The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disneyland

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disneyland offers a one-of-a-kind experience for children ages 3-12 where fairy godmothers-in-training transform them into royalty. At this salon located in Fantasyland, kids can choose from several popular princess or knight makeover packages that make their Disney dreams come true.

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A Magical Makeover Experience

The boutique brings the magic of Cinderella’s fairy godmother to life. Young guests sit in a decorated salon chair and receive a creative hairstyling, shimmering makeup, and a complete costume makeover. Fairy godmothers maintain the Disney magic throughout the experience by staying in character and making every child feel special. Packages range from $64.95 to $199.95 depending on options selected. Most take 15-20 minutes for hairstyling and 20-30 minutes for full makeup. Here’s an overview of what’s included with each:

  • Knight Package ($19.95): Hairstyling plus confidence-boosting accessories for knights like a sword and shield.
  • Crown Package ($64.95): Hairstyling, shimmering makeup, face gem, and a princess sash and cinch sack.
  • Deluxe Package ($99.95): Hairstyling, shimmering makeup, face gem, princess sash, cinch sack, nail polish, and a Disney costume dress.
  • Ultimate Package ($199.95): Deluxe package plus upgraded hairstyle, more dramatic makeup, princess gown, crown, wand, shoes, and photo shoot.


The Most Popular Packages

The Deluxe and Ultimate packages are the most popular for those wanting the full princess or knight treatment. The Deluxe Package includes:

  • Hairstyling like a braided crown, twisted bun, or ponytail for long hair. Short hair gets creative styling with gel and glitter.
  • Shimmering makeup like eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss.
  • A face gem like a heart, star, or flower.
  • A princess sash to wear.
  • A cinch sack for dress up accessories.
  • Colorful nail polish.
  • A Disney costume dress to match the hairstyle. Choices include Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Ariel, and more.

The Ultimate Package takes it up a notch with:

  • An upgraded hairstyle like a regal bun or intricate braids.
  • More dramatic makeup with bold color choices.
  • A princess gown instead of a costume dress.
  • A glittering crown and wand.
  • Princess shoes.
  • A photo shoot with 5 printed 4×6″ photos to take home.

The Ultimate Package makes kids feel like royalty and is perfect for big Disney fans.


The Transformation Process

The boutique is set up with individual salon chairs and stations for each child. Here’s an overview of the magical transformation:

  1. Check-in at the concierge desk and pay for packages.
  2. Get assigned to a fairy godmother-in-training.
  3. Consult on hairstyle and costume choices. Look through style books for ideas.
  4. Get seated in a decorated salon chair. An apron is placed to protect clothing.
  5. Hair is styled first. For short hair, gel and glitter are used to create spikes or faux-hawks. Long hair is worked into braids, buns, and ponytails. Hair extensions can be added.
  6. Makeup is applied next. Eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, and face gems create a princess look.
  7. Nail polish is applied. Kids can choose any color.
  8. Costume dress is put on over clothing. Princess sashes, capes, and accessories are added.
  9. Photos are taken if Ultimate Package is selected. A photo shoot takes place in front of backdrops.
  10. Guests are announced by name to family waiting outside once the transformation is complete.

The boutique does not do body glitter or face paint. All products are hypoallergenic and safe for kids. The process is an unforgettable experience that makes Disney dreams come true!

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Booking Your Appointment

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique gets booked up fast, especially on weekends and during peak seasons. Here are tips for reserving your spot:

  • Book appointments 60-90 days in advance if visiting during busy times like summer or holidays.
  • Use the Disneyland app or website to search availability and reserve. Make sure to create a Disney account first.
  • Walk-in availability is limited. Do not rely on walk-ins, even on weekdays.
  • Cancellations sometimes open up last minute spots. Check frequently if dates are sold out.
  • Consider doing makeovers on weekdays like Tuesday-Thursday for best availability.
  • You can schedule makeovers up to 180 days before your Disneyland trip.
  • Payment in full is required at booking. Packages cannot be canceled or changed.

Allow at least 2-3 hours for the full experience with check-in, hair, makeup, dressing, and photos. Do not be late or you may forfeit appointments.

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Tips for the Best Experience

Follow these tips to make the most of your boutique visit:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Timeliness is important.
  • Come with clean hair free of knots, tangles, or products. It helps the styling process go smoothly.
  • Wear a button-down shirt or zippered top so it’s easy to put the costume dress on over clothing.
  • Get plenty of photos! Take your own or purchase photo packages.
  • Stay in character during and after. It helps build excitement.
  • Schedule makeovers in the morning or early afternoon. Avoid late day when kids get tired.
  • Bring your autograph book. Boutique staff will sign them.
  • Do not wear face paint or costumes into the boutique. They will remove them.
  • Consider adding on a World of Color hairstyling package after. It extends the princess look!

With some planning and tips, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeover experience will create lifelong Disney memories. This one-of-a-kind salon brings fairy tales to life for girls, boys, and families.