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How Much Does it Cost to Get Married at Disneyland?

Everyone wants their wedding to be magical, and what better way to add a sense of whimsy to your wedding by getting married at Disneyland? Disneyland offers a number of plans and packages to make this dream a reality, and they will guide you through the process all the way to the altar.

As you probably know, weddings come at a price, and depending on the person, it may be quite a high price. It goes without saying that getting married at the Happiest Place on Earth is not going to be cheap, but how much is it actually going to cost? Here we take a look at the different options and how much each costs.

Disneyland Wedding Prices

Disney offers three wedding ‘plans’ for those who are looking to get married at Disneyland. The first is their Escape Collection, and the price includes things like food, floral, and more.

The second is the Wishes Collection, which is a customizable plan that allows you to dream big for your big day.

Finally, Disney offers the Memories Package, which is the most intimate and personal wedding package that they have.

Disney wedding events are a combination of the reception food and drinks and the ceremony fee, and any additional wedding services can be chosen to enhance your event.

Food and Beverages

The food and beverage services can consist of any combination of reception, pre-reception, bar, and cake service. You will have to meet a specified per person minimum, which is based on the time of your event.

  • Brunch – $145 per person
  • Lunch – $165 per person
  • Dinner – $190 per person


Disney offers floral options from boutonnieres and bouquets to centerpieces so that you can add a personal floral touch and embellishment to your wedding ceremony.


The decor options let you add a more creative touch to make the wedding space more personal to you and your family. Disney offers ceremony decor, reception decor, and themed room decor.


If you are looking for entertainment, then Disney also has you covered. They offer a variety of entertainment options that can help brighten up the atmosphere of your wedding, including musicians, crystal coaches that give you a royal arrival, and even some Disney characters that make appearances at the reception.

Memories Package

This package is the cheapest wedding option offered at Disneyland. The Memories Package starts at $3,500. You are able to book it with up to a 24-hour notice, and it includes a wedding coordinator on-site, with a maximum of four guests including the couple.

The bride may choose a bouquet from 5 different floral styles, and a violinist is available to play for the duration of the ceremony. The wedding couple will get 3 hours of transportation via limo, as well as an hour-long photography session, including an 11” x 14” and an archival disc.

The couple is able to choose from three outdoor resort locations for their ceremony, and you will actually be required to stay at the Disney Resort hotel for at least two nights.

Escape Package

This is the mid-range option, and it starts at a minimum of $7,000. It allows for quite a few more guests than the previous package, and it also includes some more amenities. You can have up to 18 guests, as well as the couple.

Like the previous package, there will be a wedding coordinator present throughout the event, and a solo violinist will play. A boutonniere is offered for the groom and a bouquet for the bride is included, as well as sparkling wine and a two-tier cake.

You will get four hours of limo service, and a photographer will be present to take photos for two hours, with a 5” x 5” print album included. There are four locations that you can choose from with this package: the Canada Pavilion, Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, the Wedding Gazebo at the Disney Yacht Club Resort, and the Sea Breeze Point at the Disney BoardWalk Resort.

For an extra cost, you can choose some enhancements, which include floral arrangements, additional musicians, themed entertainers, and more transport options. If you choose to add all of the enhancements, the total of your package will be around $15,990.

Wishes Package

This is the most expensive wedding plan that Disney offers, and it starts at $12,000. It is highly customizable and offers a flexible guest count. You will work with a wedding coordinator and they will manage some details on your behalf.

You can specify the number of guests that you want present, with the only limit being the number of people that the venue you choose can accommodate. One of the main differences between this plan and the previous ones is the fact that a meal is provided with the reception.

You can select your favorite space from a variety of venues. The reception can be as long as five hours, and the meals per person range from $140 – $190.

If you choose to add all of the available enhancements that can be found on Disney’s website, then your total will be around $26,200. Of course, this depends on the number of guests that you invite.

Locations and Minimums

For $2,600 – $6,000, you can rent either the Adventure Lawn or the Wedding Garden. $3,000 – $8,000 will allow you to choose from the Magic Kingdom Lawn, the Brisa Courtyard, or the Parkview Terrace.

Finally, for $4,000 – $10,000, you could rent the Rose Court Garden and be surrounded by over 500 rose bushes that bloom each season. This is the premier location for weddings at the Disneyland resort.

Wrapping Up

So, how much does it cost to get married at Disneyland? Well, it doesn’t come cheap and it depends on the package you choose, the number of guests, and all the extras you want to be included.

While the prices may seem steep, the magic and whimsy that comes with having a wedding at Disneyland make it more than worth it. There are plans for all kinds of budgets, so if you are able to afford it, you should absolutely consider having your wedding at Disneyland. We hope that this article has been helpful!