People standing in line at Disney World

The Top 10 Least Popular Rides at Disneyland and California Adventure

With so many amazing rides and attractions at the Disneyland Resort, it’s no surprise that some get overlooked or just don’t resonate with guests. Rides may be unpopular for various reasons – outdated technology, low thrill factor, long lines, or they simply haven’t stood the test of time. While these rides have their flaws, they can still be worth checking out if you have extra time, looking to complete the “every ride challenge”, want to escape crowds, or are looking for hidden gems.

Golden Zephyr ride at disneyland

10. Golden Zephyr – California Adventure

This spinning rocket ride in Pixar Pier often has little to no wait time. The ride itself is very mild, making it only appealing to younger kids. For many guests, the Golden Zephyr doesn’t offer enough thrill to be worth the ride time.

9. Jumpin’ Jellyfish – California Adventure

Located in Pixar Pier, Jumpin’ Jellyfish lifts guests up and down on a jellyfish-shaped parachute. With short cycles and limited seating, the line moves slowly. The ride experience is also underwhelming for many guests.

Autopia Attraction signage

8. Autopia – Disneyland

One of Disneyland’s opening day attractions, Autopia allows guests to drive small cars around a track. While it has nostalgic appeal, the gas-powered cars and lack of excitement have made this ride feel outdated to many guests.

7. Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes – Disneyland

On this attraction in Critter Country, guests paddle a canoe around the Rivers of America. The canoes require teamwork between passengers which can be frustrating for some. The large boats also load slowly, resulting in long wait times.

Pixar-Pal-A-Round Entrance at night

6. Pixar Pal-A-Round – California Adventure

Formerly known as the Mickey’s Fun Wheel, this Ferris wheel in Pixar Pier has swinging and stationary gondolas. Many guests dislike the swinging cars which can cause motion sickness. On busy days, the line also moves very slowly. Pixar Pal-A-Round can offer a great view of the Park, but one is enough for us.

5. Sailing Ship Columbia – Disneyland

This large sailing ship cruises around the Rivers of America with little excitement beyond scenic views. Loading the ship is time-consuming, resulting in long lines. The ride experience is also not worth the wait for many guests.

4. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – Disneyland

This dark ride in Fantasyland takes guests through scenes from Pinocchio. The ride vehicles are prone to stopping, and the storytelling feels disjointed to some. With low capacity, lines are often long for the short, lackluster experience.

3. Street Car Rides – Disneyland and California Adventure

This would include the Horse-Drawn Street Car, Jitney, Omnibus, and the Red Car Trolley. The vehicles can only hold so many people, they’re slow-moving and don’t really take you very far. They also close randomly to accommodate parades, fireworks, and other entertainment shows.


2. Storybook Land Canal Boats – Disneyland

On this slow-moving boat ride in Fantasyland, guests pass by miniature scenes from Disney films. With low capacity, lines are often excessively long. The ride itself is very passive, making it boring for many guests.

1. Tarzan’s Treehouse – Disneyland

Now “Adventureland Treehouse“. This walk-through attraction in Adventureland takes guests through a family’s jungle home. With no rides or drops, it offers little excitement beyond climbing stairs. Long lines and bottlenecks inside the treehouse are common complaints.

Sleeping Beauty Castle


While Disneyland’s least popular rides have their flaws, they can be worth exploring for some guests. Riding them can provide a nostalgic trip, a way to escape crowds or a hidden gem experience. Those seeking to complete the “every ride challenge” will definitely be in line. But for many guests, these 10 rides simply don’t deliver the thrills, entertainment, or ride experience to justify the wait times. By knowing which rides are typically low demand, you can better plan your day to maximize your time at Disneyland and California Adventure.