet tooth. This froyo that’s pineapple flavored is legendary. For a while, it was available only at this theme park. That’s not the case anymore, but the Disney Dole Whip cult following is still pretty strong at the park. Once you taste this sweet dessert, you’ll immediately see why.

    3) Pork Tostaditas

If you’re looking to add some meat to your bones, you can’t go wrong with these scrumptious items. The pork is combined with pickled radish, guacamole, herbs, and microgreens after being marinated in yummy mole verde. There’s also a touch of delectable hibiscus sorbet. If you’re looking for a well made and well balanced dish at Disneyland, you couldn’t ask for a better option.