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How to Save Money at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disneyland

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disneyland is a magical experience where children can be transformed into princesses or knights. With prices starting at $74.95 for the basic Carriage package, it can get expensive for families on a budget. However, with some planning and creativity, you can find ways to save money while still allowing your child to have the full princess or knight makeover experience.


Choose the Right Package

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique offers four packages to choose from:

  • Carriage Package ($74.95) – includes hairstyling, shimmering makeup, a princess sash, nail polish, and a boutique t-shirt.
  • Courtyard Package ($124.95) – includes everything in the Carriage package plus a tutu and headband.
  • Castle Package ($199.95) – includes everything in the Courtyard package plus a full princess costume and accessories.
  • Signature Castle Package ($324.95) – includes everything in the Castle package plus a deluxe princess costume.

For maximum savings, opt for the basic Carriage package. This allows your child to still get the full makeover experience at the lowest price point. You can then supplement with your own princess dress and accessories brought from home.

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Bring Your Own Princess Dress and Accessories

Purchasing the boutique’s castle dress and accessories can add $100 or more to your total cost. Save significantly by bringing your own dress and accessories like shoes, wand, crown, jewelry, etc. Shop sales at Disney Stores, discount retailers, or buy secondhand items. Many boutique-appropriate dresses can be found at Disney Stores for under $50 when on sale. Check Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and kids consignment stores for deals on gently used dresses. Craft stores like Joann’s often have princess accessories on sale or with coupons.


Book During Discounts or Use Gift Cards

The boutique occasionally offers discounts like free princess crowns or $10 off certain packages. Sign up for their email list to receive notifications of any specials. You can also save by purchasing Disney gift cards at a discount from retailers like Target or Costco and using them to pay for your package. Disneyland Magic Key Holders and Disney Vacation Club members sometimes have access to special boutique discounts too.

Share the Experience with Friends

If you’re visiting the parks with other families, consider sharing the experience to save money. Have the kids take turns with the makeover and photographer while others watch. You’ll only pay for packages for the kids being made over, but still create special memories.

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Do the Photo Shoot Only

The photo shoot with a keepsake print is one of the most expensive add-ons, costing $49.95. If you’ve already got the dress and accessories, consider just booking the photo experience. Call ahead to arrange this – provide your own dress and have the photographers do a shoot in front of the boutique or castle.

DIY the Experience at Home

If you want the experience but not the price tag, recreate the magic at home! Shop Disney clearance sales for princess dresses and accessories. Search Pinterest and YouTube for hairstyle tutorials. Use kid-friendly makeup to complete the princess look. Set up a DIY photo shoot and makeover station at home.

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Enjoy Low-Cost Princess Extras

Focus your Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique savings on other royal extras like the Royal Princess Tea Party, or the Princess Meet and Greet at Fantasy Faire. These activities allow your child to enjoy being a princess all day long for a lower cost than the boutique makeover. With smart planning and a little creativity, you can find ways to save on your child’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience. Save even more money by purchasing our Discount Park Tickets! Follow these tips to give them the royal treatment on a budget your family can afford. The memories you create will be priceless.