8 Tips for Going to Disneyland Alone

Going to the Happiest Place on Earth alone might seem like a sad endeavor, but it can actually be quite fun and rewarding. Sure, visiting Disneyland with your family is great, but some folks just aren’t able to do that, and that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go at all. Of course, the experience is entirely different when you’re on your […]

Is It Cheaper to go to Disneyland or Disney World?

It’s every child’s dream to visit Disney and experience the magic of meeting Disney characters. Adults, too, want to create memories while attending the shows and enjoying the rides. All this comes at a cost, and not a cheap one. The cost of admission, entertainment, accommodation, and food can add up to several hundred dollars, especially for a family. Assuming […]

Is Character Dining at Disneyland Worth it?

If you’ve chosen a Disneyland vacation for your family, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth it to meet the Disney characters during dinner. There are several character dining options, and they provide a suitable way to meet and interact with your favorite characters. Naturally, these dinners come with a hefty price tag attached, and you may wonder whether or not […]

How Far is Universal Studios from Disneyland?

If you’re touring California for Disneyland, consider adding Universal Studios to your bucket list. Although these theme parks are considerably smaller than parks around here, they’re worth the adventure. You’ll quickly get over the small size of the parks if you’re a Disney and Universal Studio fan. Disneyland is packed with numerous rides inside the park, while Universal Studios has […]